3 Popular Pets And How To Take Care Of Them

If you are considering getting a pet then you will already know that figuring out which type might be best can be a bit of a minefield. Don’t worry, there are lots of things you can do to narrow it down. If, for example, you like going away on holiday regularly or at the last minute, or if you work all week and are hardly ever home, it is unlikely that a dog is going to be a good idea. If you live in a small home with little space, maybe you want to consider getting a smaller pet like a hamster or a guinea pig.

Once you have decided what kind of pet would be best suited to your family set up there are, in some instances, various breeds to choose from so do lots of research. In a bid to try and make things a bit easier for you, here are 3 popular pets and some details on the care and surroundings that they are best suited to.


There is a reason dogs are affectionately known as man’s best friend. They are probably one of the most loyal, caring and lovable pets out there. If you are after a pet you can interact with and spend lots of quality time with, then a dog might be right up your street. When choosing a breed, knowledge is key. Some breeds get lonely and don’t like being left for any length of time at all. Do your research and get a dog that fits your personality and well as your lifestyle. If you decide to get a puppy rather than an older dog, then it’s a good idea to set aside a few weeks for puppy training. They need to get used to their surroundings, learn where to go to the toilet and become accustomed to their new home. You should be there with them throughout this period until a full adjustment has taken place.

Dogs, particularly when they still have baby hair, need regular brushing. This is to ensure that their coat doesn’t get matted. It’s a good idea to clean their teeth daily too so just think of it all as a daily beauty routine for your pooch.

Exercise is great for dogs and so they need to be walked daily. How long and how often depends on their breed and their age. They also like affection and company so be sure that you are prepared to put the work in. You won’t be disappointed. They are a lovely pet to own and will integrate into your family very quickly.


Cats are another popular pet amongst animal lovers. It isn’t uncommon for many cat owners to own half a dozen of them, if not more! Cats are more independent than dogs and so can be less work. If you are out most days then they might prove a good fit for your family. They do like to roam around and explore so make sure you have a cat flap fitted to your back door. That will allow them to come and go as they please. It’s very common for them to disappear for a few hours at a time but they will always come home. Cats require a decent amount of grooming. Furballs aren’t pleasant but regular brushing should stop that happening.

Unless you want to have your furniture ruined, it’s a wise idea to get a scratchy pole or two for your feline friends. It gives them a means to scratch as much as they like and will keep your sofa and other soft furnishings protected from playful claws.

It’s easy to overfeed a cat so weigh out food as per guidelines and feed little but often. If you tend to go out regularly, invest in an automatic cat feeder. It’s effectively a cat bowl with a timer and is a great solution to their feeding needs if you are out for a while. Cats love affection and so be prepared to offer lots of cuddles and strokes whilst relaxing in the evenings.


If you want a pet that requires less ongoing maintenance but is still a lovely addition to your home, fish might be the way to go. Don’t be fooled into thinking they require no maintenance at all but, compared to pets we have already mentioned, they are certainly far less work. Before getting fish it’s important to do research. Some fish can’t live alongside other breeds. Some benefit from certain plants in their tanks and they all need a decent amount of space to swim around in. Aquarium Source is a great resource for anyone who already owns fish or those considering purchasing them.

Once you have researched and agreed on the type of fish you are going to buy, you will need a tank. There are hundreds of different options which come in all shapes and sizes. They can take some patience to set up so set aside a few hours at least. Just like we need air to breathe, fish need clean water to survive. Many tanks will come with a water filtration system built-in but check what is needed for your chosen tank.

In terms of feeding, it isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ scenario. Fish food comes in various varieties including flake, pelleted and even freeze-dried. Whoever you are buying your fish from will give you information on what is best to feed them and how often.

If you have kids, fish make a great first pet and they may develop a fascination with fish from a very young age. Seeing these beautifully colored creatures swimming around is a real eye-opener for them. Getting them involved in feeding and cleaning routines is a great way for them to develop responsibility regardless of age. They will love learning about their new pets and, allowing them to help take care of them will give them a huge sense of achievement.

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