How To Attract The Cat To The Litter Box

Urinating outside the litter box is a common problem in cats, it is estimated in research that up to 10% of cats face eliminating issues in their lives. If your cat is one of them, then it is a very frustrating situation for you. Although kitties are fastidious animals and keep themselves clean, they may not keep your house clean always.

If your cat stops using the litter box, then be ready for a new mess and confusion element. Your cat may stop using litter boxes for several reasons, and as a cat owner, you have to find out the problem and fix it as soon as possible. There are numerous solutions to this problem; an important one is attracting your cat toward her litter box.

Why cats refuse to use the litter box

Cats can refuse to use the litter box due to several reasons:

Lack of training

If your kitten is not doing his business in the litter box, then it means that he doesn’t know about using the litter box and needs practice. So, train your kitten to use the litter box properly.

Dirty litter box

Cats love cleanliness, and they never do their business in the litter box that is dirty and smelling bad. If you do not clean your kitty’s litter box daily, she will prefer to eliminate under the bed or couch instead of a litter box.

Wrong choice of litter

An incorrect pick of litter also prevents the cat from using the litter box. If you do not prefer your kitty’s choice about the litter, then be ready to see poop and cat urine at any corner of your house.

Noisy area

Cats want privacy to do their business; they often stop using a litter box that is placed in a location with a lot of activity.

Health issue

Sometimes cats eliminate outside the litter box due to some health issues. It is common in cats that have urinary tract issues. Consult with your vet as soon as possible when you notice any health problem in your cat.

Why should you attract the cat to use the litter box

Cats bury their poop and urine due to their instinct; therefore, they often love utilizing the litter box. It is suitable for you as well as your family. If your cat refuses to use a litter box, then it is a worrisome situation for you. Although you love your cat so much, you will never want to see the cat’s poop on your kitchen floor or your favorite couch.

It is very disgusting to clean the mess created by your kitty. If you do not want interaction with the cat’s feces and smell, you must take steps to make your feline friend’s litter box attractive. It is mandatory to keep your house clean as well as safe from bad odors.

Some techniques to make the litter box attractive for your kitty

Place your kitty’s litter box in a comfortable place

Cats are shy animals and do not like to do their business in front of anyone. If you have placed her litter box in a noisy area, then be ready to clean the cat’s poop from a cabin or under the bed or sofa. Therefore, to keep you and your feline baby happy, place the litter box in a quiet area where there is less traffic, and your cat can easily access it.

Use litter box without a lid

Cats want a comfortable and roomy place for their business; if you have a hooded or top entry litter box, then your cat may dislike it and prefer to eliminate it on the floor instead of the litter box. The hooded litter box cannot provide enough space for larger cats, while a top entry litter box is difficult to access for smaller cats. Therefore, choose the right litter box. It would help if you bought an open litter box for your pet. Self-sifting litter boxes are the best option for this purpose. They are easy for cats to get in and provide enough space for doing their business comfortably.

Scent-free litter

Cats have a strong smelling sense, and often they refuse to use the litter box because you have poured scented litter in their box. Most of the cats dislike the scent of litter, therefore, use scent-free clumping litter. Cats love this litter as it does not stick with their paws. There are varieties of litters available on pet stores; you can choose any of them according to your pet’s preference.

Keep the litter box clean

Your cat will never use a dirty litter box, therefore; scoop the litter at least once in a day. Spatter some baking soda in the base of the box before pouring litter. It will absorb the bad odors of the litter box and keep you and your feline friend happy.

Cat attract litter

If your cat still resists using the litter box, then place the cat attract litter. Add it with the clumping litter box; it contains all the ingredients specially designed to attract your cat to use it. You can also sprinkle cat litter additive on the cat’s regular litter to make it more appealing.

More than one litter box

Provide your kitty for more than one litter box. If you have multiple cats, then provide a separate litter box to each cat as cats dislike to share their litter box with any other pet.

If you have a double-story home, place a litter box on each level to ease your cat.

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