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10 Benefits of an Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Automatic Self-Cleaning litter boxes stays fresh and clean without the disturbance of scooping. We can simply plug in the box and watch how it works. The automatic rake system sweeps waste into the covered partition 20 minutes after your cat uses the litter box. This will make the time savings to us and will be clean and neat comparing to the cleaning done by manual.

As a cat owner, owning an auto litter box for the cat is almost certainly like a little dream come true. We get some enjoyment life with our cats, without the need to scoop the litter twice a day. Also, there are some small risks and negative sides we should aware of, like for case in point the fact that some cats simply don’t like automatic litter boxes, they don’t like the change, they’re simply not willing to get a feel for to a new system, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But when it comes to the actual benefits of changing the old-fashioned litter box to a new automatic version, the list is nonstop. And we are not the only one to benefit from it, but also our cat, your kids, our spouse, our other pets, essentially the whole family will be grateful for the change. In this article, we can see some benefits which we get from the automatic self-cleaning litter box.

Get free from scooping every day

We will get more time and don’t want to waste our time in scooping the litter box regularly. As we are handling a cat we know that scooping is the number one thing we hate about having a cat. Scooping the litter box at least once or twice a day is more than enough for the whole day and we can save our time. This machine is mainly designed to take out the wastes of the cat, so we don’t want to get worried about cleaning the wastes of the cat.

All automatic litter boxes work with sensors that set off the self-cleaning mechanism once the cat leaves the litter box. Also, all of them feature a safety quantity in case a cat re-enters the litter box, resetting and delaying the auto cleaning process.

Easy to take out the wastes

Cleaning a self-cleaning litter box is an easy process for cat owners to take out of the waste from the machine. The automatic litter box entirely abolishes the need to scoop a litter box and therefore the task that no one wants to do. No need to brush up on the rock paper scissors statistics.

The sifted, clumped litter drops into a hidden waste chamber below the globe. When the self-cleaning litter box indicates the waste drawer is full, all we have to do is open the drawer, take out the disposable bag, and replace a new one. It is a very easy process which is like taking out the kitchen trashes.

Money Saving

It is so much easier to get out from the spending of bigger amounts of the litter when cluster falls apart spreading around the box. And, a self-cleaning litter box like Litter-Robot 3, doesn’t have any difficulties with disposing only of soiled litter that we don’t need to change the litter often since it will last longer. Some cat owners with self-cleaning litter boxes claim that they now save up to half amount of the money they used to spend on litter manually.

Gain time instead of spending in scooping

Scooping the cat’s litter box is a boring and difficult task when it is done manually. It may take well over 10 minutes to complete the task. The ten minutes per day will get into an hour in a week. This is some valuable time which we can use it engaging in something else that is more enjoyable other than revealing our self from the harmful bacteria in the wastes of the cat.

An automatic self-cleaning litter box will give us that valuable time and we can do some interesting things such as spending with our family, spending time with our friends, using mobile phones, watching TV etc.

Enjoy the weekend or a week of tour trip

If we are manually scooping the cat we want to do it for every hour of the day. But if we are going with the self-cleaning litter box, it is more than enough to empty the waste drawer of the automatic litter box every 7-10 days for a single cat household and about twice per week for a multiple cat household.

Different cats have different usage patterns, in that situation, we have to do the best judge of how long we can leave our Litter box without cleaning. It gives the time to enjoy the trip of the tour program without any thought of scooping for the cats in the home.

No worries about the kids & the other pets

The self-cleaning litter box has the sifting system which removes waste on time and the drawer keeps the cluster out of reach for children and other pets. It will be giving the confidence that there will be no harmful things affecting the kids and the other pets in the home by the automatic self-cleaning litter box. The drawer keeps it enclosed and out of reach for children or other pets which will be a safe thing for the kids and for the other pets in the home.

Reduces bad smell in the home

The automatic cleaning litter box will clean it themselves after the cat leaves the machine with more wastes in the litter box. This extremely reduces the smell that comes out of the litter box. If we want to get rid of the bad smell we want to go with the high-quality self-cleaning litter boxes which will take out the waste smell out of the home and we don’t want to go for the cleaning process regularly.

Helps multi-cat households

If we are having more cats, it will give some pleasure. But when it comes to scooping the multiple cats, it is something making trouble to us. So, in the case, if we are maintaining more cats in our home we will be probably benefited from the self-cleaning litter box the most that can scoop the multiple cats in same time.

Choosing a multi-cat auto litter box will depend on how many cats we have in our home. An automatic self-cleaning litter box will help us to keep up with our cat’s pooping activity and it will lighten us from doing the cleaning of the wastes of the cat.

Not getting worries about cat waste

Contacting directly with the cat waste and urine will let us into some health issues. If we are cleaning the cat waste without wearing the mask we are affected by the bacteria and may get another way of infections. If the kids have the situation to breathing this harmful ammonia or bacteria from the litter box or they have access to the cat’s waste, will affect them a lot and hurt them by some harmful diseases. In the automatic cleaning litter box, the cleaning process will be done automatically which will not do any harm to us.

Quality product with the good warranty

An automatic self-cleaning litter box will not be cheap and weak as we want to replace it again and again. It has the capacity to work only for the halftime and automatically get stop at the other time. The self-cleaning litter box will be having a good quality of parts which will be worthy for more years. An automatic self-cleaning litter box will maximum comes with a full-time warranty.

These are the some benefits of the automatic self-cleaning litter box mainly gives us the pleasure of time and the health safety. 

Top 5 Best Litter Mat For Cats

Are you looking for some ways to keep the area around cats litter box clean? Then, you are at the right place. With the best litter mat you easily keep the area around the litter tray of your cats tidy and clean. Often when the cats jump into the litter tray or jump out of it, some of the litters can fall around the tray.

If you keep a mat there then your floor will be safe and free from the litters. You just need to clean the mat to keep it tidy. There will be no litter here and there on your floor. Read on to know more the things you need to consider while buying a litter mat and what the advantages and disadvantages of these mat are. Also, if you need some suggestions to buy you will get it. You will get essential tips and advices that you need to know before buying and using this product.

How To Choose The Best?

You need to choose the litter mat very carefully. These mats not only keep your house clean but also helps to keep your cat comfortable. So, you need to choose the best. For buying the best you need to consider some of the very important points or factors. Here are some of the factors to choose the best mat for your cats:

Easy to clean

When you are choosing a litter mat for your cat, you have to make sure that the mat is very easy to clean. Otherwise it can be really hectic for you to clean the mat. Maintenance is very important to keep the house clean and smell free.

Good Quality

The mat you are buying has to be made up of a good quality material. It has to be sturdy and durable enough to last long. Undoubtedly, this will help you to prevent excessive expenditure in the long run.

Free From Toxic

It is important to choose a litter mat for your cat which doesn’t contain any toxic material. It has to be free from some of the harmful and toxic materials like BPA and Phthalate etc. This will make sure that your cat is complete safe and secured even if they are snuggling, playing or resting on it.

 Best Litter Mat for Cats

Cat family. Mom cat, daddy cat and baby on the grass

Comfortable for Cats

It has to be very comfortable for the cats as they often prefer to sit, sleep and play on these mats. If these are not comfortable then they will probably never like this mat at all.

Absorb the Litter

Another important thing that you have to make sure is that this mat can absorb the litter efficiently. When the cats jump off the litter box sometimes the litter or urine come off with their paws. The mat has to be efficient enough for absorbing the litters.

Size of Mat

You have to consider the size of the mat based on the number of the cats you have. If you have more than two cats at home, then the recommendable size of mat is XL or extra-large. This will help to cover a large area and will keep the area clean.

Cat with glasses lying on the datebook

These are some of the very important and essential points that you need to consider when you are buying the best litter mat for your cats. You cannot compromise with any of these factors if you want to choose the best.

Advantages & Disadvantages

Before you buy a litter mat for your cat, you have to know everything about the product. One of the most important information that you need to know is the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the litter mats for your cats. Here are some of the benefits of this products as well as some of the disadvantages too that you must know in details.


  • It helps you to keep your house clean and tidy as there will be no mess of litter around your house.
  • Once the cat jumps out of the litter box they will land on the mat and the litters will be absorbed or stuck on the mat preventing them to spread.
  • The cats can really love them to sit and play on it as some of them are very comfortable
  • It eliminates your task for cleaning the floors each time the cats litter as this mat will keep the area tidy and clean by absorbing the litters
  • There will be no smell too around the house and no more tracking of the litter around the house which can be really disturbing
  • It is very comfortable for the cats and they really love it.


  • Some of the products may contain harmful toxins which can be dangerous for your cats. So, beware of those products
  • You may have to clean some products properly due to the extra-large holes that absorbs the urine deep inside
  • Some of the mats can be quite slippery which can cause the cats to slip. It will scare them a lot and they will not probably use it ever.
 Best Litter Mat for Cats


There are some of the important things that you have to be careful about when you are using or cleaning this product. Here are some of the important perquisites for using the litter mats for your cat:

  • Wear gloves and masks properly while cleaning the mats with soap and water
  • Keep these mats away from anyone with allergies and pregnant women
  • Never ever shake or clean this mat without taking proper measures
  • Once you change or clean the product wash your hand and mouth with water and soap
  • Check carefully whether the mat is free from phthalate and BPA before buying
  • If contains toxic materials throw it away immediately or else it can be harmful for everyone

If you want to know more about the litter`s choice, kindly visit this page: 

Reviews of 5 Best Litter Mats for Cat

Since there are thousands of such products available in the market, it can be quite confusing to pick the best litter mat for your cats. I have tried and tested several mats for my cats and selected the top 5 best ones for reviewing. Here are these 5 litter mats that you can look for your cats:

#1: Easyology Non-Toxic Jumbo Size Cat Litter Mat

I personally love this mat because of its extra-large size. It is big enough to accommodate 2 litter trays or boxes on it easily. The mat is very comfortable for the cats and they love to roll, sleep and relax on it. Speaking about the durability it is quite soft and highly durable in nature.

The best thing about this product that I loved the most is that it Phthalate free which means it is completely safe for your cats. It doesn’t contain any kind of toxic material in it. This mat is very light in weight and resistant to water which make it quite easy to maintain and clean. Even this mat looks good too so you don’t have to worry about the aesthetic value of your house.

 Best Litter Mat for Cats


  • Very easy to clean and maintain
  • Quite durable yet light in weight
  • Completely safe for your cats
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Cats love to snuggle on this


  • The mat can too big for the ones who have one or two cats only.

#2: Blackhole Cat Litter Mat – Super Size

This is another great litter mat that you can buy for your cats. This is an XL sized mat suitable for the owners with multiple cats. It has a beautiful dark gray color which looks really attractive. The material of this mat is completely free from any kind of toxic materials which can be harmful for your kitty.

It is made up of soft EVA material made in USA. Your cats will surely love this product as it can be quite comfortable for them to sit and walk on this. It is a good and strong mat with great durability. This is a great product which feels very comfortable for the cats. Even if you stand on it barefoot, you will find it quite comfortable.

best litter mat cat


  • Soft and durable
  • Cats love the texture
  • Keep the house clean
  • Prevent the litter being tracked around
  • Made up of high quality EVA materials


  • The holes are too deep and often the litters stuck at the bottom

#3: Cat Litter Trapper By iPrimio

This is an amazing way to trap the litter that can spread here and there from cats’ paws. The size of this mat is quite good and it can spread a lot. The litter easily falls through the extra-large holes and thus your house remained clean and tidy. It is super light in nature with a super smooth surface.

I really consider this as the best litter mat according to my personal experience. It is super efficient in preventing the litter from spreading here and there. With this mat under the cat litter box, you can keep the surrounding area clean. You have install this mat at the corner beneath the litter box to make sure that the cat jumps off on it after littering.

 Best Litter Mat for Cats


  • It is quite large in size
  • Has a super smooth surface
  • Super light for easy cleaning and maintaining
  • Efficiently absorbs the urine
  • Comfortable for the cats


  • Litter falls through holes so cleaning the mat properly is important

#4: BPA Free Premium Cat Litter Mat

This is an extra-large mat which provide enough space and comfort for the cats. It can even help you to keep your house clean and tidy all the time. When your cats litters in the litter box, they may jump with some litters on their paws to the floor. It is completely free from BPA so it is safe for the cats too. It is made up of some best quality materials to ensure your kitty feels safe and comfortable.

It is not slippery at all and is quite thick and heavy. Undoubtedly, it is very durable and efficiently prevents the litter from spreading throughout the floor. This will keep areas around the litter boxes clean and tidy. So, this will keep your home free from smell and litters. It also comes with a 100% lifetime warranty.

 Best Litter Mat for Cats


  • Very large in size to cover a large area
  • Non-slippery for the cat and durable
  • Free from BPA for cats’ safety100% lifetime warranty
  • Keeps your house clean and smell free


  • It is a bit heavy in weight and thick

#5: Pawkin Phthalate Free Cat Litter Mat

This mat is a great option for you to buy for preventing the litter from spreading here and there in your house. You can keep this XL sized mat under the litter boxes. When the cat jumps out of the litter box, sometimes the litters too come out with them. These litters can spread here and there in your house if you do not have the mat. So, this mat will be quite beneficial for you to keep.

This mat is made up of the best and highest quality material which is designed to last a long time. The mesh finish helps to lock the litter which is quite easy to clean. This mat also comes with a 100% money back guarantee without any questions asked. It is free from Phthalate which means this mat is safe for your cats

 Best Litter Mat for Cats


  • Made up of highest quality material
  • Free from phthalate
  • Locks the litter to keep the house clean
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Tested to be completely non-toxic


  • Size can be a bit smaller than the standard XL size


So, these are the top 5 litter mats for the cats that you can buy. If you want to choose the best litter mat for your cats then it is best to choose one from these 5. All these products are chosen and reviewed based on my personal experience. I love testing with different litter mats for my kitties in my house. These are mats that I and my cats love completely. You will feel the difference instantly from other mats once you install one. Make sure to choose one based on your own needs and requirements of size and texture.