5 Fitness Tips That Will Keep You and Your Dog Active & Healthy

It may not be fun to walk your dog, especially if you are taking the same path every day. While you get bored of the same activity day after day, he will also get bored of smelling the same old patches of grass. Thankfully, there are many ways to have fun with your dog, while having your share of daily exercise. Some of those include:

Following your dog

You walk your dog every day; but how about having your dog walk you for a change? Think of him as a walking GPS that tells you where your final destination is. You just have to go wherever he goes. You need to stop when he stops, even if he is only sniffing around. Greet other people and dogs while he is at it, even if it is slowing you down. It will be fun to figure out where his nose will take the two of you.

Playing tug-of-war

If you are game to build some upper body strength try playing a game of tug-of-war with your pet. Get a soft and comfortable tug toy that is easy to hold.

  • Hold the toy with one end in your hand
  • Lure your dog to grab the middle part of the toy by waving it or dragging it along the ground. Make sure he avoids biting your hand.
  • Move the toy up and down and back and forth while your dog is hanging on to the toy.

You can play this game for about 15 to 20 seconds.

Playing Catch

You can play a game of catch with a ball or a Frisbee if the weather is good outside. Try these steps, if your dog hasn’t yet learned to fetch things:

  • Pick up a toy that your dog loves and use it as the chosen object
  • While he is sitting and staring at the toy in your hand, throw it a short distance away and encourage him to go after it
  • Reward him if he grabs the object and then takes it away immediately
  • Throw the object again and call him to come back to you while holding the object. Ask him to drop it as soon as he comes back to you. Repeat this step as soon as he drops the object. You can use a rope to make sure he comes back to you.

Signing up for exercise class

Look for agility or “Doga” classes near you and sign up at a convenient time for online dog training. These sessions can be great fun and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. They will also help your dog develop self-confidence and self-control, improve your communication with your dog, and help your dog gain off-leash control.

Resistance Walking

Have you ever tried walking your dog on the sand, in the snow, on a leaf-filled trail, or in the shallow waters on the beach? This can be great in any weather and is very good for increasing his strength.

Keeping your dog fit and healthy is something that might be always on your mind, as a dog owner.

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