7 Signs of A Good Corgi Breeder

Getting a dog is one of the most exciting moments for every family. A new furry addition to your home will surely bring more love and joy. However, you need to spend several days researching and asking around for low maintenance puppies that will fit your lifestyle. When you start looking, you will surely come across Pembroke welsh corgi puppies for sale. These puppies are not only smart and active; they are super adorable as well.

This breed is known to be fiercely loyal, which makes them great lifelong companions. They are intelligent and easily trained. These dogs may be relatively small, but they are sturdy and robust, which makes them perfect partners for physical activities.

Before you answer the ad for Pembroke welsh corgi puppies for sale, make sure that you have ticked the following signs of a good corgi breeder.

An Expert on the Breed

Breeders must have a vast knowledge of the corgi puppies. They should be able to inform you of the temperament and life expectancy of the puppies. The breeders must share with you what to expect and how to care for your pet.

Has an AKC Registered Breeding Program

Breeders like Quivira Welsh Corgi Puppies have developed and refined an American Kennel Club Registered Breeding Program. It means that they only produce high-quality and healthy puppies.

Must-Have Genuine Concern for the Puppies

A good breeder must be able to answer all your questions even after bringing the puppy home. He must check on the puppy from time to time to make sure that he is thriving and cared for in a loving home.

Has a Good Communication System

A good breeder must update you with pictures and health status of the puppy that you have chosen. He must inform you at once if the criteria that you set, like color and gender, have been met.

Has Strict Sanitation Practices

The breeding area must exude a homey atmosphere. It must be clean and well-kept. Visitors must be instructed to observe proper hygiene so as not to bring infections to the puppies. All dogs must be healthy and illness-free.

Has a Health Guarantee

Breeders must be confident with the quality and health of their puppies that they offer written health guarantees. It means that they guarantee that your puppies are free from life-threatening congenital disabilities or they replace your puppy free of charge. You must meet certain conditions and follow the proper procedure for this guarantee to be applied.

Offers Full Refund

A good breeder provides a full refund in case a puppy gets sick, and it is their fault. They will return your payment after a thorough physical evaluation by a veterinarian three days after the buyer brings the puppy home.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a good breeder is as important as the dog breed itself. A pet is considered as a member of the family, and choosing one is a critical decision. As a buyer, you must do your homework and arm yourself with the correct information. These tips will help you make an informed purchase. Remember that you are not only choosing a lifelong companion but a forever friend, so choose wisely.

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