A Checklist for Travelling with Your 4-legged Friend

Now that travel restrictions are lifting, many of us are taking the chance to visit friends and family and planning trips for a much-needed change of scene. If you’re planning to travel with your 4-legged friend, you’ll need to make sure you’ve got everything they need to be safe and comfortable. We’ve put together a checklist to make the planning process a stress-free one.

1. Paperwork

If you’re taking your pet abroad, you’ll need to check what the requirements are for bringing them into the country you’re travelling to. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to organise the necessary paperwork, insurance, and vaccines they might need.

2. Travel carrier

Make sure you’ve got a carrier or crate that’s safe, sturdy and allows your pet enough room to move around. With dogs in the car, you’ll need to make sure they are restrained; a crate works well but there are also clip in seat belts to attach to a harness.

3. Toilet breaks

It’s no fun sitting down for lengthy periods of time, so imagine how your pet feels about it. You’ll need to plan stops to give them the chance to relieve themselves and stretch their legs and remember to bring poo bags to clean up after them.

4. Food and water

Collapsible bowls are useful for providing water on the move. Pack bottles of water to make sure you can give them a drink when needed and measure out how much food you’ll need to bring. Feed them while you’re stationary to reduce the chance of travel sickness.

5. Insurance

Heaven forbid that anything happens to your pet whilst you are away, however in order to take away the stress that comes with traveling with pets, it is recommended that you get pet insurance. Why not check out pet insurance by Petsure to provide cover for your pet in the event of an accident or emergency.

6. Medicines

Contact your vet to make sure you’re stocked up on any medication your pet takes for the duration of your trip. Bring their flea and worm treatment if they’re going to be due for it while you’re away.

7. Bedding and blankets

Bringing their bed or their favourite blanket will give them something that’s both comfortable and familiar, helping them to settle and rest. If you’re travelling during the summer, a cooling mat can help them to cope with the heat.

8. Toys and chews

Long journeys can get boring, so make sure your pet has something low key to occupy them if needed. A long-lasting chew is a useful way for them to relieve frustration and can also help to settle pets that might struggle with travelling.

9. Exercise

Ideally, you want your 4-legged friend to sleep or settle nicely during the journey. Set aside enough time before you leave to give them a decent walk, run in the park or playtime to burn off any pent-up energy before travel.

Lisa Thompson

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