Can You Have Sex With The Dog?

Most people normally keep dogs as pets in the home. These pets normally provide companionship to their owners. This is the reason why most pet owners treasure their pets. Some people normally prefer having sex with their dogs. Can you have sex with your dog? This question can be disgusting to many.

Ideally, people should have sex with their fellow human beings. Animals should be left alone. If your dog has to mate, it should mate with its fellow female dog. It is actually the Civil law. If you get caught by the authorities, you can face prosecution for animal abuse.

You should instead take care of your dog and not have sex with it. Sex with an animal is commonly known as bestiality. If you normally have sex with your dog, you are practicing bestiality.

Can You Have Sex With The Dog?

Did you know that bestiality is a crime?

It is important to note that bestiality is a crime in most countries. It actually comes under animal abuse. In the United States, 37 states have proclaimed bestiality as a crime. There used to be animal brothel farms in the United States. People were actually allowed to have paid sex with animals including sex with female dogs. However, this continued up to 2005.

This trend did not continue due to the increased accidental deaths that occurred during bestiality. This actually prompted the authorities to take actions. They had to introduce a bill to ban bestiality. Bestiality can be referred to as act of perversion. It is so unnatural. Ideally, a human being should have sex with his fellow human being and not an animal.

Sex with an animal is detrimental because it can lead to sexually transmitted diseases. They are commonly referred to as zoonoses. These diseases normally occur as a result if having sex with an animal. Casual contact with an animal or its saliva, semen or blood can lead to these diseases.

You will realize that the risk factor is very high and some diseases are incurable. In addition, there is the danger of rapturing of private parts that takes places during bestiality. This is the reason why bestiality should be avoided.

One of the main argument against the act of bestiality is that the opponent normally consider it as an inappropriate and unacceptable behavior. This is commonly referred to as a sick mentality. This action is actually against the basic ethics of humanity since animals cannot give consent for this action. It actually challenges the dignity of human race and it is against the morality of the society.

Can You Have Sex With The Dog?

Argument for bestiality

​There people who still support that argument that it is right to have sex with a female dog. Human being has had sexual encounters with a dog in the past. This information is present in the history, scriptures and so forth. This means that it is not a fantasy. This practice has been there since the pre-historic days.

You will discover that most supporters of bestiality actually believe that animals normally understand what is going on around. Some of these animals actively take part in the fixation. Some people say that dogs normally participate actively and enjoy the actions which can be evident in their body language.

​These supporters usually argue that there is no need to have a consent since man does not take any consent when slaughtering animals and so forth. In addition, they also do not take any consent when subjecting them to artificial insemination. The truth is that these animals normally experience some physical and emotional disturbance when subjected to artificial insemination.

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​Precautions when having sex with a dog

​It is very easy to have sex with a female dog. However, this can only be possible if it is on heat. If your dog is on heat, it can easily adjust to having sex. In this case, you have to wait for the right time of her heat. This can happen anytime between 9 months and 15 months. You will discover that the first heat stage will be a difficult process. You may not have a successful attempt.

However, from the second heat onward, you can readily have sex with your female dog. It will be able to accommodate you physically. It is important that you consider the size of the dog before having sex with it. During this act, no foreplay is possible. However, foreplay is very important when having sex with a human being.

It normally helps to tune their mood for sex. You do not have to perform foreplay on a female dog. You just need to ensure that your female dog is big. A large female dog can readily accommodate your manhood.

Can You Have Sex With The Dog?

​What are the precautions that you should take?

​It is important that you take precautions when having sex with a dog. There are a number of things that you should have. These include: KY Jelly or non-petroleum lubricant and so forth.

It is also important that you carry a condom so as to avoid sexual transmitted infections. It is important to note that there is a high likelihood of getting infections from vaginal fluids. Some of these infections are incurable and life threatening. In this case, you should take precautions so as to avoid this problem.

​What precautions should you take when having sex with a male dog?

​Sex with a male dog is very different from having sex with a female dog. A male dog will reach a stuck stage after having sex. It will be unable to pull out its penis because it will swell inside the vagina of a woman. In this case, the woman has it to cool and have the stuff unlocked. This can take 30 to 40 minutes.

This is the reason why you should be careful when having sex with a male dog. You should have adequate time for cooling down. This one of the precautions that you should take when having sex with a male dog.


Dogs are known to be great lickers. Some people normally enjoy oral sex. A dog can actually lick your private parts perfectly. If you are comfortable having sex with your dog, you should go ahead and enjoy sexual intercourse with it. However, you should ensure that you are not hurting the animal.

In addition, you should ensure that you do it privately. You should also have the right precautions. Ensure that you protect yourself when having sex with your dog. This can help you prevent sexually transmitted diseases. If you have a female dog, you should ensure that it is on heat so that it can enjoy sex. This can help you enjoy sex with your dog.

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