Benefits of Proper Nutrition for Your Dog

Like humans, the proper balance of nutrients is essential for your dog’s well-being. Animals need a certain combination of all the key nutrients- proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, water, vitamins, and fats to perform all the metabolic functions. This is why food manufacturers work hard to develop the exact formula that will provide your dog with all the nutrients daily. Every nutrient has a purpose for your dog. Without proper nutrition, your dog will be malnourished, they won’t be able to maintain muscle tone, repair muscles, and perform normally.

Below are the benefits of proper nutrition for your dog.

Skin and hair coat health

Healthy dogs have a rich shiny hair coat. This is because dogs with the right balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids intake have healthy skin which produces a nice sheen of hair. Dry skin leads to hair that splits, breaks, and falls out easily. Feeds with omega-3 fatty acids have an anti-inflammatory effect which reduces itching and other irritations caused by low humidity levels or any other allergen making your dog skin to be smooth and fair.

Muscle tone and body condition

Protein is the building block of almost every single cell of the body. Protein is essential in building skin, hair, organs, and other tissues. Protein is vital in the repair of damaged and worn-out cells and the making of new cells. Pregnant and growing dogs need to promote growth. Protein in your dog’s diet ensures the building and maintaining of strong muscles. That is why one of the key ingredients in bell and bone feed is a protein source. Carbohydrates supply your dog with a source of quick energy that gives your dog the ability to be active and energetic. Active dogs exercise a lot, and this helps in muscle development and growth.

Digestion and elimination

Carbohydrates are useful in providing fiber that helps in digestion and elimination. Dog foods are manufactured and formulated such that the needed nutrients are readily absorbed. 

Digestibility is essential to ensure that your dog uses all the nutrients available in the food and easily gets rid of waste products. Your dog’s food should have all the necessary nutrients that your dog requires which is maximally absorbed by the body to produce minimum stool as the result.

Immunity and prevention of disease

All nutrients contained in dog food, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, work together to maintain your dogs’ immune system and other metabolic functions. Vitamins reduce the damage of body cells, nerve conduction, and prevention of diseases. Minerals promote the normal functions of the cell thus maintaining health. 

Without adequate nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, your dog will eventually become ill.


Better nutrition provides a boost in the immune system and improved health for your dog. The quality of the food that you feed your dog makes a difference in your pet’s health and mood. Better quality bell and bone foods made with better quality ingredients have a better quality of life for your dog. Make sure to read the food label to know the nutrients contained in the food.

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