6 Inspired Gifts for the Animal Lovers in Your Life

We all have that one person in our lives who is absolutely obsessed with their pets. Their dogs or cats are all they talk about, and they would do just about anything for their furry companions.

Fortunately, these people are always easy to shop for when it comes to birthdays and holidays.

Check out these fun pet-inspired gift ideas that will make their hearts burst. 

Fun Photo Edits

If you don’t have a load of money to spend, you can give them a simple and free gift of a fun and creative edit of a picture of their four-legged friends. 

You can create these edits yourself with tools like a transparent PNG maker, editing software, fun backgrounds and effects, and more. Liven up the pics and then your friend can use them however they please! 

Professional Artworks

If you have a little more to spend, you could also commission an artist to do a professional drawing or painting of your friend’s pet. This could be a digital drawing, line art, or a physical painting that they might hang on their wall. There are plenty of artists who specialise in pet artwork, so a simple search online will give you loads of options.

These are thoughtful and special gifts that will be cherished by any pet lover for years and years. 


Once you have an edited photograph or a professional artwork, you could have it printed out on any number of fun items for your friend, especially if they’re sentimental and love tangible items to represent those they love. 

You could have a T-shirt or sweater made, print the art on a mug or coasters, put it in a frame for the wall, create a keyring, have cushions made, design a cute Christmas decoration for their tree, or any other fun print that you can come up with. 


If your friend is a child at heart, they’ll love a stuffed dog or cat that looks just like their own four-legged family. You can shop online or even in a toy store for different animal plushies.

Finding a stuffed animal of the exact breed they own or hope to own one day, will be a great representation of the animal they love so dearly, and this gift will show how thoughtful you are too. 


A jewellery gift for pet lovers is another great idea, especially for your more low-key friends. Look for something simple and understated, such as a pendant with their pet’s initials on it.

You could get them a simple necklace, bracelet or even a ring with a tiny paw print, or the name of their pet, so they will always carry a piece of them wherever they go. 

Pet Supplies

If all else fails, you can buy your pet-loving friend some supplies to help them take care of their furry companions. Items like shampoos, treats, pretty new collars and leads, a cosy bed, or clothing for their pets will always be appreciated.

Plus, the animal themselves will love you for it too!

Emma Thompson

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