10 Easy Pet Cleaning Tips for Seniors: Know What You Need To Do

Keeping a pet will always require your full-time attention. You’ll need to deal with training, caring, cleaning for your beloved pet. Obviously, it can become a bit of a situation mainly when your pet is outgoing a lot.

Maintaining it every day is already a hard job for the youngsters, and it becomes quite harder when you are dealing with your age. We all know how old age can bring us a bit down from our youthful, active state. So, when you are dealing with a cat or dog, old age issues could become quite a problem.

But that doesn’t mean that you will give up on pets altogether. To help you out, I’ll be giving you 10 easy pet cleaning tips for seniors. Once you start to utilize them, you’ll see how your age won’t come in the way of owning a pet.

So, let’s begin!

Top 10 Easy Pet Cleaning Tips for Seniors: Clean with Ease

  1. Grabbing Tools

Your pet will most probably own a lot of toys, which mean they will be all around the house. This scenario isn’t ideal for seniors. Because as we age, we lose control over our balance and stepping on one of the toys could cause a serious tripping hazard.

Falling on aging could be fatal, and it’s one of the highest accident rates in the world. So, keeping it clean all the way should be your first call to avoid the issue. However, bending and collecting all toys continuously might not be good for your health. That’s why you should use a grabbing tool that can reach the floor and pick up the toys. It’ll be the perfect way to clean up your house.

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  1. Floor Mats Outside and Inside Doors

Outdoorsy pets will get dirty every time they go outside, and this increases especially in the rainy season. Your dog or cat might come home with muddy paws and leave paw prints everywhere in the house. Not only it would make your house a complete mess, but it will also be difficult to clean up.

You can minimize the effects if you place floor mats inside and outside your door. This way when they will enter the house, their feet will automatically get cleaned, and you won’t have to worry about stains.

  1. Natural Cleaners and Gloves

As we age, our skin becomes equally sensitive. And I think you already know how pets can be from time to time. You’ll need to clean up after your pet frequently and using chemical cleaners will have a bad effect on your skin. That’s why always try to use natural based cleaners to clean any mess of your pet. The best way to avoid any rashes would be to use gloves. Don’t let the chemical touch your skin.

It’ll be both great for you and your pets.

  1. Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Bending down every time to clean litter boxes is quite challenging with an aging body. You could try out a probable solution to this problem – self-cleaning litter box. Yes, self-cleaning litter boxes will do the job for you.

They will collect all the clumps and leave it in an easy disposal section. All you have to do is to grab that portion and dump it into the trash. However, you should introduce your pet gently to it as they can be quite sensitive to litter boxes.

  1. Sleeping Surfaces

If your dog sleeps on your couch or bed then cleaning it up could be much more difficult. An easy solution to this problem would be to use any easy to clean surface over your pets obvious sleeping surface. You could use a blanket or any kind of clothing that you could remove and clean after your pet is done sleeping.

This way you won’t have to clean up the couch or bed every time your pet sleeps on it.

  1. Stains and Black Lights

You can’t always keep a close eye on your pet even when you are at home. Your pet might do the deed on your couch or bed, and you may not even notice it before it gets soaked in. If these get unnoticed, you’ll notice bad odors coming from all around your house.

But how do you find out all these spots easily? Well, it’s quite easy really, you’ll need a black light to find the stains. The black light will cause any urine stain to light up and will help you quickly detect the source of the smell. Always clean up so that the pee spot is entirely odor free, this way the pet won’t do the same thing over and over again.

  1. Mealtime and Placemats

Some pets are messy eaters, so you might see a lot of food splatters and trails every time they eat or drink. This messy situation is too challenging for senior owners. If you use any kind of plastic placemats underneath their food bowl, you can easily clean it up even if he creates a lot of mess.

Getting tray like mats would possibly be a plus point in this situation.

  1. Microfiber Mop

Typical brooms or mops are quite tough to use, especially for senior people. You would need a lot of strength to clean up your house with that mop. The best remedy for this would be to use microfiber mops. These mops are really great for cleaning floors and doesn’t require too much strength.

  1. Pooper Scooper

They are mainly used outside to scoop up any waste left by your pets. However, for seniors with mobility issues, they can use this indoors as well. Especially if they got a new pet and they still have to potty train him.

In that case, Pooper Scoopers will be a lifesaver.

    10. Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It can be a nice solution to almost all your problems, but it’s not cheap. If you are struggling to keep up with the cleaning after your pet, you can get yourself a robot vacuum cleaner. Traditional cleaners will require more work from you so that the robot vacuum would be the solution for that.

These cleaners will go around the house and clean up after your pets. But be careful when you use them. You don’t want to trip over them.

Final Words

Taking care of pets when you are dealing with aging a tough job. Pets need a lot of attention, and they do make a lot of mess. Proper training would probably take care of it, but if you are getting a new pet, it might be overwhelming for you.

These 10 tips will surely come in handy, and you will be able to clean up after your pet in no time.

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