Top 5 Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

It is no doubt that dogs are one of the most loved pets by people. This is because of how amazing they are and that they make to be good companions to people. Owing to that dog owners for dog breed like chihuahuas simply want the best when it comes to the best dog food for Chihuahua breeds.

What To Look For In Chihuahua Dog Food

There are certain things that dogs need in their food so that they remain strong and healthy. No matter what breed the dog is one thing is common, dogs are very active animals. They will need all the energy they have in order to remain healthy and stay fit every day.

You can help them with this by providing them with the right kind and amount of food in their diet. Chihuahuas are not picky eaters which mean it will be easy to plan out the diet that you want them to have. You can find various types of dog foods at different prices, depending on your preference and budget the dog food you buy should have the following:

  • Wheat gluten
  • Corn gluten
  • Preservatives
  • Food dye
  • Animal fat
  • Corn syrup
  • Sugar
  • Low-quality grain and corn as fillers

See how an owner feeds his chihuahuas with dog food and vitamins

Consider your dog’s health when buying dog food

Even though a lot of owners sometimes skimp on quality when buying dog food, there are some important factors that you should always consider so that you can still buy healthy dog food for your pet chihuahua.Chihuahuas really like tasty foods and you can get them with added meat and vegetables to help with the dog’s nutrition.

The variety of meat that you can feed your dog can be from chicken, fish, beef, lamb, and so on. It can help when the owner is aware that dog food should have at least 40% of meat in it since it is a good source of protein and helps develop the dog’s body.

Be aware of things that your dog should not be eating

As much as you’re aware of what your dog should it,you should also be mindful about what they should not consume. You should avoid dog food that is of low nutrient content. Chihuahuas are dogs that fall under the small sized breeds, this means that you should be able to give them recipes that are high in protein and fat.

Foods that are not meant for a Chihuahua's stomach can easily make them sick and unhealthy. Be a smart dog owner and consult a veterinarian if you’re not sure what are the foods available that you should feed to your dog.

Buying the right kind of dog food for the Chihuahua

Healthy dog food brands can be found in many shops nowadays. If you want a more specific dog food then you can always go to pet stores to check their item selection. There are even online stores that  provide dog food that you may not locally find in your area, thus you can order them off online easily.

Some owners even opt to make their own dog food, but Chihuahuas have this tendency to really like delicious foods and would rather eat them. A few fun flavors and preservatives are available for you to buy if you would like to help satisfy the cravings of your dog.

Buy snacks for your Chihuahua

A lot of dog snacks can be found in stores and it can help when you choose ones that are also healthy for your dog. Always check what the package labels say so that you are sure that your dog will get the right kind and amount of nutrients from the dog food. Check the ingredient list, nutritional facts, and the recommended serving.

However, you should also be wary because a little too much of everything can also be dangerous. Try to avoid dog treats that have too much fat, salt, or sugar since this may possibly destroy your dog’s diet. The crunchy treats have the lesser amount of sugar and they also help strengthen your dog’s teeth.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

How many times should you feed your Chihuahua?

If your dog has uneaten wet food then don’t keep it around and throw it away. Chihuahuas do not store much fat in their bodies and they have a very active appetite as well. You should feed them on a regular basis with the right kind of dog food. Decide how many times you can feed your dog and keep that schedule every day. This helps in adjusting your dog’s digestive tract as well as metabolism.

Chihuahua meals can also depend on how old the dog is and those that are younger than three months would usually eat four times, while dogs in between three to six months usually have three meals per day. When the chihuahua is older you can start feeding them two meals per day.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua


Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Foods For Chihuahua

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free DryDog Food

The Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food is grain free and has a good balance of nutrition that is good for smaller dogs. It is made out of premium turkey and chicken giving the smaller dogs a high-calorie level that can support their need for high energy.

best dog food for chihuahua

It also contains all natural ingredients with no wheat, artificial colors, meat by product, flavors, and preservatives, soy, and corn. It’s a good choice for smaller breeds of dogs because of it the essential vitamins that it offers as well as minerals and also fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6.

best dog food for chihuahua

The live probiotics, fiber, and prebiotics also help in giving the dog a healthier intestinal tract. The nutrient content of the dog food also helps promote healthier teeth, eyes, and gums for the canines. The high protein levels that the product offers also helps in increasing the lean muscle mass of the smaller dogs and also aids in burning excess fat.


  • Very popular and well reviewed by users
  • Only uses premium ingredients to give the dogs the best nutrients
  • Has an optimal fat and calorie content for healthy dogs
  • Provides a lower carbohydrate diet
  • Promotes healthier weight for the dog
  • Can reduce risk of the dog having diabetes
  • No artificial colors, flavors, orpreservatives
  • Is 100% grain free and also gluten free
  • Includes glucosamine and antioxidants
  • Makes the dog's coat look and feel healthy
  • Good for allergic dogs
  • Cheaper than its rivals and is not fattening the longer the dog eats it


  • Is a bit pricey.
  • Not free from poultry ingredients.

Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free Dry Dog Food is free from grain and offers four dry dog food products. They all have different recipes that are related to the AAFCO nutrient profile. It promotes growth, maintenance, all life stages, supplemental or unspecified, which you can see on their web page.

best dog food for chihuahua

It contains organic chicken and chicken meal which is also considered as meat concentrate. This has more protein when compared to fresh chicken. This dog food also has organic sweet potato which is naturally rich when it comes to dietary fiber and beta carotene.

best dog food for chihuahua

It also includes organic chickpeas which are also known to some as garbanzo beans. They are fiber rich and very nutritious.The dog food also offers a good amount of carbohydrate through organic peas.One can also find organic tapioca in its ingredients, as it is a gluten free and starchy kind of carbohydrate from the root of a cassava plant.


  • Their ingredients are certified organic and are very healthy for smaller dogs
  • The dog food has met USDA’s National Organic Program guidelines
  • It also contains both grain inclusive as well as grain free kibble as well as canned varieties


  • Some dogs have trouble digesting organic peas in the mix
  • Too much pea or pea fiber in the formula can cause some dogs to have diarrhea issues
  • Dogs’ stool begins to loosen when eating the formula
  • The food doesn’t come in large bags, it is only available in 4-pound bags

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety

The Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety has twelve dog food flavors that customers can expect. It is an above average dry dog food that has a protein content of 41%, fat level of 23% and also 29%of carbohydrates. 

best dog food for chihuahua

The meat content in the product is not yet exactly determined, however, it is expected to be abundant. Overall the product has average protein content and a mean level of the fat content. This would also mean that the carbohydrate content of the dog food is around 32%.

best dog food for chihuahua

The fat and protein ratio of the dog food is around 50% which means that it has above average protein content and fat, however, it has below average carbohydrate content.This product is meat based and has a number of named meats as the main sources of animal protein.


  • Grain free
  • Dogs instantly like it
  • Gives relief for pets that have weight issues as well as skin and coat problems
  • It is also good for dogs that have grain allergies and even intolerance
  • It has freeze and dried raw pieces that give natural enzymes promoting digestive health
  • The ingredients are pure to enable optimal absorption of nutrients
  • The dogs’ coats and skins are generally healthier owing to the essential fatty acids that it has
  • It is complete and also balanced for all breeds in all ages


  • Can be very pricey

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food is an above average product for dry dog food. It has a dry matter protein of 38&, fat levels of 13% and carbohydrate rating of 41% estimated. Its average protein content is around 38% and has a man fat of 17% and the fat to protein ratio is around 44%.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

It is one of the well-known dog food brands that people love to buy for their pets. It is popular because of its holistic contents and because they assure that the dog food they offer is 100% natural and also grain free. The product also has smaller size intended for puppies and includes antioxidants, probiotics,minerals, and vitamins.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

It also has flax as well as fish omega that gives the dog a healthy skin and coat. The product also offers DHA for brain and eye development.


  • Only has premium quality ingredients that can give dogs pure benefits
  • Dog’s coat improves because of high nutritional value
  • Great for dogs that have allergies
  • Is gluten free, grain free and rich in protein
  • Does not have wheat, soy, corn and other meat-by products
  • It does not have any preservatives, artificial flavors or colors
  • Helps increase dog’s appetites
  • Is a protein powerhouse product 


  • Can be quite pricey compared to similar products
  • It is not poultry free and can be incompatible for dogs that are allergic to poultry

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food is a holistic dog food product that has been created for holistic purposes. It is targeted for adult dogs to promote holistic and healthy diet. All their formulas begin with real meat garden veggies, whole grain, fruit and added Life Source Bits.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

Its flavor is an amazing blend of nutrients and they have been mixed with a Super 7 package of ingredients which are anti oxidant rich. The recipe that this product offers is protein rich, delicious, and most of all healthy. It offers high-quality protein intended to improve healthy muscle development for dogs.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

It also promotes calcium and phosphorus that keeps the teeth and the bones of the dog strong. Not only that but the product also has glucosamine which helps with the joint health and supports its mobility. Owners can also expect no wheat, corn,soy, chicken, or poultry in this product.


  • It is easy to digest for dogs
  • Improves dogs’ coats and skin
  • Tasty and nutritional
  • Dogs naturally like the taste
  • It is a good value product
  • Great for dogs that have allergies
  • Has a non-allergenic formula
  • Promotes better digestion for dogs


  • Can be quite pricey
  • High-calorie count may result in dogobesity
  • Even with a low-fat formula owner shave to reduce each portion so that dogs don’t gain unnecessary weight

Deciding Which Is The Best Chihuahua Dog Food

Overall, the Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety has come out as one of the best options for chihuahua dog food because of how its quality towered over the rest. It’s one of those products that give time and effort into putting all the needed nutrients and proteins that dogs need in their formula.

A lot of customers have felt gratitude about how the product has kept itself on top of the game and always providing the best for the dogs with its healthy ingredients.

Its stands above the rest because it did not give any bad effects on the dogs consuming it except for the time it changed formulas. This means that the formula  before has been well accepted by the dogs and that they had no problem in adapting to the ingredients as well as the taste which this product has to offer.

It is definitely one of the products that dog owners want to stay and keep on buying in the market because of the positive reviews. Quality always beats out quantity and Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety is right here to do just that.


Top 5 Best Dog Food For Beagles

Beagle is one of the most popular dog breeds with a gentle and amiable nature. They are very friendly and many people love to keep them as their pets. If you too are an owner of beagles, then you must know it is very important to feed them right. With the right and proper food, they grow and develop faster.

Even it will help them to stay healthy and good. You have to make sure that you choose the best dog food for beagles. There are many such foods available in the market which can confuse you to select one. To make it easier for you, here are some of the tips, guides and best product reviews that will help you to choose the best food for your pet dog.

How To Choose The Best Food?

Choosing the right food for beagle is very much important as this will provide them the essential nutrition to grow and develop. Just like you can never compromise with the food you eat, you should never do the same with your dog. They also need the right nutrition, balanced food and healthy ingredients to stay healthy and grow in the right way. So, here are some of the important tips for choosing the right food for beagle:

​Reputed brand

Make sure that the brand you are opting is a well-reputed brand. It is always preferable to choose a USA based brand that doesn’t use any ingredients from China. A good brand will ensure that you get the best product. But before you choose one, it is always recommended to do your own research about the brand.

​Check reviews

When you are choosing a particular food for your dog, always check the reviews. See what other dog owners have to say about the particular product. Is it helpful and healthy? I have reviewed top 5 best foods for pet beagles. You can check those products to buy one.

​Premium ingredients

While buying a food for your beagle make sure that you are choosing a product that provide with the best and most premium ingredients. If the ingredients are natural then it will be really helpful for your dog.

Best Dog Food For Beagles


No fillers

Often some products use a lot of fillers in the food to increase the wait. These fillers are not good for the health of your dog. Naturally, dogs don’t understand this and they swallow the fillers along with other foods. This can be a potential threat to the overall health of your beagles. So, be aware!

No artificial colors and flavors

There are some brands that add artificial colors and flavors in name of meats and whole foods. Do not fall into these traps. Artificial colors and flavors can be really harmful for your pet dogs. So, it is always better to stay away from those brands that contains a lot of preservatives, artificial color and flavors. This may enhance the taste of the food which your dogs will love but they are not good for their health in long run.

​Things To Consider

There are certain things that you must consider while buying the best dog food for beagles. Certain things are very much important and should always look for these things while buying. Some of the most important things to consider in the product you are buying:

Real Meats

Some brands promise to provide real meats but in real they don’t. So, it is very much essential for you to make sure that the product you are buying has to have real meats. Meat protein is extremely important as well as beneficial for the health and growth of your pet beagles.

Thus, real meats in the dog food provide them with the optimum amount of protein. Real meats can be of any animals like lamb, chicken or turkey. You can choose one based on your beagle’s personal favorite.

Proper Balance

Proper balance of all the important nutrition and minerals is very much important. A right dog food will contain all the vital nutritional values like protein, calcium and phosphorus. They will also have right amount of calorie in order to provide good level of energy and stamina to the dog. A balanced diet is quite essential for your dog to grow and develop faster and stronger.

Natural Ingredients with No Grains

It is very much important to consider that the food you are buying has all natural ingredients. A natural food will eliminate all types of artificial color and flavors. Even majority of the dog foods contain 30% of grains approximately. Try to consider the product that has no grains. There are many all-natural grain free foods available for your beagles.

Best Dog Food For Beagles


​Advantages & Disadvantages Of Dog Foods

Finding the best dog food for beagles is very much essential in order to give your pet right amount of energy and strength. These foods have a lot of advantages which can be really beneficial for your pet beagles. But on the other hand, there are some disadvantages too. Before you buy a product, it is important for you to know both the advantages and possible disadvantages. Here are these:


  • Nutrition plays a vital role when it comes to dog’s growth and development. With the right dog food, they get all the balanced nutritional values essential for having strong bones and muscles
  • It helps to enhance the immunity system and the digestive power of the dog. Thus, the beagle foods help to maintain a healthy and good lifestyle
  • They will also have longer life because of the vital nutrition they are getting every day from the dog’s food.The skin and hair of the pets will also get better and denser due to the right dog food.
  • These foods taste really good and your dogs will love eating them. So, you will not face any kind of difficulty in feeding your beagle puppies.
  • It also helps to increase the energy level of your dogs. So, they can lead a very active lifestyle and perform a lot of tasks without getting tired


  • Some of the foods contain artificial coloring which can be harmful for the dogs’ health. This can promote a lot of diseases in them
  • Artificial flavors may add taste to the food which your dog will love but in the long run they are not getting the nutrition
  • If you fail to choose the right dog food product then it can be really bad for overall health and lifestyle of your pets

Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Beagle Foods

I have selected the top 5 best dog food for beagles based on my researches and personal experiences. I have two of them at my house and they love to have these foods:

#1: Royal Canin Puppy Dry Dog Food, Medium

If you have a beagle puppy at your home, then this is one of the options to choose. I found this to be the best based on my personal experiences. When I first bought this, my beagle puppies loved it a lot. Besides that it has a good combination of nutrients which is quite supportive for their health as well as digestion. Puppies are quite active and they need a lot of energy sources.

This food is indeed the best to meet their high energy level. Another benefit of this food is that it helps a lot in skeletal development for the beagles. It supplies the essential phosphorous and calcium contents to make sure your puppy grows quite well. The best thing that I liked about this product is the perfect mineral balance to support the skeletal and mental development of puppies.


  • Balanced food with good nutritional value
  • Beagle puppies love this food
  • Extremely helpful to provide protein and energy to puppies


  • Product is only for the puppies weaning to 12 months.

#2: Eukanuba Senior Dry Dog Food

This is another option that you can opt for when your puppies become adults. It is for the senior dogs because of the senior lamb and rice formula. This product contains lamb as the first ingredients which help the senior dogs to maintain quite strong muscles.

I love this product a lot because of its balanced nutritional values and some great ingredients in it. Thus, it helps your dog to stay healthy and fit. It contains no fillers at all and is extremely beneficial to enhance the metabolism in them and keep them active and lean throughout.

This food also helps to enhance their immunity system providing ample amount of antioxidants.


  • Real lamb protein for lean and strong muscles
  • Contains exact amount of antioxidants
  • Perfect balance of nutrition to enhance health
  • Senior dogs love this food


  • It is only for the dogs who are 7+ years old

#3: Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Majority of the dog foods have about 20 to 30 percent of grains in them. If you do not want grains in your dog’s food and want grain free, you can definitely try this product. It has a proper balance of nutrition that the dogs need every day. It is quite rich in protein as it is made up of premium quality chicken and turkey.

The optimum calorie content in this dog food is also great for supplying sufficient energy to the beagles. If you ask about my personal favorite, I will say this is the best dog food for beagles with all natural ingredients.

There is no by-products or artificial colors and flavors that can be harmful for your dogs. It also doesn’t contain any preservatives. I love this dog food because of all the good ingredients in it.


  • All natural product and premium ingredients
  • Completely grain free
  • Doesn’t contain any artificial products or preservative
  • Contains balanced everyday nutrition
  • Rich in protein to provide adequate energy


  • Your dog may take a while to get adjusted to this new food without grains.

#4: Merrick Classic Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Just like us, dogs also love to have foods that taste really good. So, if you want to give your dogs a really tasty as well as healthy treat, then this can be a good option. It is made up of real chicken, green peas and brown rice. Undoubtedly, it is quite healthy providing all types of essential nutrition to your dog.

It provides required protein as well as carbohydrate so that your dog gets sufficient energy as well as strength. This food is very rich in Omega 3 glucosamine, Omega 6 as well as Chondroitin.

All the balanced nutrition present in this dry dog food helps the dog to get the best result. This product contain 60% of meat protein, 20% of whole grains and 20% of fresh produce.


  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • Balanced nutritional value for dogs
  • Dogs will love the taste of this
  • Contains high protein for strengthening the muscles


  • You may find small quality of grains it it.

#5: Whole Earth Farms

Another personal favorite dog food that I will recommend is this one. It is a naturally nutritious recipe with some premium ingredients in it. This has high-quality protein as its first ingredient with lots of goodness. This is a perfect balance of nutrition that a dog may require on daily basis.

If you are really interested in buying your pet some natural and health pet food, this is it. It comes at a very affordable price and tastes really good. My beagles love to feast on this food.

This product is complete made in USA and all the ingredients used are natural and are of premium quality. There is no ingredients from China and it is absolutely safe for your beagles. They will love to have it.


  • High quality and natural ingredients
  • Good for your pet’s health and fitness
  • It increase the fitness level and strength
  • Contains all the essential nutrition
  • Very tasty for the dogs to love it


  • Best for the puppies and not for the adults.


These are some of the best dog food for beagles that you can buy. Make sure to keep each and every factors in mind while buying the food for your dog. It is natural that they will take some time to adjust with the new food, but do not every force them.

These top 5 foods have great taste which will naturally lure your pets. Besides that they are really nutritious and perfect for providing strength and energy to your dog. So, if you are looking for a product to buy, make sure to choose one from the above.


How Much Do Pitbulls Cost?

So you’ve finally settled down and decided to buy a puppy. And not just any other puppy at that, but a pitbull puppy. You’ve prepared the area on where your puppy will be sleeping. You’ve even contacted veterinarians in the area who you can easily contact once you have your puppy. So you search online to look for a pitbull puppy and you realize that you don’t know how much do pitbulls cost!

​I mean, there are prices and different pages stating how much pitbulls are but I can relate with the need to know on how you can select the best pup for you especially since the prices are varied. Why are there pitbulls for sale that go for thousands of dollars and there are pitbulls – who look exactly the same by the way – that are cheaper?

​This is why I have put together a simple article on what we should consider if we are going to buy a pitbull puppy. I know that there are a lot of people like me who don’t know how much do pitbulls cost. And I understand that feeling entirely. Read on and find out what are the important points to consider when buying one.

How much do  pitbulls cost

​Why Prices Vary?

​Dogs with papers are more expensive

​Papers are essentially an official document that lists the pedigree a certain dog has. If the papers of a dog show that it comes from a good line of champion dogs, then it is likely that the dog has inherited the top qualities of his line as well.

​You can go for dogs with papers if you plan on joining your dog in dog competitions or shows. But if not, you can refer to the dog’s papers if you want to know if it comes from a line with good temperament and physical abilities.

​Gender can be a determining factor

​Some breeders or sellers set female dogs with higher prices. This is because female dogs can still spawn more puppies in the future. And with more puppies, the value of the dog also increases.

​But, not all female dogs are always expensive. Sometimes, male dogs or puppies will also be more expensive especially if they come from a good stud dog. Breeders who choose a good stud dog would generally charge higher for the male puppies because it is understood that these puppies would have a greater chance of inheriting the good qualities of the male parent.

​Physical attribute can cause prices to go up

​Generally, there are certain physical attributes of a pitbull that breeders will charge higher. Some breeders charge for the color of the nose that certain pitbulls have. They will charge “blue-nosed” or “red-nosed” pitbulls higher because it is understood to be rare colors for the breed.

However, it is advised that you should stay clear out of buying these offers. These are considered as a money scam done by nefarious breeders. These are just colors that some pitbulls have, and in no way differentiates one from the other.

Pitbulls rather should be considered on their built and how strong the legs are. Larger pitbulls, whether they are puppies or adults, are more expensive. If you want a larger dog, then paying more for the size can be justified.

​Where pitbulls can be bought?

​Now that you know some of the tips to watch out for in considering buying a pitbull, we look into where we can buy dogs of this breed. Here are some that you can consider:


​A good area to look for pitbull puppies or dogs is your nearest adoption center or animal shelter. Prices for adopting a dog usually go for $100 - $200 according to Ultimate Pet Hub. To look for puppies or dogs in your area, you can go to the site and see if you can find one you like. Rescuing a dog in need of adoption is a good option if you are not very particular with bloodlines or papers that a dog has.


​You can opt to buy pitbulls from some breeders who offer dogs priced under $800. What this means is that the puppy or dog that you bought may not come from a good line. These puppies or dogs are usually spawns of just two ordinary pitbulls. They may also not know the line of their puppies, that’s why they are not registered and have a lower price.

​Be careful on which breeder you will buy your dog or puppy from. There are some breeders who you should stay away from buying. Such breeders include backyard breeders and inbreed breeders. Backyard breeders are breeders who mostly go for breeding pitbulls according to looks.

These are the breeders who try to sell “red-nosed” or “blue-nosed”pitbulls for higher prices. Inbreed breeders are also considered one of the shadiest type of breeders for pitbulls. They usually breed two directly related pitbulls together to achieve common traits for puppies. However this practice would backfire since products of this rampant inbreeding may lead to congenital diseases as the puppies will grow up.

How much do  pitbulls cost

​Always do your research and go for legitimate breeders who take care of their dogs very well, and will develop their kennel properly. These legitimate breeders will always let you meet your potential puppy and their parents. They will also make sure that you see your puppy or dog at play with other dogs or with other humans.

This is important so that you will know how your puppy or dog will assimilate to its new environment. Good breeders usually sell puppies with good bloodlines at starting prices of $2000 - $20000. However, there are some decent bloodlines which you can get for just $800 - $1000.

​I can now safely say that I can decide on where I will be buying my pitbull puppy from. There are indeed a lot of things to consider but knowledge on what to do will now let me think twic eon which puppy I should buy. To summarize, here are again some of the tips to consider when buying pitbulls:

  • Choose pitbulls with papers if you want them to join dog shows; if not, you can buy dogs without papers.
  • Adopting is always an option if you want a cheaper alternative to having a pitbull.
  • Research your breeder and make sure that their operation is legitimate before you proceed on buying your puppy.

​Pitbulls, and all dogs in general,will always be a great addition to your family and your household. Choosing the best will make sure that you will add another member of your family and make them feel right at home. If you feel that you have any further questions on this topic, feel free to comment below and I will gladly get back to you right away.

How Long Can a Cat Go Without Pooping?

Are you a cat lover who gives your feline with enough time to notice his or her daily patterns? Do you have a fair idea of your cat’s behavior patterns from sleeping to feeding and pooping? Can you tell when something is amiss in any of the patterns? Do you wonder about normal and abnormal cat behavior?

If so, one of the questions that you have asked yourself is how long can a cat go without pooping? This is an important question because it addresses one of the crucial behaviors of you cat that largely affects the cat’s health.

Knowing how long your cat can go before having bowel movements allows you to be able to identify when something is wrong early enough. It could be an issue with its feeding habits, digestive system or a medical condition that needs immediate attention.

This article aims to provide information involving issues around the bowel movements of a cat and the various conditions affecting it.

• To avoid hairball cases use lubricants like Petromalt and Laxatone

How Frequent Should a Cat Poo?

There is no exact amount of times a day a cat should poo. It is important to first understand the feeding and digestive structure of cats is adapted differently from that of larger cats and mammals like say human beings.

They are built to be eating small amounts of foods over the 24 hours and hence have would need more frequent bowel movements. Factors such as age, the type of food, medication, and stress can easily change how long a cat goes without pooping.

In a good enabling environment, a cat should have one or two bowel movements in a day. Due to the already mentioned factors, some cats may have more or less bowel movements in a day.

Should your cat go more than two days without pooping you may have a case of constipation. When this is left unchecked or detected late, it can easily develop into obstipation or megacolon.

How long can a cat go without pooping

Constipation, Megacolon, and Obstipation

Constipation refers to a situation where the cat cannot poo, in more clinical terms cannot make complete bowel movements or does so with great difficulty. You can notice this by a litter that is empty for long periods, the difficulty your cat has when it wants to poop and the type of poop left behind.

Cats have a typical normal poop which indicates when all is well. It is brown in color and well formed into a sausage-like shape. It has some odor but nothing nasty or extremely striking. It is smooth but not mushy.

Stools that comes off as watery, fluffy or soft well-defined pieces border towards a diet with too many fluids and less fiber. The more watery the poop the more likely it is that your cat is experiencing diarrhea. Lumpy, cracked or separate hard lumps point towards constipation.

Obstipation is a severe kind of constipation and it refers to a condition where the colon is completely obstructed by fecal matter. Megacolon is an acute scenario which sees the colon’s muscle and nerves completely damaged resulting in an inability to defecate.

Constipation can happen to a cat of any age though it is more prominent in cats aged 8 or more years. Obese and sedentary cats are also at a higher risk of experiencing constipation.

Causes of constipation in cats include the following:

Dehydration- this is one of the common factors for most constipation cases in cats. Since water is absorbed in the colon, when the cat has not had enough water, the body will try to conserve it by removing any extra water in the stool.

Dietary causes- A diet low in fiber will increase chances for constipation because it affects how food is digested and absorbed in the body and the remains excreted.

Blockage or obstruction of the colon- this refers to the physical blocking of the colon by the material the cat takes in and fails to pass out as well as by conditions such as tumors and polyps. The most commonly ingested materials include hairballs and bones.

Diseases and infections on the digestive tract- these cover a whole spectrum of conditions from cancers and infections as well as anal sac problems. These result in inflammation which is painful especially during bowel movements and also constricting of the passageway of the fecal matter.

Accidents and injuries to the pelvic and even spine may affect the ability of the cat to conduct bowel movement and also narrow down the colon canal.

At other times the cause of constipation or any of its severe varieties is not known and this is called idiopathic constipation. Signs and symptoms and diagnosis of constipation in cats. There are many symptoms a cat will exhibit that can point to constipation. These include the ones listed below:

Difficulty in passing fecal matter and mostly there is nothing in the litter or just hard, small pieces.

  • Pain in the abdomen.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Depression which further worsens the condition.
  • Hunched over postures that indicate pain and discomfort.
  • Occasional vomiting.
  • Swelling around the anus.

If your cat exhibits any of these symptoms it is important to get a veterinary opinion. The symptoms may be pointing to a serious condition or unrelated disease. A thorough diagnosis helps you to identify possible causes and the severity of the situation.

A diagnosis usually involves going through the cat’s history, a physical examination, X-rays and ultrasound imaging and where necessary a colonoscopy.

Constipation Treatment

Treatment is largely based on the severity and cause of constipation. Hydration is the first step and also a consistent feature for constipation management. In severe cases, intravenous hydration may be employed.

Enemas are also used to induce and assist in bowel movement. In cases of acute constipation, the cat will have to be anesthetized for its comfort during the fecal matter removal. Extreme cases may necessitate surgery to remove part of the colon.

If it is a case of hairball swallowing or mild cases of difficulty in smooth bowel movements, lubricants like Petromalt, and Laxatone are used and they can be purchased for home use.


Seeing your cat going through the pain of constipation is a hurting experience especially when you have no idea of what to do. Make sure to check on your cat’s pooping frequency and ensure two days do not go by when the litter is still empty. Here are some final points to keep in mind for a healthy and normal pooping cat;

  • Check the quality of poop of your cat
  • Ensure your cat has a diverse fiber rich diet.
  • Keep your cat dehydrated and use even use water fountains since cats prefer running water.
  • To avoid hairball cases use lubricants like Petromalt and Laxatone.

What Does an Infected Neuter Incision Look Like?

It is recommended that pets be neutered when they are 8 months old. Why? It helps to avoid having unwanted pets. The pet should heal 14 days after attending this surgery. However, some pets take long to heal. They suffer from infections which prolong the healing process.

For this reasons, you should learn what causes it, how it looks like and how it can be prevented. It is up to you to take care of the dog properly after the surgery. Check out for any signs of infection and act immediately.

Causes of an Infected Neuter Incision

The main cause of this infection is the presence of bacteria in the incision site. Although it is not common, it does happen sometimes. The bacteria damages tissues at the point of incision and thus prevent it from healing.

It leads to a buildup of discharge and inflammation. The main cause of the infection is poor aftercare of the wound. How does a neuter incision heal?

What Does an Infected Neuter Incision Look Like?

Neuter Incision Healing

Injury to the dog's skin such as wounds, incisions, and lacerations stimulate the immune system. As a result, it tries to close the wound or incision so that it can heal. White Blood cells and anti-inflammatory cells accumulate at the point of incision. The skin then swells and reddens.

After some time, the repair cells dwindle and a scar is formed. If the incision is not infected, the scar should start forming after 14 days. A permanent scar is then formed between 14 to 21 days. There are signs to check to know if the incision is healing well. Here they are.

The Healing signs

After the incision surgery is done, the edges of the incision swell and turn red. For active dogs, the swelling will be firm because of the response of the immune system to the dog being hyperactive.

The swellings are however not painful. The wound might appear bruised and it could have a mild discharge. A gap between the edges could also appear because they do not heal at the same time.

​After some days, the swelling, bruising and redness associated with the incision will disappear. Scabs may then be formed around the stitches. However, the dog should not feel pain when you touch the incision. If the dog is healing correctly the stitches used should be removed after 7 days. There should be no pain or discharge.

What Does an Infected Neuter Incision Look Like?

​What Does An Infected Neuter Incision Look Like?

​To know if the incision has an infection, you need to conduct an inspection of the site after the dog has been neutered. Inspect the wound two times in a day. It helps to notice any signs of infection. Below is the procedure to check if a neuter incision is infected.

  • First, wash your hands with an antibacterial soap.
  • Turn the dog on its back if it is smaller, cradle her up.
  • While holding the dog in this position, check for any infection signs at the incision site Check to see if it is swollen or it has turned red. Also, check for any inflammation.
  • Gauge the temperature of the dog. It should be normal.
  • Place your arm at the point of incision and check if the dog flinches or gasps. If yes, it shows that the dog feels pain.
  • Check for any foul odor.
  • Repeat this procedure until the dog is completely healed.

​The procedure helps to notice any signs or symptoms of an infection. From the signs and symptoms, you will have an answer to, “What does an infected neuter incision look like in dogs?” The signs and symptoms of an infection include:

  • Severe swelling. The swelling increases on a daily basis instead of diminishing.
  • The presence of discharge.
  • Foul odor.
  • The incision site feels hot and the dog's temperature is high too.

​Severe symptoms include, the dog refusing to eat or drink, the dog having a difficulty in passing out waste and restlessness. Seek the services of a vet if your dog exhibits any of these signs. Other severe signs and symptoms to check include diarrhea and vomiting.

What Does an Infected Neuter Incision Look Like?

​Incision Openings

​It is normal for a small incision opening to appear. However, if the incision is bigger, call your veterinarian to have a look at it. This is especially if it appears before the 14 healing days elapse.

If the openings appear after the 14 days there is no bigger risk because the sutures will have healed. Always talk to your vet if you are in doubt. The vet will tell if the dog needs to be given antibiotics or not.

​Causes Infected Neuter Incision

​Neuter incisions should heal properly if done by a professional and if the dog receives the necessary post surgery care. The causes of an infected incision include.

​Using Unsterilized Surgical Equipment

​Your dog could suffer infection if the tools used are not sterilized.Conducting the surgery poorly could also lead to an infection. These include not using gloves, preparing the skin poorly, and conducting the surgery in an infected place.

​Soiled and Wet Satures

The dog could get an infection if it is exposed to wetness and dirt before it heals. The dog should not get in contact with feces, urine, dirt or even water. They could predispose the dog to an infection.

What Does an Infected Neuter Incision Look Like?

Exposure to Bacteria

You should take good care of the dog to prevent opportunistic infections. Failure to which the site could get an infection and prolong the healing process.


Dogs like licking and chewing wounds. Licking opens up the wound and could lead to a secondary infection. It allows infection causing microorganisms to get in. Use a collar to prevent the dog from licking the wound.


Hyper active dog ( moves up and down etc) put pressure and tension on the wound. The sutures could pull out and prolong the healing process. You can prevent this by putting the dog in a quiet place where it cannot play.

How To Treat an Infected Incision

When you realize that your dog's incision is infected, contact your vet for advice on what treatment to give to your dog. Most of the time, they prescribe an antibiotic. Give it to the dog as prescribed. Keep your dog inside while it is still under treatment. It helps to protect it from other animals that could injure it further.

What Happens to a Dog Who Eats Table Scraps?

Have you ever wondered, what happens to a dog who eats table scraps? This is a question that lingers in the minds of most dog owners. Although the dogs appear cheerful and it also excites you when you give them part of your food, are you sure that what they are eating is safe? Knowing the consequences of what happens to a dog who eats table scraps will guide you to taking better care of your dog. You will know the right food to give your pet.

Most of the time you give the dog part of your food to satisfy the painful look in their eyes. You feel relieved because you are pampering your dog. In the real sense, you could be hurting it. However, occasional table scraps would not hurt a dog that eats a nutritiously balanced diet.

What Happens to a Dog Who Eats Table Scraps?

A Begging Dog Is Not a Good Dog!

When a dog eats table scraps, it develops a habit of coming to the table on a regular basis. It becomes an ill mannered dog. It will expect to find food each time that it comes on the table. This habit will soon annoy you. You will start giving it food so that it goes away. That is when trouble begins. This habit will be difficult to stop. Do not allow your dog to be comfortable under the table waiting for food.

It is not a good practice to feed a dog from the table. Our stomachs are different from theirs. Eating table scraps is not eating a balanced diet. Excessive table scraps may cause canine obesity and poor health. Eating a lot of fatty table scraps increases the risk of pancreatitis.

A dog's stomach is different from ours. Dogs do not react to our food the same way we do. If a smaller dog eats a lot of table scraps, then it is going to have a negative impact on its weight. The food is more than what its stomach can handle. One or two french fries is enough for a dog with a smaller stomach.

Over indulgence in human food by your dog is harmful to your dog. Table scraps can cause serious health issues to your dog. Some of these foods can are poisonous and can cost the life of your dog. The problem becomes worse if you are not sure what the dog ate.

Consequences of What Happens to a Dog Who Eats Table Scraps

Do not give your dog a bowl full of table scraps. The dog will definitely be happy to have a bowl full of leftovers but it may result in serious health issues. Fatty foods are not good for its digestive system. Fatty foods occasionally trigger fatal pancreatic inflammation.

Your garbage should be kept in tightly covered cans. Some dogs look for food that has been thrown away. Garbage cans are dangerous because the dogs not only eat toxic food but also substances that are not food like plastic. Such like substances can cause blockage to your dog's intestines.

This may require surgery to get rid of them.Another problem with garbage cans is that you cannot be sure of what exactly your dog ate and in what quantity. This increases the cost of treatment because you won't be sure what you will be treating.

What Happens to a Dog Who Eats Table Scraps?

The Foods Your Dog Can Eat

Eating the wrong type of food can cause health problems to your pooch. The symptoms vary from vomiting, kidney failure or even death. Watch what your dog eats to avoid these problems. When you notice any of these symptoms, seek medical help from your vet immediately.

Dogs can find nutritional benefits in foods like vegetables, pasta rice, and some fruits. Be careful when feeding your dog watermelons or other similar fruits having hard skin and seeds. Boiled beef is also good. Do not give it mutton or chicken. Do not add any fats or oil to the beef while cooking. Just add salt and let it boil. You can then give it to your dog together with rice. The quantity of the food for sensitive stomach depends on the size of the dog. The larger the dog the more the food.

The Foods Your Dog Should not Eat

Most people give toxic foods to their dogs without knowing. Here is a list of some of the foods that your dog should not eat


Most people have the habit of throwing a bone from their meal to a dog. This is dangerous. If the dog swallows broken pieces of the bone, it could puncture the stomach or intestines and cause adverse effects. Do not give your dog chicken bones. Chicken bones could choke your dog. It could also be fatal. Give your dog bones that are specifically made for dogs.


Avoid giving your dog chocolate. Too much chocolate is bad for us. It is also bad for dogs. It contains caffeine and theobromine which are toxic to animals. The bodies of the animals cannot break them down like ours. Chocolate in any form is dangerous. Chocolate ingestion risk depends on the size of the dog, the smaller the dog the higher the risk. In some cases, one ounce of chocolate can be fatal. It is best to avoid it.

What Happens to a Dog Who Eats Table Scraps?

Spoiled Food

As mentioned earlier, spoiled food is mostly found in the garbage. Dogs like hunting the garbage area when left on their own. Make sure that the garbage cans are tightly closed and that the garbage area is restricted so that dogs do not access.


Imagine giving your dog alcohol. The dog will react weirdly and even be dangerous to people. Wipe immediately any alcohol that is spilled on the floor.


Grapes also harmful effects to your dog. They are harmful because they can cause acute kidney failure. Always put them away from the reach of your dog.


Generally, table scraps are a bad idea for your dog. As a responsible dog owner, you need to do research on foods that are harmful to your dog. Read more on what happens to a dog who eats table scrap to know the disadvantages. Sign up for free dog health forums to learn more. You can also get information from the Animal Poison Health Control Center. You will find the latest information on dog health.

How Big Will My Puppy Get? You’ll Be Surprised With The Facts Behind Your Puppy’s Growth Chart

Every pet owner at one point or the other looks at their cute little fur ball and wonder how big they'll get. We'd all want to keep them cute and little for as long as possible but growth is actually good for any creature. You'd better enjoy their playful nature and innocent puppy eyes stares for now.

They won't always fit in the palm of your hands or purse forever. There will come a time when the furry little guy will be too heavy to even sit on your lap.

Did you know that dogs are the only animals in the planet that come in a wide variety of appearances and sizes? It's true. All other animals, including humans have an estimated weight and size depending on their age and gender. Dogs on the other hand come in a variety of breeds which makes them special little pets.

The growth spurt of your puppy will be determined by its breed. Some pups only grow a few inches in height, weight and length for instance a chihuahua while others grow to large sizes for instance the great Dane. However, you can keep track of your little playful family member depending on its breed.

​1. The Growth Spurt Stage

​There is a general guideline that will help you imagine how big or puffy your puppy will get.

Just like humans, puppies experience noticeable growth especially for the first few weeks after birth then experience a stagnation thereafter. For tiny dog breeds, your little adding to the family will continue growing after birth right until 11 weeks.

For medium dog breeds, your pup will continue growing from birth to 16 weeks. Finally, large to giant dog breeds experience a growth spurt from birth up until 5 months. It is at this point that you will notice your little friend filling up, stabilizing their walks, exploring and becoming social and most importantly, growing in height.

​2. The Stagnation Stage

You will notice your puppy slowing down on growth at a certain age. This is commonly known as the stagnation stage. The growth will significantly slow down when they get to 4-6 months of age especially in medium to large dog breeds. This is when they attain 65% of their adult height.

Do not be alarmed when your little furry friend doesn't grow as fast or as big as your neighbor's dog does. Remember, they are unique and each grows according to its breed.

Only a vet can determine whether your dog is growing up well or not. In case there is a problem, they are in a better position to recommend meal plans and suitable supplements. So, hold your horses if you are considering putting your pup on a special diet.

​Studies show that small to medium dog breed puppies can reach up to 99% of their adult weight between 9-10 months of age. On the other hand, a large breed puppy may take longer to mature. They finally get to this stage of their lives when they are 12 to 18 months of age.

How Big Will My Puppy Get

If your pup belongs to mighty dog breeds such as mastiffs, Great Danes, rottweilers, you will experience steady growth spurts up until they are two or even three years. This is necessary for them to achieve their large sizes. Just like any other mighty creature, your puppy will require more time to grow to attain its adult size.

​Did you know that a puppy attains his full height long before he attains his full weight? Now you know. These furry little companions have a lot of surprises to them than they can even fathom. Normally, at 4 months, most dogs will have achieved 60% of their adult height but only 30% of their adult weight.

Your pup will lose their cute chubby appeal and acquire a weird look due to this height to weight ratio. This is especially so for large and giant breeds.

​3. Is There a Way to Know for Sure How Big Puppy Will Get?

Although there are various estimates on puppy growth spurts, none can put a finger on exactly how your puppy will grow in height and weight. However, you can use the guidelines to have a rough idea on whether your puppy is on the right track where growth is concerned or not.

How Big Will My Puppy Get

These charts will help you understand just how big your pet will roughly grow to depending on its breed.

Facts on a Puppy's Growth Spurt

  • Your chubby little companion should have doubled its birth weight. If feeding well without any illnesses or birth defects, your puppy will then record 5%-10% daily increase.
  • At 6 weeks and above, your pup will record 5oz weight gain weekly if they belong to a small dog breed. A large dog breed will record 2.5lbs growth in a week.
  • Puppies who belong in medium to large dog breeds will have doubled their weight at 14 weeks. If your pup weighs 15 lbs at 14 weeks, its total adult weight will be 37.5lbs.
  • For medium to large dog breeds, your puppy will may 2/3 of his adult weight at 6 months old. At this age, giant breed puppies will be approximately half their adult weight.
  • If you want to get a close proximate to what your tiny breed puppy will weigh at adulthood, simply double their weight at 6 weeks then double it again to get the final figure.

This figures and estimates apply for specific breeds of puppies. If yours is a cross breed or you are not sure about this, you can have a DNA testing done to it. These kits are available online and can be used at home. Simply take a cheek swab and send it to laboratory and wait for the results. This will take approximately 2-3 weeks.

An additional benefit to this test is that you can find out hereditary health issues that your pup is susceptible to and take action early enough. With proper nutrition, your dog should be able to grow well without any challenges.

If you are concerned about its growth, seek medical advise as there may be an underlying health issue. Just like a baby, your puppy may encounter discomforts and aches during specific growth stages for instance teething. Invest in toys to ease their discomfort as you would a baby.

How Long Do Female Dogs Carry Their Puppies?

Puppies are exciting. If you are new to breeding, or you are eagerly awaiting the birth of a reserved puppy from a breeder’s litter, the wait can seem eternal. Luckily for us (and for the dog), the gestation period in dogs is much shorter than the gestation period in humans. But exactly how long does a dog stay pregnant?

how long does a dog stay pregnant

Average gestation

The answer varies depending on several factors, but the average length of gestation, aka pregnancy, lasts between 58 to 67 days, with 63 days being the average delivery date.

Why can there be such a wide time range? Because there are many factors that determine the exact pregnancy length:

1. Dog litter size

​Generally, dogs that are having a small litter (pregnant with only a few babies, 1-2 for example) usually go pregnant for a longer period of times than dogs that are having a large litter (pregnant with a lot of babies, 5-6 for example).

Why so? Well, being pregnant with fewer puppies means that your dog will have more space in its uterus. But, being pregnant with more puppies means less space in your dog’s uterus, which leads to labor sooner because the puppies in your dog’s uterus run out of space much sooner as they grow.

​2. Dog breed size

The size of your dog can play a role in how long they remain pregnant. Generally (although this is not always the case) smaller sized dogs usually remain pregnant for longer periods of time in comparison to larger dogs.

So, larger breeds of dogs might deliver closer to shorter end of the dog pregnancy spectrum (58 days), while smaller breeds of dogs might deliver closer to the longer end of the dog pregnancy spectrum (67 days).

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​3. Family history

Exactly how long dogs stay pregnant seems to run in the family. Even though this is not always do-able, but if you can find out how long your pregnant dog’s mother and grandmother were pregnant (the breeder you got your dog from might be able to help you out with this one if they are professional enough and keep track of such data), chances are that your dog will be pregnant for the same (or an extremely similar) amount of time.

how long does a dog stay pregnant

​Signs of dog pregnancy

​Early signs of dog pregnancy include a decreased appetite, a sudden decrease in activity, nipple growth, and behavioral changes. The decreased appetite is similar to a human's morning sickness.

If she feels exhausted more than normal, is far more affectionate than her regular behavior or just wants to be left alone, it is because of the hormonal changes triggered by her pregnancy. The tissue and glands underneath her nipples will swell to make room for her baby's milk. Her pregnancy will last between 60-64 days.

After the first few weeks her appetite will reappear and she will rapidly start gaining weight. Her abdomen will thicken and be firm to the touch. Smaller breeds look larger when pregnant than bigger breeds because they have less room to carry all of their puppies.

You will be able to feel the puppy movement during the last week of her pregnancy because that is when the babies are getting into position for birth. Don't be surprised to see several drops of milk leaking from her nipples prior to the labor.

​What about the embryos?

​Embryos begin to take shape after 32 days, during which the eyelids and the face start to form. By day 35, you can see little puppy toes, and the bones and coat begin to form around the 45-day mark. By day 50, the skeletons are well formed enough that a veterinarian can count the pups with an x-ray.

Around the 60th day, most dogs start looking for a place to nest. If you’re her human, it’s up to you to prepare a place for her to deliver her babies. The place should be clean, comfortable and safe. Most dogs also like their birthing area to be private.

You can be a bit proactive when your dog enters the nesting phase of pregnancy by creating what is known as a whelping box. This is a self-contained area that you can train your dog to use when the time to birth draws near, provided you put it in a secluded place and ensure it’s as comfortable as possible.

In some cases, you can use her traveling case for this purpose - just make sure you have a blanket nearby to give your dog and her brood some post-partum privacy.

​What to feed a pregnant dog

​The diet that you feed future mom is crucial to her health as well as the developing puppies. They require an extremely high-quality diet, but no major changes should be made during the first five weeks of gestation.

At four weeks of pregnancy, you should begin increasing the amount of food that she consumes on a daily basis by at least 25 percent. This is the time where puppies begin to demand more nutrition, and satisfying the demand will ensure that all of them stay healthy and strong.

Contrary to popular belief, you should not incorporate any vitamins or supplements into their diet, especially calcium. Feeding them extra amounts of calcium increases their risk of eclampsia, also known as milk fever, which is a dangerous health issue that is often fatal.

Furthermore, many supplements have the potential to cause a variety of birth defects. Try to keep your pooch away from them during pregnancy unless recommended by veterinarian.

how long does a dog stay pregnant

​How to exercise a pregnant dog

​Any woman can tell you that labor is hard work. It’s no different for your dog. Her health and fitness will go a long way in easing the pain of labor. A consistent routine of walking is best; several short walks a day close to home will keep her fit and avoid boredom. The closer to delivery, the shorter the walk should be.

Carefully observe her behavior – if she doesn’t want to go for a walk don’t force her. About 24 hours before birth she may be restless but not want to go far from the whelping box.

Avoid stress as much as reasonably possible. If you know the neighbor walks their dogs at a set time, then change your schedule. Try to avoid other dogs and walking past houses with wild barkers.

If your dam (non-spayed female dog) is a chaser, plan to walk after you see another dog has gone past – they should have gotten all the attractive nuisances out of the way.

​How to deliver puppies successfully

​Watch this video to learn how to deliver puppies successfully:

​In case of emergency

Generally speaking, your dog's body knows what it's doing and most deliveries go without a hitch. Each puppy birth can take up to an hour, after up to 30 minutes of pushing. Mama typically stays calm throughout the ordeal, licking and cleaning each puppy after it's born and resting a bit before the next one arrives.

If she seems to be straining unusually hard with no pup in sight, or she seems in pain or unusually agitated, she may need additional help. Have your vet's phone number on hand as your dog nears the end of her pregnancy and call for help if needed.

​When puppies are considered premature

Most veterinarians agree that day 58 is the earliest date that puppies can safely be born because their lungs are just mature enough by that time for the puppies to have a chance at survival.

Even so, the pups may still be slightly premature. You can usually spot the preemies because their paws are bright pink with very little fur on them. Puppies delivered before day 58 are typically stillborn or die within a day or two of birth.

When the pregnancy is overdue

Generally, being almost a week overdue from the average 63 days, is not too uncommon. Dogs are considered seriously late in pregnancy though when they are about 70 days due. At this stage, it's important to see the vet.

The vet can check on the liveliness of the puppies and can help induce labor using oxytocin if he/she determines it's a case of uterine inertia, which is the absence of effective contractions of the dog's uterus during labor. For difficult cases, some dogs may require a C-section.

In some cases, dog owners may start getting worried about their pregnant dog being overdue, only to discover later at the vet's office that their dog is not pregnant at all! This is because, female dogs tend to go through what is called pseudo pregnancy, better known as false pregnancy, which can take place after going into heat and mimics a real pregnancy.

Dogs in false pregnancy may get an enlarged belly, their nipples may enlarge and sometimes they may also start producing milk and even showing signs of nesting and going into labor.

The puppies

In the life of a puppy, the first few weeks can move quite fast. In three weeks, you will want to take the pups to the vet to get de-wormed. You will also want to start them on the process of weaning around the same time. At the six to eight week stage, you can begin looking around for potential new owners for your puppies if you are not really planning to bring them up as your own.


It can be stressful, exhausting, tough and strange to care for a pregnant dog, especially for first-time pregnant-dog owners. It can also be fun, magical and simply amazing. After all, what is better than a brand new litter of the cutest puppies you have ever seen?Use the tips and information above to make the pregnancy process as smooth as possible. Have any questions or comments? Leave them below.

6 Cheap And Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Cats On Your Car

You know that small volcano that erupts inside your brain every time you find cat scratches on the surface of your car? Trust me, I understand just how annoying and frustrating it can be. But to be completely fair and honest, it is not entirely the cat’s fault. Those furry little creatures are naturally curious and for some reason find car surfaces super comfortable.

The trouble is when they have to come down as their natural instincts tell them to use their sharp claws to slide off safely; good for the cats but horrible for your paintwork. So what do you do when your truck’s hood or your salon car’s roof becomes your cat’s favorite new napping spot? Below are 6 answers in the form of tips and guidelines on how to keep cats off your car.

how to keep cats off cars

What You Need For This DIY Project And How Much It Will Cost You

First thing’s first, you need to stock your arsenal before you go out to battle the menace of cat scratches on your car. Below are a few tools and items that may come in handy for the 7 different steps described below. We have also included a price estimate on some of the items to allow you to efficiently factor them into your budget.

  • Moth balls- If you have some in your garage or closet, they will be free. If this isn’t possible, you can buy a packet for $3 to $10 depending on the brand and amount.
  • Cat repellent scents/odorants- Usually homemade and therefore free.
  • Ultrasound pet alarm systems- $20 to $30.
  • Static alarm mats- $40 to $70.
  • Car covers- The prices range from $10 to $70 depending on a variety of factors including car design and where you buy the cover.

6 Steps You Can Take To Keep Cats Off Your Car

1. Using cat repellent odorants

As with all other animals with a sense of smell, cats tend to avoid certain odors. One of the most effective of these is the moth ball odor. To make this work, place them in a cloth bag and hand the bag anywhere on your car. The odor will keep the cats away for sure. Below is a link to a video on how to use mothballs to repel cats. 

Other repellent odorants that work on cats include natural scents and mineral oils. Of these, lavender and orange are considered the most effective. All you have to do is sprinkle water infused with concentrated amounts of these scents on and around your car.

2. Setting up pet alarms

Pet alarms are probably the most effective as far as keeping cats off your car is concerned. These are usually available in pet supply stores as well as general stores and online markets. More often than not, they use motion detectors or ultrasound systems to detect presence of the cat on or near your vehicle.

Once the cat is detected, the alarm goes off scaring the cat away. Once the cat leaves, the alarm goes off and peace is restored.

One of the best pet alarms in this case is the Tattle Tale Sonic Pet Training Vibration alarm. It uses a motion sensor to detect the presence of the animal on the car and sounds an alarm. This works not only for keeping your cat off the car but also off furniture and any other off-limit locations in your house.

how to keep cats off cars

3. Using static mats

Truth be told, this is probably one of the more expensive steps on this list. However, it is one of the most effective on a long term basis ensuring that the cat learns to stay away from the car. The mat is designed to release low frequency static charges to scare the pet away from the car. The best place to set up your static mat is on the hood as cats usually climb onto the car from the front.

A great example of such a mat is the Scat Mat Pet Proofing Mat line .The mats function as described above and are meant to train cats and other animals to stay away from restricted areas including your car’s surface. The mats are available in different shapes and sizes for you to choose from.

4. Using pepper

Using pepper is the easiest and cheapest way to keep cats off your car.However, it takes time and a lot of patience before the cat finally gets the point and stays away. Cayenne pepper and black pepper are the most commonly used in this case. All you have to do is to sprinkle some on the car hood or roof.

As the cat climbs onto the car, its fur and paws will pick up some of the pepper. And when the cat is cleaning itself later on, the irritating taste of pepper will discourage them from climbing back onto the hood. This also works if you sprinkle some of the pepper around the car instead of on it.

5. Covering your car

Another trick that is bound to work is simply covering your car. This doesn’t necessarily keep cats away but it instead helps by preventing direct contact between the cat’s claws and the surface of your car. That way, you protect the paint job from cat scratches without denying your furry buddy their comfort.

This would be perfect if you don’t use your car very often as it is cheap, manageable and highly efficient.

how to keep cats off cars

6. Cat training and conditioning

Finally, good old fashioned training should go a long way in ensuring that your cat stays off your car. There are many ways to do this with the alarm system and static mats being very useful. However, you can use positive and negative reinforcement tactics to let your cat know that what they are doing is unacceptable.

Different methods work in this case with everything from simple shooing away to more extreme measures such as spraying them off using a water hose.

Negative reinforcement is without a doubt the most effective method in this case. This is where the cat gets some form of punishment when they get onto your car. The best way to do this without being cruel is simply spraying them with some cold water. Cats are intelligent animals and it shouldn’t take long for them to realize that they are not welcome onto your car surface.


Whether it is your house pet or strays, you will not have to worry about unsightly scratches on your car anymore with the 6 steps described above. The best thing about each and every one of these steps is the fact that in addition to being super easy and effective, they are cheap with some actually requiring absolutely no monetary investment. So try any of them out today and let us know how things worked out.

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Life as a Great Dane Owner – The Cost Factor

Are you considering adding a Great Dane to your family? If so, do you wonder how much does a Great Dane cost to maintain? You would be interested to know that Great Danes make for quite huge pets. However, even with their imposing stature, Great Danes are good natured.

They are well known in the canine world for being warm, gentle, affectionate and friendly. These gentle giants are great in homes with children. Bursting with energy, these pets are playful and can keep up with children. Being quite sensitive, they tend to flourish in environments that are non-chaotic or loud, such as where harsh reprimands are issued.


If considering to keep great danes as pets, there a few costs to consider:

1. Initial cost

To start with, Great Danes cost more that many other breeds. Nonetheless, prices are likely to vary depending on whether you opt to purchase one or adopt. The adoption route is less costly and can set you back up to$400.

Many pet owners get into keeping Great Danes as pets without fully understanding the heavy commitment required of them. In some cases, the pet owners surrender them to rescue groups . If your looking to adopt, getting in touch with any Great Dane rescue group could get you started on the path to being a pet owner.

Buying on the other, can range anywhere from $600 to $3000, if bought from a breeder.

Age is another cost determinant

Generally, younger dogs will cost less than newly matured dogs in their prime. Although puppies cost less, you need to ensure they have all their shots, have a good supply of chew toys, training among other expenses. All in all, puppies might be just as costly as mature dogs in the long run.

2. Feeding costs

To keep their big stature energized, Great Danes have higher food requirements than most breeds. With most dog food costing up to about $50 for a 40 pound bag,your new family member could have an impact on your monthly budget.

Consuming 7 to 10 cups of dog food a day, male great danes are top tier feeders. Bitches consume 6 to 8 cups, which is well above average in comparison to other breeds.

In essence, you would be required to fork over approximately $80 per month in food bills. On occasion, Great Danes also suffer from bloating, which is life threatening. When your pet is afflicted, it can be an anguishing time. Characterised by unsuccessful attempts to vomit,anxiety, and general restlessness.


This is usually followed by a visit to the vet. It is important then, that pet owners need space out meals to avoid bloating. They also require specialised diets which are low in protein, fat as well as calcium. Serving up meals high in protein, fat or calcium, increases their growth rate, which is in turn results in unhealthy pets.

Accounting for the highest and most recurring cost, it is paramount that your pet's food be top quality. Anything else might not have the correct nutrient mix to keep your great dane healthy.

3. Play space

Due to their playful nature, great danes do not do well in confined quarters or small spaces such as apartments. They need enough room to play and use up their energy.

As a pet owner, you would need to live in a roomy home, probably with some outdoor space or backyard. Though not jumpers, their size impedes a happy stay at a small apartment, simply because they would knock into your stuff.

Their loud barks might also inconvenience other dwellers in an apartment building or intimidate neighbors.

4. Time and commitments

Their ever energetic nature implies that you need to be invested time-wise. To burn off their energy, it is recommended that you strap on their leash and take them out for a walk or jog.

This also helps them keep in shape, which is essential in keeping a plethora of health problems at bay. Aging Great Danes do slow down and do not require as much exercise.

Being incredibly social, great danes would demand your presence most of the time. Pet sitters come in handy for pet owners that keep a busy schedule. This is further aided by the fact that these pets are friendly even towards strangers.

5. Training

Taming some of your pet's mannerisms is crucial. Left unchecked, accidents around the home become frequent and off-putting. A proper trainer must be sought. As earlier mentioned, they do not like harsh correction.

An obedience school with trainers who understands the breed well enough to know of its soft temperament similarly adds to the maintenance cost of a Great Dane.

It is best to pick up training at an early age. This is because, puppies are easier to train than mature dogs, hence the old adage. If you decide to go it alone, there are many resources available.


6. Health cost

As their age, they become susceptible to a myriad of health problems.Frequent visits to the vets then become important. Common health problems to look out for include heart problems, hip displacement and bone cancer.

Over the counter medication for some conditions such as worms and control of fleas is sold based on your pet's weight. It goes without saying that Great Danes out-weigh many breeds.

Therefore, enquiring how much does a Great Dane cost in reference to general medication, it would probably require higher volumes of medication that other breeds.

In case of injuries or medical procedures, x-rays and surgeries are carried out at higher costs due to a Great Danes size. Surgery for bloating for example, could costs upwards of $1000.

7. General care costs

Their short fur does shed a lot. Regular combing with a good brush with firm bristles ought to keep your Great Dane looking great. At the same time, you could consider investing in a hand held vacuum cleaner to get fur that finds its way onto your sofa.

In regards to baths, Great Danes do not require many as long as combing is carried out frequently to remove fur.

Extreme care is also necessary in storage of toxic substances around the house.With their height, not much is out of reach.

Capable of grabbing items from a kitchen worktop or shelf, it becomes hazardous to leave things unattended. Pantry doors should be shut tight to prevent unfortunate incidences, such as ingesting harmful substances or overfeeding.

As part of on-going costs, boarding costs are considerably higher. For their size, beddings come at a high cost. Their weight also implies that their beddings need to be replaced often.

Do keep in mind however, that in homes with small children, all play with pets should be supervised. When under stressful conditions, canines bite. Great Danes are no different. Having painted a clear picture on how much a Great Dane cost, it would becomes easier to budget for a new family member, an ever loving and loyal, Great Dane.