Boo Dog Price – How Much Do Pomeranians Cost? (All You Need to Know)

Boo, at one point the world’s most adorable dog, is a very popular breed. And for obvious reasons of course. These Pomeranians are calm, playful, loving, protective, affectionate, and more if you train, bond with, and care for the dog like you’re supposed to. But what’s little known is what is the Boo dog price?

So it’s time to get into the cost factor and all the things that determine the cost of this most adorable breed!

Before Anything Else, Here’s What You Need Before Getting Any Puppy

Basic supplies are a must before you get any pet. You need to understand that you’re responsible for the health and well-being of the little creature, no matter the breed. So taking all necessary steps are crucial if you want your pet to be happy and live a long, healthy life.

Here are the two most important basic supplies that demand your attention…

  • Food

Dog food comes in 3 different varieties – dry, wet, and canned. Here’s a complete guide on how to choose the best dog food. And here’s all about a healthy, nutritious Pomeranian diet.

  • Housing

The options, in this case, are indoor and outdoor, right? Or do you also travel a lot? You have to take housing into consideration and how and what you want that to be for your dog.

About the Breed – Boo (Pomeranians)

When you look at the picture of Boo, it seems like the breed is a more recent one. But not many immediately understand that Boo is a Pomeranian after all. It’s just that the styling of the hair or fur is different in comparison to a regular Pomeranian. And this type of adorable-looking hair is actually a trend now for small-breed dogs.

Pomeranians with a round-shaped face, much like a bear, are often called Boos. The coat should be long and thick to look like the original Boo. With a snout that’s short and a fox-like face appearance.

And of course, the hair needs to be cut and styled that way. This means heading to the pet grooming center more frequently to make sure that the coat doesn’t grow too long. But the upside here is that with shorter hair, the tedious effort usually put into bathing and combing the dog gets drastically minimized.

Boo Dog Price Range – How Much Does It Cost?

The cost here means the price you pay for outright buying the dog. I’ve talked about the maintenance cost later on, but this is just the sale price of Boo or Pomeranian dogs. In that case, the cost is pretty much the same as a standard Pomeranian. That is anywhere between $750 and $1,200. But then these are puppies registered as pets.

You also get fully registered Pomeranians with complete family history, mainly for the purpose of breeding, for anywhere between $1,200 and $2,200. And there are those that cost even more, which are often bred by professional, though not always ethical, breeders. These are purebreds with exceptional lineage records and “championship” blood running through their veins.

Boo Dog Price Range – How Much Is Adoption?

You know there’s another more reasonable, more proper way of getting a pet. And that is ADOPTION. And here’s another great news – adopting a dog, no matter the breed, means paying only $100-$300. Less than half the actual price indeed!

But, needless to say, don’t expect any official documents with regards to the dog’s history, lineage, etc. However, vaccination, neutering/spaying, and other such more important costs are often covered.

You may not get a purebred but then at least you’re helping a dog find a home. Rescue shelters are built for that very purpose after all. In fact, these shelter animal homes also have adult dogs.

So go ahead and rescue a canine and become a loving, caring, and responsible pet parent. Pets, no doubt, bring tons of joy and happiness into our lives too!

Boo Dog Price Range – What About the Maintenance Cost?

When talking about the maintenance of Pomeranians, the first thing that comes to mind is hair grooming. Trimming your Boo or Pom’s hair regularly is very, very important because that grows pretty fast. And by regularly, I mean once in 1-2 months. And each haircut costs around $30-$50.

On a yearly basis, that’s about $180-$300 for keeping your pet’s hair well-groomed.

Boo Dog Price Range – Does Size Matter?

You already know that Pomeranians are very small-sized creatures. Their height is only 6-10 inches and they weigh just about 4-11 pounds. But the price does fluctuate based on the size of the dog. Bigger canines have a higher asking price.

In that case, bigger Boos would be around 14 inches tall and the weight about 13 pounds. Although these kinds are very rare to find. But the mere fact that they are so rare automatically implies a higher cost.


The actual price, no doubt, is quite high. But that’s only if you buy from a professional breeder. At the same time, also make sure that it’s not one of those infamous backyard breeders who don’t really care about animals as much as they do about making money. The best thing would be to adopt. However, finding the breed of your choice here is difficult indeed.

Boo dogs, after all, are so popular because of their unique, adorable appearance and extremely loving nature. But then all dog breeds are like that provided you care for them the right way. So maybe you should consider adopting from a rescue shelter after all.

Otherwise, you would be paying anywhere between $750 and $2,200 for a Pomeranian. Now I’m not saying that all breeders are bad. Just make sure you pick someone who’s well-known and can be trusted. In that case, the higher price may just be worth it because then you also get the required documentation to better understand where your dog has come from.

Lisa Thompson

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