9 Proven Tips to Help Reduce Excessive Shedding in Dogs

If you’re like many dog owners, you may be wondering how to reduce excessive shedding. Dogs naturally lose their hair, but too much can lead to a big mess! Not to worry though, we’ve got 9 tips to help keep the hair under control. Plus, we’ve rounded up some of the best dog shedding products on the market so you can find what works best for your pup. Keep reading for more information on how to reduce excess shedding in dogs!

  1. Brush your dog regularly – Regular brushing helps to remove dead hair and reduce shedding. Use a slicker brush or an undercoat rake and make sure to comb the entire coat for best results.
  1. Bathe them with a coat specific dog shampoo– Using a coat-specific shampoo can help reduce excessive shedding by moisturizing the skin and removing dirt and debris. For example, oatmeal dog shampoos can be used to reduce itching and help with shedding.
  1. Feed your pup a high-quality diet – A healthy diet will help improve coat health and may reduce shedding in some cases. Look for foods that contain Omega 3 fatty acids, as these can help keep your pup’s coat healthy and looking great.
  1. Make sure they’re getting enough exercise – Exercise is important for overall health and can also help reduce shedding by keeping their coats in top condition. Regular walks or playtime outside will help keep your pup active and healthy, which can aid in reducing excess shedding.
  1. Make sure they get plenty of rest – Just like humans, dogs need a good night’s sleep to be healthy and happy. Be sure your pup has access to a comfortable bed or crate that’s away from any noise or disruption. This will help them stay well-rested and may help with shedding.
  1. Consider using a shedding tool – Shedding tools like a furminator can help remove excess hair from your dog’s coat. These tools are specially designed to reach down deep into the coat, so you can get rid of those pesky loose hairs.
  1. Clean up after your pup regularly – Regularly cleaning up after your pup is another way to reduce shedding. Vacuum and sweep regularly, and use a washable lint roller to remove pet hair from furniture and other surfaces.
  1. Give them plenty of love – Spending quality time with your dog can help reduce stress and make them feel comfortable. Cuddle up for a nap or go for regular walks together- anything that helps to build a bond between you and your pup can help minimize shedding.
  1. Consider adding a supplement – Adding a supplement like fish oil or omega-3 fatty acids to your pup’s diet can help improve coat health and reduce shedding. Talk to your vet about the best options for your pup!

There you have it- 9 tips to help reduce excessive shedding in dogs. With the right products, you can help keep your pup’s coat healthy and looking great!

Is Dog Shedding Normal During Summer?

Along with the warmer weather comes increased shedding. This is normal and part of your pup’s natural cycle. To help keep fur from accumulating in your home, it’s important to understand why dogs shed more during summer months and how you can prevent excessive shedding.

Typically, dogs will shed their coat twice a year – once in the spring and again in the fall. During these times, they’re “blowing their coat” or getting rid of their old coat to make room for a new one. In the summer months, dogs may be shedding more due to increased heat and humidity. This can cause them to lose more fur than usual as they try to regulate their body temperature.

The best way to reduce shedding during the summer months is with regular brushing and bathing. Brushing your pup will help remove loose fur, while bathing will help cleanse their coat of dirt and debris that can cause more shedding. You can also use a coat-specific shampoo like oatmeal dog shampoo for shedding to reduce itching, which can also help reduce shedding.

In addition to brushing and bathing, you can also try adding a supplement to your pup’s diet that helps promote coat health. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to be beneficial for skin and coat health and may help reduce excessive shedding in some dogs.

Understanding why dogs shed more during summer months and taking the proper steps to reduce shedding can help keep your pup’s coat healthy and looking great!

With these tips, you and your furry family members will be ready for a summer of fun free of pet hair. Enjoy!

Know what else helps? Having a pet vacuum cleaner at home! A pet vacuum cleaner is specifically designed for picking up pet hair and other debris.

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