The Best Pet Water Fountain- 5 Top Choices

Just like us, our fur babies need enough water intake each day to stay fit and healthy. Even though leaving a bowl of water out for your pets is a very common practice; but it does not mean that it is the best choice. Stagnant water easily collects dust, and there is a great chance of fungus and bacteria growth. Thus, comes the importance of investing in the best pet water fountain for your fur babies.

Why buying a pet water fountain a smart move?

A pet water fountain happens to supply running water which are fresh and clean as the water will be passed through a filter system. Besides, the running water coming for these types of water fountain stays cooler which is major reason why pets prefer to drink from the fountains more than bowls.

On the other hand, having a water fountain at home means having a hassle-free device which will not run out of water while you are out and about following your daily routine.

So, you can see that buying the best pet water fountain is a must for a fur parent like you. Now, you must be worrying about selecting and buying the right one for your pet/pets. To help you out, here a guide for buying the right one is mentioned.

But, before presenting detailed reviews of some of my personal favorite pet water fountains that have helped me in the past, let’s first look into the methods to spot the right one for you.

Things to consider before selecting a pet water fountain

As there are so many water fountains available for pets in the market today, it is quite possible that one might get confused and end up buying a water fountain for their pets that ends up becoming a useless or wrong purchase.

Thus, in order to make sure that you have the best pet water fountain that suits your need and budget, there are some things you need to take into consideration, like:


When choosing a pet water fountain to buy, look into the material with which it is made up of. You need to get a water fountain that is durable and has a scratch-free surface. This will make sure that your pets can use it for a long time.

Besides, the material plays an importance factor as it will also determine if the water fountain will be prone to fungus and bacteria growth or not. Stainless steel or ceramic do not allow fungus and bacteria growth, and if you are going with plastic then make sure it is BPA-free.

Best Pet Water Fountain



If you have a big dog or two cats, then you will need a water fountain that has a medium to large water capacity. Many pet owners forget to look into the capacity of the water fountain and ends up with one that is either too small or too big for their pets.

Filtration system

It is very important to look into the filtration system of the water fountain to be sure of the fact that it can indeed provide fresh, clean and oxygen-rich water for your pet that can help them to fight against mild dehydration, kidney and urinary tract diseases in pets.

It will be best to choose a carbon filtration system or a multi-stage filtration system as it can effectively remove water impurities including debris and hair, and at the same time remove bad odor/taste from the water.


The design plays a major factor for determining if it will be a right purchase or not. Having a free-falling water fountain comes with many advantages. First of all, it encourages the pet to drink more water. My vet recommended it to me when my dog was not drinking enough water.

On the other hand, having a water fountain that comes with both upper and lower dish is also quite advantageous. Having a water fountain which this design is best for pet owners who own cats or dogs of different sizes and/or who owns rescued or old pets who have problem drinking from bowls kept on floor due to injury or arthritic issues.

Choosing the best pet water fountain for you

You can be sure if the pet water fountain of your choosing is best suited for you and your fur babies if it can provide you with the following:

A good value for money

As water fountains are costlier than normal water bowls, thus make sure that the one you are buying can provide a good value for your money by providing a lot of advantages/features compared to the asking price.

Best Pet Water Fountain


Hassle-Free device

The fact that pet water fountains are long-lasting devices that is very easy to maintain (dishwasher safe for example) and also operate, are some reasons as to why they are such popular among so many pet owners. Thus, make sure that the water fountain you are buying can provide a hassle-free user experience.

Low Voltage and Quite device

As a pet water fountain will be on for 24/7, so it will be best to go for such a water fountain that has a pump and filtration system that can operate with low voltage and that too quietly.

Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Water Fountains For Pets

Now, let’s get into the reviews of the top 5 best pet water fountain devices which I found to be useful:

1. PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Avalon Fountain for Pets

This one is made with ceramic, so this particular water fountain happens to be more hygienic than normal water bowl as it does not support bacteria and fungus growth. The water fountain can hold up to 70 oz. of water, making it perfect for small cats and/or dog.

Best Pet Water Fountain

The design of this water fountain will make sure that your pets can enjoy drinking from two different levels (lower and upper dish). Here it should be mentioned that it comes with 2 spouts (water flowing in opposite directions) that can provide more drinking options to more than one pet.

The 12V submersible pump makes this water fountain a low-noise and low-voltage device. So, this means you can keep this one on without the worries of irritating pumping noise that can disturb you and also scare your pet.

Best Pet Water Fountain

It comes with carbon filter that can be replaceable. As this water fountain for pet uses carbon filters, so you pets will be getting odor-free, bad taste-free water that is clean and fresh.

The moisture will be sealed in your dog’s coat, thanks to the aloe vera extract. While being gentle to your dog’s skin, this shampoo will stimulate the hair follicle to grow.


  • It comes with a power cord that is 5 ft. long.
  • It is rust-free and also scratch-free.
  • The ceramic bowl and pump’s plastic parts are dishwasher safe.
  • It is a compact and lightweight water fountain.


  • It is not suitable for large pets or more than two small pets. But, when I had two small cats, it was sufficient.

2. Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain

After using this pet water fountain for some years, I feel that this is one of the best pet water fountain when it comes to durability. This is because; it is made with high quality stainless steel. Besides being durable, stainless steel is also known for being such a material that is not prone to fungus or bacteria growth.

Best Pet Water Fountain

This very water fountain has the capacity of holding 128 oz. of water, making it perfect for more than two pets that are of different sizes and/or ages.

The most striking feature of this water fountain is the 360 design. It comes with 5 different changeable spouts. Because of this spouts, you will be provided the option of controlling/customizing/adjusting the free falling water stream flow.

Best Pet Water Fountain

The submersible pump has low noise and also happens to use low voltage to operate. Besides, this one has activated charcoal filter that can provide clean and fresh drinking water for your fur babies, and at the same time encourage them to drink more water.


  • It has a rubber grip at the bottom of the dish making it skid-free.
  • Perfect for pet owners with 2 or more pets.
  • It has a unique and elegant design.


  • It needs to be fully dissembled to clean it. But I have found that it is very easy to dissemble and assemble this water fountain.

3. Pioneer Pet Raindrop Ceramic Drinking Fountain

This is perfect for small pets who need encouragement to drink more water to stay healthy. As the raindrop flow system is design to make sure that your pets are intrigued and encouraged to drink more water. This durable, scratch-proof and rust-free ceramic two level water fountain has a 60 oz. water capacity.

Best Pet Water Fountain

The design of this water fountain promotes continuous water flow that keeps on washing the bowl to provide fresh and clean water. The look of this water fountain is quite stylish and modern. The whole water fountain is made in such a way so that it is very easy to clean. In fact, the cord comes with an easy-click disconnect option that helps to easily remove the cord when cleaning it.

Best Pet Water Fountain

The water fountain can hold both the electric pump and charcoal filter. The pump can perform its functions without making much noise. The carbon filter can be replaceable once it is no longer fit for use. The pump and filter provide purified and oxygenated water for your fur babies every time.


  • The power cord is 6 ft. long.
  • It is a compact water fountain for more than one pet.
  • It has a low-voltage and safe power system.


  • It needs to be cleaned weekly for the best result. But, it is dishwasher safe, making the cleaning process a quick one.

4. PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Dog and Cat Water Fountain

It is perfect for one or two pets of different sizes or senior pets that cannot go down too much. This one has a capacity of 100 oz. of water.

The reason why I found this as the best pet water fountain for a household with one or two pets is because of its unique design. The receiving ramp where the free falling water will fall is design to make sure there is minimum splashing and there is minimum noise of the falling water. 

Best Pet Water Fountain

The design gives your fur babies the option to drink from three different places. These three options are the free-falling stream, lower bowl and the elevated dish.

Best Pet Water Fountain

The filter of this one is also great as activated carbonated filters are made with organic materials like coconut shells and duo-density pads made with polyester. The filter will make sure hair and debris are effectively removed from the drinking water supply. The water will be free from any kind of bad taste and odor.


  • It is a lightweight water fountain (2.4 pounds in weight).
  • The 12V pump system comes with inline plug for safe operations.
  • The filter lasts for 2 to 4 weeks.


  • It is made with plastic mainly. But, the BPA free plastic promises to be a durable and easily cleanable.

5. Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Dog Drinking Fountain

This one is the best pet water fountain in my opinion for a household with large dogs or more than three pets as it has the capacity of holding 200 fl. Oz. of water. But that’s not all, the design of this water fountain is made in such a way so that it is easy for large breed dogs to drink from it easily. This is because; the water fountain is elevated in order to provide your fur babies a better drinking position.

Best Pet Water Fountain

The filtration system of this water fountain is also quite unique. The multi-stage foam/carbon filtration effectively collect sediments, debris, hair and even small pieces of food. It will provide aerated and cool water every time, providing the pet tastier, fresher and cleaner water than a normal water bowl. This dual function filter can last up to a month depending on the sizes and numbers of pets.


  • The look of this water fountain is quite eye-catching and comes with a stunning color combination.
  • It is a low-noise and low-voltage device.
  • The cleaning process is quick and easy.


  • The pump flow cannot be adjusted and comes in only one speed. But, the large water-to-air surface area can allow easy to drink option for all sizes of pets.

Which one is right for your needs?

Now, you can see that even the best ones come with different drawbacks. Thus, it is very important to ensure that you only invest in such a pet water fountain that suits you needs accordingly and accurately.

Suppose you have a large breed dog, then the Dogit Design Fresh and Clear Dog Drinking Fountain will be the right choice for you. Whereas, if you own a small kitten, then the Pioneer Pet Raindrop Ceramic Drinking Fountain should be your choice.

But, I personally feel that out of the 5 best pet water fountain reviewed here, the Drinkwell 360 Pet Fountain is a great option to go with. It is perfect for both a single and multiple pet household, and it is a durable device that has excellent filtration system and good water holding capacity.

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