7 Housekeeping Tips For Busy Pet Owners

Owning a pet is a huge commitment, while most of the time spent with our furry friends is a delight, they do come with their drawbacks. A cat or dog, or anything else that roams free around your house, will inevitably leave its mark. Here’s X handy tips to squeeze all that extra pet keeping housework into your day.


How many times has your pet dragged mud through the house or slobbered on the carpet? You’ll need a proper clean to remove pet odors from your rug. Getting a professional on board will ease your burden and it’s the best way to eliminate that smell for good. Until the cleaner comes, you could always try essential oils, wax melters or scented candles to keep your house smelling fresh.

Baking soda is a pet-safe and effective method for eliminating odors in your house. Try sprinkling some on your furniture, letting it sit, then wiping it clean with a damp cloth. A washable pet bed is another essential, it’s a good idea to buy two so you can alternate on a regular basis to make sure a clean bed is always to hand. 


Training is essential for any pet to thrive in its environment. A well trained dog can learn which areas it isn’t allowed into, not to bound onto furniture, and they can even return toys to their crate. As with all training, the earlier you start, the better. Your dog will need to know the ground rules and how to follow them from as early as possible, so don’t waste any time!

If you have a cat, then litter tray maintenance needs to be a part of your daily routine. Cats are naturally clean and tidy creatures, so they will not want to use a dirty litter tray. Make sure to clean out the tray daily and refill it with litter which you know your cat is comfortable with – trial and error can be the key to this step! Cats won’t enjoy doing their business in a noisy or crowded area, so make sure to give them some privacy.

Be Prepared

There are plenty of measures you can take to stop the dirt coming into your house in the first place. If you’re taking your dog on a walk, make sure to leave a tray of water and a towel by the door for a quick clean when you get back. You can protect the floor around cat flaps, messy food bowls and animal beds with some well placed doormats or, better still, washable floor mats. 

For more general protection, a good rug will keep grubby prints and bits of undergrowth off of your floor. There are many points to consider when selecting your perfect pet-friendly rug, such as durability, stain resistance, and material. Avoiding natural fibres is normally a good idea, as a wool rug will be difficult to clean. 


All pet owners know that fur can get absolutely everywhere. A lint roller will do the trick on your furniture and clothes, you could even consider an electric roller to get the job done faster. These wireless gadgets will remove that layer of fine hairs from your sofa in no time. 

You can limit the amount of fur sticking to your fabrics with a good grooming regime. Animal’s hair will always molt, but a healthy, strong coat will minimise the damage, and spending 10 minutes brushing your animal will dislodge any loose fur before it falls out on it’s own. 


Say goodbye to clutter and get yourself some crates, baskets, or clear off a space in a cupboard. Having a designated place to keep all of your pet paraphernalia will make your house look far more tidy. Hiding toys, bowls and leads out of the way is handy for when visitors come over and you want to remove the obstacle course from your living room. 

Cover Up

Blankets and throws make great accessories for pet-filled households. Cover over armchairs, sofas and beds with cosy blankets that can be thrown straight in the wash. If you get a few then you can cycle through them regularly to always keep your house fresh and clean. A regular rotation of throws will liven up your living room while you’re at it!

Automate It

If you’re really looking to cut back on housework, an automatic vacuum cleaner is the way to go! It will clean up after your pet without you even having to lift a finger. We all know that the worst part of cleaning is how quickly it gets messy again, so this investment will always stay on top of the job. It’ll even give your pet something new to watch roaming around the kitchen.

While you’re at it, you can even get self-cleaning litter trays, which are especially good if you’re away for the weekend. You’ll be able to go away safe in the knowledge that your cat is well looked after without your help.

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