Bright as the Sun: Why You Should Adopt a Golden Retriever Puppy

There’s nothing quite as exciting as welcoming a pet into your home for the first time. Even the happiest of homes can sometimes feel incomplete without the presence of a four-legged friend to keep you company, as the love and caring a dog can bring into any home is more than worth the labor required to take care of them. 

For people who have recognized this deficiency in their lives, however, people who are thinking about getting their first family dog may be wondering what kind of dog to get. Different dog breeds perceive and interact with the world differently, and while dogs of the same breed have differing personalities, choosing a breed to adopt can be a great start when considering which kind of dog will fit in best with your family. 

Choosing to adopt an animal is an investment in your family’s future, and so it’s best before you visit the marketplace to consider what type of breed will serve the functions your family needs it to serve. Are you looking for a breed that’s more aggressive, like a guard dog, or more intelligent, able to function as a service dog? Are you looking to adopt a dog that will form strong, lifelong bonds with only a couple of people, or one that will be friendly with everyone they meet?

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular breeds in the US, being a perfect intersection of loyal, friendly, and intelligent; and while adopting any of our four-legged friends would be a kindness, as a large number of dogs need homes, many families have found happiness by adopting a golden retriever. They are currently the third most popular brand among dog owners, being in the top ten list for decades, and they also have a variety of useful skills that can be applied to many professions, should you need more than just a furry friend. 

Interested in hearing more? Let’s talk about golden retrievers and why you should consider adopting a golden retriever puppy today. 

They Make Great Therapy Dogs

It’s nothing new that the events of our current time have many of us stressed out, and it may do us good to have a walking, smiling, and yapping stress reliever at home. Golden retrievers are inherently friendly, trusting dogs, being inherently kind, eager to please, and gentle: they are loyal to their families and kind to all who they get to know, making them excellent candidates for therapy dogs. Whether you go visit a hospital or a school with your golden retriever or use them to brighten up darker days for your own family members, golden retrievers have been known to spread cheer and comfort wherever they go. 

Excitable Exercise Dogs

Compared to other breeds, golden retrievers tend to hold onto a puppy attitude for longer, staying genuinely excited to explore and live in the world as they wise up with age. If you’re looking for a dog that will stay playful and play with your kids even as it grows up, you can’t go wrong with a golden! 

Moreover, golden retrievers also tend to require a lot of exercise to stay healthy, as their original purpose was to serve as hunting and tracking dogs in Scotland. Therefore, if you live an active lifestyle, your golden can go with you on your daily run, or play tag with your kids at the local playground! Try playing different sports with your golden: you might be surprised at how capable they are and how quickly you assemble a bunch of activities you can do together!

Easy to Train

If you’re looking for a dog that you can easily whip into shape, look no further than this hard-working, fast-learning breed. Golden retrievers are highly intelligent and will go to the ends of the earth for a well-earned treat: therefore, it’s typically easier to get them through obedience training than other breeds, meaning if you’re concerned your future dog will poop on the couch, your best bet might be a golden. Moreover, their ability to learn means that they are useful in a variety of professions, from working as a service dog for your older adult to more complex tasks like search and rescue. 

Not every dog will be right for every owner, but golden retrievers tend to check off a lot of boxes for potential pet parents. If you’re reading this and any part of the description above clicked with you, you may want to look into adopting a golden retriever, as these faithful furry friends can bring so much joy to your home if you let them.

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