5 Alternative Benefits For Your Pet You May Not Know

Throughout the ages, man has conquered, fought, died, and loved. During this entire time, he has had the love and respect of animals by his side. Fast forward to today, pets are still a common attribute of the American family. No home is complete without a loving animal waiting to greet you when you come home from work. However, some families are disregarding their responsibilities to their pets.

If you are someone who has been looking for better options for your pets to stay happy, healthy, and balanced, there are many alternative solutions you may not have heard of yet. This article is going to talk about five alternative benefits our experts recommend for your pet to stay balanced and centered and live a happy, healthy lifestyle. One thing we know for certain, a pet who is unbalanced creates unbalance in the home and when you can police this aura of balance you can manipulate the way your pet feels every day which is powerful.

#1 – Acupuncture

You have more than likely heard of acupuncture before. This Western medicine practice has become extremely popular among people who want to alleviate symptoms without having to consume harmful medication. However, there is acupuncture for pets as well. This alternative benefit has so many useful properties you should consider for your pet who is dealing with different issues in its life.

For instance, acupuncture (needle pressure point applications) has been known to help animals with joint pain, depression, anxiety, and encourage faster healing after a trauma has occurred in their life. One of the downsides of acupuncture is that it is very expensive. However, the results are tremendous and possibly something you should consider in a worst case scenario as many pet owners testify to this method.

#2 – Water Therapy

Another useful tool in alternative benefits for your pet is something called hydrotherapy or water therapy. Essentially, it is physical therapy for your pet in the water and is found useful in older pets who are having a hard time walking, pets who have had traumatic experiences and can’t walk anymore or have sore joints or muscles. Water therapy has been known to improve the movement in the joints and muscles of the pet undergoing this procedure. Overall, many pet owners simply use water therapy because they cannot exercise their animal every day of the week. Water therapy allows your pet to get a strenuous exercise and keep them in great shape as well.

#3 – Try CBD For Pets

One of the fastest growing trends in America today is a product called CBD oil. CBD, or cannabidiol is found primarily in the hemp plant and is cultivated and harvested mainly for the cannabinoids which are found in this plant. CBD is one of over one hundred cannabinoids which are found in the hemp plant and all of these cannabinoids work together to attach to the endocannabinoid system which is found in both humans and animals.

Since the legalization of hemp with the Farm Bill of 2018, many people have been benefitting from the power of CBD. Not only that, but now pets also have the opportunity to benefit from this powerful plant as well. It’s important to learn more about CBD for pets if you’re someone who is serious about maintaining a health and wellness regimen in your pets life. CBD is truly a magical plant that has many benefits for both animals and humans alike. While you’re at it, get yourself some CBD oil as well and both of you can enjoy a balanced life.

#4 – Pet Massage

One of the ailments that plagues most pets is arthritis. You can see it clearly in a pet who suffers from it because it can eliminate their wellbeing almost immediately. Your pet doesn’t want to walk, when it does walk you can see that there is pain when they do walk. One of the first things you want to do is take your pet to get some sort of medicine. In reality, research scientists says when this happens, you should try a pet massage first because it comes with a wealth of benefits for your animal.

In your pet, a massage encourages faster healing because it causes the blood to flow better, it relaxes muscles, and releases stress, and creates a sense of well-being in your pet. While some pet owners would rather take their animal to a licensed massage therapist, the cost accrued can be upwards of $120/session. Take some time to get to know how and where to massage your animal and do it yourself. You should start to see results immediately. A massage is a great alternative to harmful medications your pet would be taking otherwise.

#5 – Love and Affection

There’s a song that describes the “power of love” and no truer words have been spoken. Scientific research claims that when a pet owner shows love and affection to their pet, endorphins are released and your pet bonds even closer with them. People who tend to leave their pet in the backyard for days at a time without interacting with their pets will eventually see their pets physical and mental dexterity go downhill very quickly. The easiest way to maintain your pets health, wellness, and balance is to show them love and affection every day. Take 30 minutes out of your day to spend some time with your pet to get the maximum benefits of this bonding experience.

Alternatives For The Win

When you begin to learn the best alternative solutions for your pet you begin to understand there are lots of things that aren’t that great for them. Be more proactive in your search for wellness and alternative resources that your pet can come in contact with. Overall you will start to see a pet that is more in tune with nature and doing what Mother Nature intended, to live free and balanced. Truly, this is our responsibility, to ensure our pets are well and happy.

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