Camping With Your Beagle: 4 Handy Tips for the Ultimate Getaway With Your Pooch

There are very few things that fill your life with as much excitement and joy as a pet dog does. If you have a beagle at home, you already know that they’re tiny bundles of energy that love new adventures.

Whether you’re taking them to a new park or go on a short hike with them, beagles love to explore new things and places. So, if you’ve been contemplating going camping with your beagle, it’s high time you take action.

Apart from helping channel your pet’s energy, camping is also a great way to strengthen your bond. And if you’re lucky, you might even get to witness a completely new side to your furry friend’s personality.

But if you’ve faced the reality of being a pet parent, you already know that traveling with pets isn’t easy or simple. Lack of proper planning can quickly derail things, and even jeopardize your dog’s safety.

The good news is that curating a hassle-free yet memorable camping getaway with your beagle isn’t rocket science. In this blog, we’ve outlined a few useful pet-friendly camping tips to help you get started. Let’s take a look.

1. Visit the Vet

This one’s a no-brainer. Whenever you’re planning to travel with your canine companion, you must take them to the vet first. A licensed veterinarian will evaluate your beagle’s health, and help identify any underlying disorders that might get exacerbated during the trip.

Also, it’s important to ensure that your pooch is up to date on their vaccinations. Depending on the campground rules, you might even need a health certificate from the vet. While beagles aren’t particularly prone to anxiety or nervousness, it’s always a good idea to ask your vet to prescribe suitable medication.

2. Check the Weather Forecast

Let’s face it – you don’t want rain, lightning, and scattered thunderstorms to ruin your camping escapade with your pooch. As with any outdoor activity, you need to plan your camping trip according to the weather. 

It’s particularly important when you’re traveling with a pet. Even though beagles are fairly calm, adventurous, and intelligent, adverse weather conditions will frighten them and take a toll on their energy levels.

That’s why it is important to check the weather forecast for the days when you’re planning to go camping. Start by finding a reliable weather app or website that provides you with an accurate hourly weather forecast for specific regions.

For instance, if you’re planning to go camping in or around Detroit, it’s important to check for Detroit hourly weather forecasts. Make sure you get an accurate breakdown of how the temperature, wind direction, humidity levels, and precipitation levels will vary throughout the day. 

Checking the hourly forecast will come in handy when you’re planning the itinerary for your camping trip. For instance, if you know the skies are going to be mostly cloudy during the day, you can plan outdoor activities, such as hiking or birdwatching, without exhausting your pooch.

3. Prioritize Packing

If you’ve gone camping before, you already know that packing your camping equipment is important for a stress-free outing. Packing becomes even more integral when you’re traveling with your furry friend.

Apart from the regular camping gear, you need to bring a plethora of objects to meet your dog’s needs. Start by packing their favorite toys, bed, and blanket. Having familiar things around will go a long way to make your beagle feel comfortable at the campsite.

Next, get a collar, ID tag, and leash for your dog. Even if the campground doesn’t have mandatory leash requirements, a leash will come in handy when you take your pooch out for a hike in the woods.

Additionally, you’ll need to pack loads of drinking water to keep your canine companion hydrated. It goes without saying that you need to bring plenty of food and treats for them as well.

4. Research Is Your Best Ally

Whether you intend to go camping in the neighborhood lakeside or a picturesque national park, you need to conduct extensive research. To begin with, make sure you’re familiar with the campground rules regarding pets.

Next, check the route to the campsite, and make proper arrangements for getting there. If you’re planning to travel by road, find out whether there are suitable rest stops on the way. Your beagle will need some time out of the car to stretch and play around.

Lastly, don’t forget to plan some fun and interesting activities with your pooch. The ultimate goal of the getaway is to have a great time with your furry friend and introduce them to new adventures.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a camping pro or simply an amateur, heading to a campground with your beagle in tow is going to be a unique experience. Plan your trip in advance, and make sure you pack all essentials. Don’t forget to check the weather forecast at the campsite as well.

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