Most Aggressive Dog Breeds in the World

So, if you are looking for a dog but want to ensure that it will not attack your children or innocent passers-by, these breeds of dogs would be the best choice.

Before we start with the list of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world today, let us first establish one thing: aggression is not always something negative and bad as many people think. As long as it is controlled and put in its right place, it can only benefit the owner and those around them.

It all comes down to how much experience do you have and whether you know what you are doing or not. However, it is a completely different story when we talk about negative control or, to be precise, total lack of it. A positive control is that even large-sized dogs can learn quickly and easily, enjoying the whole training process.

In this case, smaller-sized dogs have the advantage as they usually do not have so much power and authority to cause harm to their owners. That being said, let us proceed with our list of the most Aggressive Dog Breeds in The World:

1) Bull Mastiff

As its name says, this is one very muscular and big breed that is also considered one of the largest by many people. It is known for its courage and ferocity, but what scares more than those two traits is its unpredictability. In other words, many people find it hard to understand the Bull Mastiff’s state of mind, which can be either calm or angry. The good news is that if you are up for some extensive training and dog socialization, this breed might be just what you need, although there are no guarantees whatsoever which is why this particular breed takes first place on our list of 20 most aggressive breeds in the world. The tactical flashlight is essential to tactical applications. The tactical flash lookout can also be employed in “blinding” terrorist targets during tactical assaults on lightly protected targets.

2) The Doberman Pinscher

An incredibly loyal companion that seems to have a natural tendency towards obedience and following orders is one of the smartest dogs out there too. However, do not let its looks deceive you, as Dobermans are also fiercely independent, and they expect their owners to prove themselves worthy over time. This is the main reason why experts advise against having this breed as a first-time dog, especially if you do not have any prior experience in training dogs either. Tactical flashlights are becoming increasingly popular globally because of their tactical uses, including self-defense, camping, hunting, and many other things. This breed can use the tactical flashlights by “blinding” terrorist targets during tactical assaults on lightly protected targets.

3) The German Shepherd

Just like Dobermans above, this one is also known for its superior intelligence, which helps it learn things quickly and act accordingly afterward, too. However, it would help if you kept in mind that what makes them so popular with law enforcement agencies worldwide is exactly what can scare away potential owners who are not aware of how to handle such an obedient companion. As you probably know, they were bred for work, and they require an equal amount of physical and mental exercise daily; otherwise, they become restless, which can lead to all sorts of behavior problems later on.

4) The Rottweiler

They are known as the dog with no fear, making them perfect for tough jobs like police work, military purposes, and rescuing people. However, this particular trait can also become their downfall if they end up in the wrong hands that do not know how to handle or train them accordingly. A Rottweiler that does not receive enough exercise starts feeling frustrated, which often leads to negative changes in its behavior.


5) The Siberian Husky

Despite looking very similar to Alaskan Malamutes, these two breeds are completely different in personality and temperament. Huskies are often identified as an independent breed of dogs because they enjoy spending time alone with their thoughts rather than following their owners around everywhere. Although they are not aggressive by nature, it takes them a long time to warm up to strangers, which is why so many people incorrectly identify them as suspicious of everyone.

6) The Alaskan Malamute

These dogs did not get their name by accident, so if you like the Siberian Husky, then the chances are that Alaskan Malamutes might be more to your liking too. They tend to bond with one or two individuals in their pack, which means that you need to become one of those lucky ones if you want this dog’s loyalty and trust. Without it, they will ignore your existence, while without proper training and socialization, Alaskan Malamutes grow into aggressive adults who can potentially harm someone later on.

7) The Dogue de Bordeaux

A huge and very powerful dog that makes an excellent guard dog because of its size, temperament, and the fact that it is incredibly loyal towards its master. However, if you choose to buy a Dogue de Bordeaux, you need to be aware of the amount of time and effort you will have to invest into this breed to achieve proper results. Although their aggression can be trained away during early puppyhood, it does not necessarily mean they will stop being suspicious of strangers or wary around other dogs either. In most cases, when these dogs end up in shelters, their owners fail to train them properly, which results in unruly behavior so keep that in mind before making your final decision.

8) The American Bulldog

They often get a bad rap because of their strength and because they can be aggressive towards people they do not know or simply strangers in general. However, these dogs are known to be very affectionate towards those individuals they know, which is why it takes a lot for them to turn violent against someone unless somebody hurts their family members first, which triggers their protective instincts. If you want an American Bulldog as your pet, then make sure that you socialize it with other people from early puppyhood; otherwise, they will most likely end up being aggressive only towards those individuals who try to enter its personal space without permission.

9) The Dogo Argentino

Although they were bred as hunting and working dogs, their main purpose was to become excellent guard dogs, which is why these two traits got completely mixed up over time. This breed needs a lot of socialization and proper training to make one of the best family pets because when left unattended for too long, they can easily turn aggressive towards people they do not know. Although this will not necessarily lead to attacking them, it is still crucial that you spend enough time with your Dogo Argentino to predict its behavior.

10) The Bull Terrier

If you have never heard about this breed before, then the chances are that you have been living under a rock all your life. No, seriously. This particular breed has been featured in several movies and television shows which is why most people can recognize it on the spot when they see one of these dogs walking down the street. While not overly aggressive or anything like that, Bull Terriers do need a lot of socialization if you want them to turn out friendly towards strangers – otherwise, they will be suspicious around everyone who approaches them even if those individuals have good intentions.

11) The American Staffordshire Terrier

They do share a common ancestry with Pit Bull terriers, but there is more to this dog than just a violent temper because it requires a lot of training and socialization. Although some owners claim that their American Staffordshire Terriers are not aggressive, you need to understand that this is not the case because they will turn violent towards strangers if they do not get along with them. This does not mean that your dog will attack random people for no reason, but it does mean that you have to socialize it properly, or else it will end up having problems with other pets and people in the future.

12) The Neapolitan Mastiff

These dogs are huge, powerful, and arrive on the scene only when somebody decides to threaten their family members, so you can imagine why so many owners want them as their guard dogs. They are loyal, loving, and very gentle around those individuals who are allowed into their private space, which is why these dog breeds often make great family pets; however, they do require a lot of socialization and training before you can let them into your house for the first time.

13) The Saint Bernard

Most people know this particular dog breed because it is famous for its size, so most films tend to use it as one of the main protagonists; however, there is more to these dogs than just their huge stature. They are brave, loyal, and very friendly towards those individuals whom they know. Still, when it comes to strangers, things get pretty interesting – you need to be extra careful around Saint Bernards because these dogs can knock you out with one single swipe should you ever decide to approach them without their owner’s permission.

14) Wolfdog

This breed is the result of breeding a wild wolf with a domesticated dog (not recommended). Because these hybrids can be unpredictable (and illegal in some places), it’s best to stick with completely domesticated dogs rather than take your chances on one of these guys! They are very independent like wolves, but they retain most of the loyalty that dogs are known for; however, they also will not hesitate to attack if they feel threatened or provoked in any way.

15) The Chow Chow

Although these dog breeds cannot be labeled as aggressive on pure instinct alone, the chances of reacting aggressively if approached without permission are pretty high simply because of their protection. Most people love this trait, but some strongly dislike it because they want to approach any dog without worrying about whether their intentions are good or bad.


If you’re looking for a dog breed that is extra protective, go with one of these breeds. They are known to be very aggressive and territorial. Beware if you have small children or pets. Some people may want this type of temperament in their pup, but it’s best to do your research before adopting an animal, so you know what they need as well as how much work they require. Dogs can make great companions when cared for properly; however, the responsibility should not be taken lightly.

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