5 Best Brush for Australian Shepherd: Know How to Groom and Care

Australian Shepherds are not only adorable but also a great looker. They are really active and love to play outdoors. If you have one then you need to pay more attention to their grooming needs and look for the best brush for Australian Shepherd.

As they are more outdoorsy kind of dog breed, they will be happiest while running around in the field or playing in nature. This will make it a bit difficult for you to always maintain their coat. Playing too much outside makes their coats full of dirt, leaves, small branches, and even debris.

If you don’t tend to their grooming needs more often, the coat can become rough, lose their color and they could even get skin problems.

That’s why choosing the best brush for Australian Shepherd is your best bet here. What? Don’t know how to choose the perfect one? Why don’t you take a look then!

How to Choose the Best Brush for Australian Shepherd?

​Want to treat your furry friend as best as you can? Then nothing would be better than going for the best grooming products for him. That's why getting the best brush for Australian Shepard should be the first thing on your list.

Let’s take a look at what things you’ll need to consider the most.

Different Types of Brushes

Usually, you can go for 3 types of brushes for an Australian Shepherd. All three types are a splendid choice for your furry friend. They are slicker, bristle and pin.

Typically slicker ones are the first choice when it comes to choosing the best brush type. They are most suited for double coats and can get the nastiest tangles out of them. Bristle or pin type brushes are also well suited for you Aussie.

Size of the Brush

Aussies or Australian Shepherds tend to be around 40-65 pounds. If your dog is medium go for the medium size and if they are large go for the large size.

A small sized brush wouldn’t be efficient here. Bristles also have different sizes depending on the length of the coat.

Bristle Types

Bristles can be mainly of two types. Either tightly packed or spaced. As Aussies or Australian Shepherds tend to have a thicker coat, tightly packed bristles would be perfect in this case. Although it’s entirely your choice.

Again, metal bristles are much more durable than plastic ones.

Material Type

Brushes are made of different types of materials such as wood, rubber, bamboo, plastic, etc. Any kind of material is pretty good. But the best brush for Australian Shepherd would be a wooden or bamboo brush rather than synthetic ones. They tend to have a better mileage and goes a long way.

Comfort to Hold

You should always go for a comfortable brush. As you will be grooming your Aussie quite often and for a longer time a comfortable handle would definably make it easier for you.

What Are The Different Types Of Australian Shepherd Coats?

If you have an Australian Shepherds you would know that they have really beautiful coats. Being soft and super silky these furry pets are definitely a looker.

Usually, they come in different colors such as black, blue merle, red and red merle. Being straight or wavy or having both types, Aussies seem to have a combinational coat. An Australian Shepherd could have a short lengthen coat or longer lengthen coat.

Most importantly they are water resistant. For having this awesome types of coat they need weekly grooming maintenance and for that, you'll need to go for the best brush for Australian Shepherds.

​Challenges you’ll face While Grooming Them

​To tell you the truth, grooming Aussies are a bit of a challenge for their thicker coat type. The challenging part is that they have different types of hair type combining together.

That’s why they tend to have more issues than other dog breeds. Let’s see what kind of challenges you will face.

  • Tangled Hairs: Having a long hair makes them more prone to being tangled up. Generally, Australian Shepherds have small or large knots that aren't easy to manage. If you brush them on regular basis or use conditioners this problem should go away.
  • Coat Loses its Color: If you don’t maintain it on regular basis it will ultimately start to lose its color. You don’t want your precious pet to have a faded colored hair, do you?
  • Mats: Not grooming often will make the tangles turn into mats which is something that you should definitely avoid. They are harder to get rid of and the process is rather painful for your beloved dog. Cutting them off or using other liquidity products is your best bet.
  • Excessive Shedding: I think you've already guessed this one by now. Australian Shepherds have longer and thicker coats. So, just like other dogs, they will shed. To prevent your house being flooded with hair, you should do regular grooming.

Caring for Your Precious Little Dog’s Coat

​Just follow these tips to maintain your Aussie like a pro.

1. At Least Brush the Coat Once Every Week

Want to prevent excessive tangles? Just brush the coat once every week. Although you should change it when the shedding season comes along.

Brushing regularly in shedding season will help you keep the overall mess at bay. Always and always use the best brush for Australian Shepherd.

While brushing go deep down lightly touching the skin. But don’t overdo it or brush toughly. You’ll end up hurting your dog rather than helping him.

2. Wash Them Once Within Three Months

If you take good care of your Aussie they can go without bathing for more than two months! If you notice his/her coat getting dried up or losing the smoothness you can give him a bath to bring back the silkiness.

​As they tend to have water resistant hair, bathing can be a bit tougher than you think. Using bathing tether or rubber mats will come in handy if you want to give your Australian Shepherd a bath at home.

If it’s too difficult for you, you can always take him to the nearby dog salon, they’ll take a good care of your dog.

​3. Use a Blow Dryer to Dry Off the Coat

Having thicker and double coat takes a lot of time to dry off naturally. You can always use a dryer to speed things up. Just make sure you don’t get the hair more tangled up. Brush his coat with a good brush and then use the blow dryer to blow in the way the hair falls on the skin, not the other way around.

This will make sure the hair dries up without tangling.

4. Trim the Hair

Trimming the hair of Australian Shepherd is really normal for many owners. You can do the same. It will help you maintain it more and won’t cause your dog excessive distress.

It’s a great way to maintain the proper grooming routine and keeping all the challenges at bay.

Don't ever trim the hair without brushing it properly. Use the best brush for Australian Shepherd that you like the most in this case.

​Top 5 Best Brush For Australian Shepherd

​1. FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

Have a tangled up situation? Don’t worry FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs is here to save the day. Being extremely gentle with your Australian Shepherd FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs is an effective tool that’ll get rid of all the tangles for you.

Furminator is a leading brand offering you quality products every time. Not only it will help your dog get the best care but it will promote a healthier and softer coat each time.

​This tool happens to be really effective, precise and powerful at what it does. Having a double coat makes brushing the hair really difficult but FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs has shorter strokes reliving you from any challenges coming your way.

​Key Features

Stainless Steel Edge

Taking care of the top coat is most important for an Australian Shepherd. This brush offers useful features for that. The stainless steel edge helps to brush the heavy coat thoroughly giving a longer lasting effect.

You can use it for deep cleaning without a second thought. Getting ahold of the dirt and leaves caught up in the coat is, in fact, utterly easy with this one.

​An Eject Button

This tool also offers an eject button solely to benefit you. With this features, you'll be able to get rid of the loose hairs after brushing. Normally, owners have a hard time getting the hair out of the brush. But FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs is easier to clean. After cleaning, all you have to do is to just push it back.

Ergonomic Handle

Want a comfortable grip? Furminator offers this handy and highly durable handle which is immensely comfortable to hold on, even for longer sessions.

​How to Use

Using this brush is remarkably easy. Firstly you have to hold your dog with one hand. After that place the brush on his coat and start brushing, going deeper with each stroke. Use the ejector whenever the brush is full of hairs.

If your dog is too sensitive it’s better to avoid this brush. Use a lighter tool to just stroke the top coat.

  • Extremely comfortable to use for longer time.
  • Using it is easy and effective.
  • A great tool for de-shedding.
  • Eject button makes it simple to get rid of the loose hair.
  • Best to avoid this one if your dog has skin issues.
  • Sometimes the bristles tend to break.

2. Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush is a professional grooming tool. A comfortable brush that will be gentle on the skin. I really like how it makes the grooming time fun and enjoyable rather than causing trouble.

It's loaded with features making it effortless to loosen up any tangled hairs or knots or even the stubborn mats! Going deep into the coat, your Aussie will be shinning up without a doubt.

Let your Australian Shepherd play as much as he likes as you won’t face any issues in the grooming time.

Key Features

Durable and Soft Bristles

If your Aussie has a longer coat with wavy hair then Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush will confidently help with that. Long hairs tend to get tangled up more than straighter ones. With its soft bristles, your furry pet won't even feel a thing.

You can get rid of the thick mats with these wonderful bristles too!

This brush has highly durable bristles with a great build. This brush also adds more flexibility to your grooming sessions than most other products on the market.

Easy To Clean

This brush is exceptionally painless to clean. Not to mention that it was made solely for Australian Shepherds. With a click of a button, you'll be able to clean this brush without any bother.


What I mostly love about this brush is that it's so lightweight. The handle is also comfortable enough to hold for a long time. Being lightweight makes it an excellent tool for vacations with your dog.

To tell you the truth, your dog will enjoy grooming sessions more with Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush.

How to Use

Using it is a bit different than other products on the market. To get the best result brush your dog during a bath. It helps to get ahold of the knots, leaves, and dirt. The best thing is that your dog would stay calm. Although the brush is suited for regular use too!

It’s a large brush. Take the time to properly introduce this kit to your Australian Sheppard and then follow it up.

  • Quite comfortable handles, providing a better grip.
  • Bristles are highly durable and effective.
  • Easy to clean up, no tangled situation.
  • Lightweight brush, your dog won’t even feel a thing.
  • The size is intimidating at first but after a few times, it'll be ok.

3. 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko

Another great tool by Hertzko. If you want a brush that can do it all, then this your best bet. 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko is not a regular brush for Australian Shepherds. It will fulfill all your needs giving your dog the perfect flawless coat he deserves.

This brush is just spot on effective, precise and highly durable. A traditional tool used by most of the professionals, 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko can absolutely help your Australian Shepherd stay top notch.

Key Features

Scratch Free Rounded Ends

The comb comes with rounded ends which makes it fully scratch free. Typically, most of the products on the market don't promote an anti-scratch build and sharp ends could hurt your beloved pet if you’re not too careful.

But with this, your dog won't ever get hurt. It's just what your dog needs.

Anti-Slip Handle

Sometimes when removing tangles, brushes slip out of the hand. The handle of this brush has a rubber coating that makes it anti-slip. Meaning that this comb won't slip away from your hands anytime soon.

Suitable For Any Hair Type

Short, long or straight, wavy, this brush is effective on any type of hair. It can go deeper into the roots and get all the dirt and leaves from it.

Lightweight Build

It’s extremely light. That’s why it can be a great choice during the shedding season as you have to use it on a daily basis.

Reaches Difficult Places

Reaching difficult places such as behind the ears or under the neck is quite stress-free with 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko. Rounded teeth help in reaching these places without hurting your dog.

How to Use

All you'll need is to hold down your dog and then start combing the coat with this brush. The brush works better if your dog has long hair. You can also use it as a trimming tool.

  • Removing any mats or knots is much easier.
  • Teeth are rounded providing extra comfort always.
  • The handle is comfortable to grip and use.
  • Perfect size.
  • Best to avoid if you've trimmed the coat too short.

4. Happydogz Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs

Happydogz Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs is yet another great brush for your Australian Shepherd. It's loaded with exciting features and is entirely a comfortable brush to deal with. One of the best features of this wonderful product is that it's best for sensitive skin types.

Key Features

Suited For All Hair Types

The brush offers compatibility with any type of hairs. So, you won’t have to worry about their combinational coat type.

Soft Bristles

Being fully comfortable with your dog the bristles are really soft although they are tough enough to get ahold of the deepest dirt.

Economic Design:

The design adds more flexibility to your grooming sessions. I personally love this design as it happens to remove any kind of knots, mats or tangles. This build is highly suited to use for shedding seasons.

Perfect For Sensitive Skin

If your Australian Shepherd has a sensitive skin and needs a more gentle care then you can trust this tool with your eyes closed. Your beloved pet would have the flawless care he deserves.

Free Grooming eBook

The best part about this product is that it offers a free grooming eBook. So, if you are just a beginner, you can use this book to know just how you can aid in any grooming needs of your Aussie.

How to Use

It's tremendously easy to use. Just like other products first, place your hands on your dog and then run this brush through the hair gently.

  • A really lightweight brush.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Easy to use.
  • The handles aren't as durable as it claims.
  • The bristles can worn out over time.

5. GoPets Dematting Comb for Dogs

Add a great product to your grooming kit with GoPets Dematting Comb for Dogs. It's a tool that'll surely add more flexibility to your kit. Definitely worth the try if you want to have a more pliant bristle type.

​Many professionals use this as their personal favorite brush so why won’t you?

​Key Features

Two Types of Bristles

One of the most useful features of all. GoPets Dematting Comb for Dogs offers a two-sided brush having a different type of bristle on each side. With a lower and higher density, you can use this for any purpose.

Various Usage

Want to use it as a de-matter? You certainly can. How about de-shedding? You can use it for that too! It's a multipurpose brush coming at a reasonable price. A splendid addition to your grooming kit.

Comfortable Handles

GoPets Dematting Comb for Dogs provides a unique handle with a silicone gel grip. This unique grip will considerably benefit you as it's fully anti-slip.

​How to Use

Firstly start off by holding down your dog gently. With another hand, run down this brush over the coat. Always brush in the direction where the hair lays down, not the other way around.

  • Gets rid of any kind of tangles.
  • Has a different teeth type for every occasion.
  • Anti-grip and comfortable handle.
  • The handle isn't much durable.
  • Bristles are a bit dull.

The Best Pick

I know going for the best brush for Australian Shepherds is really a hard decision. To help you out with your decision, I've picked the best one from this awesome list.

Although all of the brushes have wonderful and effective features to be the best but 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko surely shines in all the categories. Other products like Happydogz Pro Slicker Brush for Dogs and GoPets Dematting Comb for Dogs doesn’t offer a higher durability.

And, Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Brush seems to lack the proper size for being a great brush. If you have a sensitive dog then FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs would not be best for him either.

Only 2 Pack Pet Combs by Hertzko offers the most features such as:

  • A great size.
  • Gentle on the skin.
  • Suited for any hair type.
  • Comfortable and durable handle.
  • Greater quality build.

Give it a try! I’m sure you won’t regret it.

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Hi, I'm Emma Thompson. Welcome to The Pet Town! I'm a Pet lovers like you and please feel free to get in touch with any questions. Enjoy your stay!

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