5 Things You Can Do To Keep Your Pet Healthy

Whether you live alone or have a house full of children, having a pet is very rewarding. They bring love, joy, and happiness that cannot be easily replicated, which is why they are such a popular addition.  All pets have a wide range of different requirements and needs so it’s good to familiarise yourself with them. Whether it be grooming routines or feeding schedules, knowing what is necessary will ensure that your pet remains happy and thriving. Here are 5 things you can do to keep your pet healthy.

Provide a balanced diet

Just like humans, pets have dietary requirements. Ingather as much information as you can so you are aware of the foods most suitable for your pet. Feeding chocolate to a dog or cat, for example, could prove fatal so be sure to know of any risks and what to avoid. Make sure your children are aware of the risks and vacuum regularly. Many pets will eat anything in sight so keeping your floor free of debris will minimize the risk. Many suppliers stock a good range of organic foods or, if you prefer, you can even try making your own. As well as main meals, a wide range of pet snacks are available in most shops or online.

It’s good to treat your pet once in a while but overdoing it could make them sick. Over or underfeeding can also be dangerous so it’s a good idea to weigh food first. It will make it far easier to keep track of your pet’s food intake and ensure that they are keeping within dietary guidelines. Making sure your pet remains hydrated is just as important. Be sure to replenish water bowls and bottles with fresh water once or twice a day.

Get the right levels of exercise

Making sure your pet is getting the appropriate level of exercise is also very important. Pets like hamsters, for example, were born to run. Adding a hamster wheel to their cage will provide some much-needed exercise. Like many other pets, if they don’t get the right levels of activity, they can put on weight and suffer from illnesses like diabetes or even develop heart problems.

Dogs should be walked at least once a day but you should check what the recommended activity is based on the dog’s age. Puppies shouldn’t walk for too long as it can affect their joints. If you are going for a very long walk, you can buy a puppy harness which looks a bit like a baby carrier. Your dog sits in it leaving you free to walk for as long as you desire without worrying about your puppy getting tired.

Buy an appropriately sized cage

All pets have different requirements in terms of cage size and specification. Smaller animals like guinea pigs and hedgehogs are best suited to cages that provide a good amount of space for them to roam around in. Plastic bottomed trays are recommended. This will make them far easier to clean. If you intend caging your dog whilst going on errands, make sure it’s big enough for the dog to stand up and lie down in and that there is adequate space for a water bowl. You don’t want your dog to feel cramped and uncomfortable. Also, make sure you get suitable bedding for the breed and size of your pet. Pets such as hamsters like to bury food so their cages should be emptied and cleaned regularly.

Grooming and maintenance

Whilst some pets require little maintenance, animals like dogs and cats require regular brushing. It’s recommended that you brush at least once a day. This will stop hair from becoming matted. If something gets stuck and goes unnoticed you may end up having to have your dog’s beautiful fur cut. Cats in particularly like to lick their coat regularly so regular grooming should minimize the risk of fur balls.

Cleaning your pet’s teeth is also recommended depending on what type you have. You can buy special animal toothpaste as well as brushes that are designed specifically for your pet.

Whilst you can do many things at home, having your pet’s claws clipped is best carried out by a professional. Claws can become very sharp which can lead to children or even adults being scratched so it’s best to keep on top of it. You can do it yourself but if you cut them too short you could hurt your pet. Cats in particular love to scratch, so it’s a good idea to invest in a few scratch poles. If you don’t you could come home one day to find your sofa or curtains in tatters. Regular clipping will also make sure your pet can’t hurt itself.

If your dog needs a bath but is too big to do it at home, check your local area for doggy grooming services. As well as cutting hair they can also give your animal a much-needed bath. A cheaper option is to do it yourself using their services. Many places provide warm water hoses and stalls so you can bathe your pet and don’t have to worry about your bathroom being trashed by a wet dog!

It’s a wise idea to register with your local veterinary surgery so your pet can be tended to if needed. Many pet owners like to take their pets for regular check-ups just to make sure that everything is fine.

Buy pet insurance

Although not mandatory, having pet insurance in place is a wise decision. If your pet becomes ill or gets injured, taking it to the vet can prove costly. If surgery is needed, the charges can be astronomical depending on how detailed the procedure is.  Insurance premiums vary depending on the pet as well as the level of cover. It doesn’t have to cost a lot but will give you the peace of mind that your beloved pet will be well looked after if something unexpected should occur.

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