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Kirkland Dog Food Review- Do Not Buy Before Read This!

For you to keep your dog in good health you will definitely need to identify a dog food brand containing the correct ingredients that will take care of its nutritional needs effectively. The Kirkland dog food is a product created by Diamond Pet Foods, Inc to provide pocket friendly simple useful food for dogs. This dog food is available in Amazon stores and a small number of other online stores.

As much as most dog owners prefer the grain free dog food there area number of dogs that thrive on grain inclusive dog food. For that reason pure balance manufactures both the grain inclusive and grain free dog food to suit the different feeding habits of various dogs. Well, if you think that this dog food could be ideal for your dog below is a Kirkland dog food review that will enable you make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing it.

Kirkland Dog Food Ingredients

This dog foods contains a number of useful ingredients which include chicken, chicken meal, brown/brewer’s rice and flax seed. With the reasonable price tag and the beneficial ingredients listed below this Kirkland balance, product can be termed as an average dog food.


Chicken is an impressive ingredient here but it doesn’t give much protein supply because 80% of its composition is water. When it is cooked this moisture is normally lost thus reducing a great percentage of the meat content. This ingredient contains 30% proteins and 15% fats and that’s why it cannot be used as the only protein source for dog food.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a useful carbohydrate that is easy to digest when cooked. Though it supplies the dogs with much energy it offers a minimal nutritional value to them.

Chicken Meal

Unlike the real chicken, the chicken meal has plenty of proteins that can be quite beneficial to a dog. With its high meat concentration content, its protein value is 300% more than that of a real chicken. If your dog enjoys feeding on chicken this is the ideal ingredient it needs to stay healthy.

Kirkland Dog Food Reviews

Flax Seed

Flax seed is great source of the omega-3 fatty acids which add a remarkable nutrition value to this dog food. It also provides a soluble fiber to this product which in turn reduces the chances of your dog suffering from constipation or diarrhea after consuming the product. The flax seed also provides a 19% protein content to this dog food.

Overall Meat Content

To determine the quality of this dog feed you not only need to look at the ingredients it contains but also its overall meat content. This brand features a 28% protein content which provides a moderate protein-boosting effect to the dogs feeding on it.

Pros and Cons of the Kirkland Dog Food

With any dog food product, you find out there in the market there has to be the advantages and the downsides of the product

Pros of Kirkland Dog Food


​If you are looking for a budget-friendly dog food with sufficient nutrients to keep your dog healthy this one will be ideal for you. Since this dog food is a product of Walmart you are definitely going to get it from the Walmart stores at a pretty customer friendly price.

​It Doesn’t Contain Wheat or Soy

​Many dog owners prefer dog food that’s without wheat or soy to ensure that their dogs don’t consume any extra content that’s not useful to their bodies. Kirkland goes along way to ensure that these customer’s preferences are well addressed during the production of this product.


​This is not the kind of dog food that will consume much of your time the moment you want to purchase it. It is always available in the Walmart stores and other online retail stores.

​Great Customer Care

​In case you buy the Kirkland dog food and find that your dog is not responding well to it you will need to call the Walmart customer care to sort out the issue for you. If there is a problem with the food you may receive a replacement or a refund depending on what you want.

Cons of Kirkland Dog Food

Not all dog food packages are Grain free

With the corn free advertisement on this dog food product, most customers assume that Kirkland dog food doesn’t contain any grains at all. For that reason, the customers end up getting disappointments when they find out that the dog food they purchased is not grain-free.

Unverified Oil

Generally, this dog food contains the sunflower oil but since these oils come in different types you find that not all of them work for different kinds of dogs. For that reason, the dog owner can be better placed if they know the particular kind of sunflower oil that is used in the production of this dog food.

Unclear Changes

Though the Kirkland dog food manufacturers have not made any official communication to their customers about ingredient changes there have been a number of customer complaints concerning the same. Some dog owners that have been using the product for a while have their dogs recently responding differently after consuming the product.

 Recall History

Before you purchase a particular brand of dog feed you need to first clarify if the product is on the dog feed recall list. The Kirkland dog food has not been on this list in the recent history of dog food recalls.


​With the above-given review, it is definite that now you know that the Kirkland dog food is ideal for any dog owner looking for a reasonably priced dog food that’s without the soy or corn. When you are settled that this is the perfect dog food for your dog just contact Walmart and get the product at the budget friendly price.

To keep your dog’s health in check ensure that you check out on the expiry date of the package you receive before you let your dog feed on it. Moreover, if you notice some allergic reactions with your dog after it feeds on this dog food you may want to find out if your dog is allergic to some ingredients that are contained in the product.


Victor Dog Food Review

Have you heard of Victor Dog food? If you have not, then it is not a big surprise because it’s rarely sold in most local stores. Victor super premium is a great dog food first introduced in 1950. Interestingly, the cost of ingredients doesn't matter so much in this dog food.

What the manufacturer cares most is the quality of the food. The basic one which is Victor uses real fats. Others types including Victor Select and Victor Grain-Free are identical only that the later contains no grains. However, all of these foods are suitable for different feeding needs and budgets.

Dry Food

Canned Food

Analysis of The Ingredients

1. Chicken and chicken meal are the two major ingredients in Victor Select. All these are sourced locally making it a plus. It shows that the food is rich in real protein which is vital for the growth of your dog. The chicken meal contains a lot of water making it an excellent supplement.

2. Whole grain brown rice and grain millet are other key ingredients that make Victor Select the best source of carbohydrate. It makes it very tasty. In fact, if your dog is bored with the regular food you feed him or her, then this is the right brand to change the game.

3. Sweet potato is also included. This is the right choice if you don’t want to feed your dog with gluten-filled food. It is full of complex carbohydrates and contains a high concentration of fiber and beta-carotene.

4. Peas are also rich in carbohydrates and fiber. It is a great all-in-one option to add to your dog’s diet.

5. The dried egg might sound weird to you, but it’s an excellent source of nutrients. In fact, it is easy to digest.

6. Flaxseed is an excellent source of omega-3 that your dog needs. The other source of omega-3 that is included in Victor dog food is Menhaden fish meal. These are tiny herring-like fish that contain amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. Other great ingredients included in this grand dog food include chelated minerals, chicory root which is a good prebiotic. All these ingredients are powerful and beneficial for your pet.

Victor is an excellent dog food, and it comes with several options for you to select based on your dog needs. You’ll find it in canned and dry options. Below are the things you’ll love about this superb dog food:

​Affordable Pricing

​First, the pricing of this food varies depending on the type of ingredients included. Though what you pay is what you’ll expect, this food is reasonably priced across different lines. However, you can get the best value by purchasing the mid-range Select varieties.

​You’ve Got Options To Choose

​Victor offers you multiple food options to choose from depending on the needs of your dog. If you want to feed your dog grain-free food, Victor has an option for you. Besides, you’ll also find food that meets the needs of a dog of any age. For instance, the grain-free type is easy to digest and is suitable for puppies that don’t have strong digestive systems like the older ones.

Victor Dog Food Review

Again, their food has different sources of protein. It means you can find the protein your dog loves most. In fact, it contains up to 33% crude protein that won’t be chewed through by your puppy. This means it doesn’t go to waste. Additionally, the grain-free food also fills the appetite of your dog much faster. You can feed it to a puppy of any breed. It is best-suited and safe for all dogs that are allergic to grains.

​There is also the Victor Select Hi-Pro Plus Formula that contains high calories. This is suited for both active puppies and older dogs. If you don’t want your dog to get full unnecessarily, then you might want to choose this. This type is also suitable if you are training your dog or you simply want it to grow.

​Victor Food Targets The Health of Your Dog

​Victor dog food is free from low-quality ingredients such as soy, wheat, and corn even in the basic line Victor varieties. This is an advantage if you care most about the health of your dog. In fact, it is a clear indication that they too mind the health of your lovely pet.

​Drawbacks of Victor Dog Food

​Contains Whole Brown Rice

​Not so many dog food include this ingredient. Depending on the nutrition needs of your dog, rice might not be the best source of carbohydrates though it is far much better than unhealthy wheat, corn or even soy. However, it will be up to you to decide whether you want to buy food with rice for your dog or not.

​Limited Variety of The Grain-free Options

​The grain-free type is still new in the Victor dog food line. Compared to other food types that offer grain-free dog food, Victor line has got limited choices. However, this may not be the reason to justify you not to buy though some people love selecting from a variety of choices.

​Which Dog Breeds Are Victor Food Suited For?

​All varieties of Victor Dog Food are suitable for adult dogs. However, there are a couple of blends that are appropriate for the older dogs. Wet types are ideal for dogs with aging teeth and gums. For the larger dogs, you can give them food with high amounts of proteins.

High-protein food types with special additives are also ideal for active or high-energy dogs. Therefore, the grain-free formula is ideal for the high-active and sporting dogs. Food with little or no exotic ingredients is recommended for the fussy eaters.

Final Thoughts

Victor dog food is such a quality food that is worth buying if you care about what goes into the stomach of your dog. The potent ingredients included in this grand food makes it worth every penny. The proteins included making it even greater. You can go grain-free or not based on the needs of your dog. Provided you know the requirements of your dog, you can be assured of the right Victor dog food at the most affordable price.

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All About The Innovative Formula of Zignature Dog Food

We tend to treat our dogs as members of the family. This means we need to provide them with attention, affection and a balanced and proper diet. And with such a vast array of products to choose from, it can be quite confusing. Different products come with different ingredients, effects and specifications and while all are healthy and nourishing for your pet, it is clear that some are better than others.

​So, how do you know which to choose and are there some products superior to others for your pet in particular? Comparing products is no easy task, but it has to be done if we are to come up with the best result. And one of the latest, most marketed brands comes from Zignature Dog Food.

Dry Food

Canned Food

​Zignature Dog Food Claims To Be Innovative

​Innovation is not necessarily good. If changes are not necessary, then improvement is redundant. Therefore, why did Zignature Dog Food consider this sector as one that needed improvement? The answer lies in what the other brands of pet food offer.

The main problem is that regular dog food contains too many high-glycemic carbohydrates (corn, potatoes, wheat), which are regularly harder to digest and take more time for the organism to process the nutrients.

​The good thing about Zignature is that it comes with a complete holistic diet that mimics the dog’s natural eating habits, while in the wild. They had to adapt to our omnivorous diets over time, but their digestive systems haven’t, at least not entirely. They still need high-quality protein intake over anything else and this is where innovation comes in.

​The innovation consists of mixing low-allergy risks ingredients (which means no more chicken meat, since chicken is one of the most known allergen foods for dogs) with all the vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and antioxidants that dogs are having hard times extracting from their natural diets.

​So far, so good, but what does the formula actually contains?

Zignature Dog Food review

​Zignature Ingredients

​Right from the get-go we see that Zignature has a different approach to creating a nourishing formula, compared to other companies. In short, Zignature uses only several ingredients instead of the handful other products come with.

According to experts, this is closer to a canine’s natural diet, allowing their organisms to process it more efficiently and making them less prone to develop food-related allergies.

​All in all, the Zignature formula consists of:

​1. Peas

​A great source of low-glycemic carbohydrates that replaces the classic high-glycemic ingredients other products use, peas only contains 2% fat. The restconsists of 22% protein, 76% carbohydrates, vitamin C, vitamin K, Thiamin, Manganese and plenty of dietary fiber that is known to aid in digestion.

Some nutritionists debate the use of this particular ingredient, however, since it is a well-known fact that dogs’ digestive systems don’t cope with vegetables too well.

​2. Pea Flour

It is an ingredients made of green peas, whose role is to replace chicken meat protein sources by a healthier, easier to digest alternative. Few food products created for dogs contain pea flour, which goes to show the different approach taken by Zignature.

​3. Chickpeas

​Another protein-rich ingredient, whose goal is to decrease the need for chicken meat. This means that dogs with allergies will have an easier time digesting this formula, as it contains no gluten and it delivers a low glycemic impact.

​4. Whitefish & Whitefish meal

​There are several types of fish that belong to this category, including cod and haddock, among others. This is a high-value ingredient, because the protein content goes up to 61%, as well as delivering plenty of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids your dog sorely needs.

On top of that, the types of fish being used in the formula are completely ethoxyquin-free, eliminating the risk for allergies and intolerances altogether.

Zignature Dog Food review

​5. Kangaroo meat

​This is where the innovation lies. The kangaroo meat is known to be an incredibly nourishing protein source with an extremely low saturated fat content. Close to 0, to be more precise. It is rich in Iron, several B vitamins, including B12, which is usually hard to come by in aliments, and Omega-3 fatty acids that are equally important for people and dogs alike.

Kangaroo meat is an excellent alternative to chicken meat, especially because it has a higher protein content, without the allergy risks coming with the chicken.Aside from that, it is more environmentally friendly.

​6. Rich antioxidant content

​Usually, the best sources of antioxidants come from fruits and vegetables. But since dogs are not used to eating too many greenies, Zignature nutritionists had to enrich their formula with plenty of antioxidants, to overcome their dietary habits.

​Looking at the ingredient list, it becomes obvious that Zignature is highly nutritive and that is solves many problems with dog food that are usually pretty common in other products.

​What is the verdict?

​Zignature is definitely a breath of fresh air in the dog food industry. Not only does it come with an innovative formula, but it is overall more nutritive and healthier. But just to be completely exhaustive with this review, here is what you need to know about both its bright and its dark side:


  • Overall more nutritive, as it completely eliminates high-glycemic carb content
  • Mimics the natural eating habits of the dog
  • The animal protein sources add flavor and high nutritional value
  • Contains plenty of minerals, allowing for a better absorption
  • No reported problems with the end-product
  • The kangaroo meat eliminates the risk of allergies
  • Zignature dog food is fit for dogs of all ages


  • Zignature is among the most expensive products in the dog food industry
  • Because the protein content mostly comes from peas, pea flour and chickpeas, the meat content will be automatically low
  • Zignature contains no probiotics, which would significantly improve their digestive process, especially since some users have declared that their dogs have experienced bloating problems


Keeping these in mind, it is obvious that Zignature rates high among the healthier and most nutritive dog foods you can find. Although it has some minor drawbacks that you may take into account, including the higher price and the high non-meat protein content, it definitely is worthy of considering.We want what’s best for our pets and resorting to a nutritive dog food brand like Zignature that also promotes and delivers allergen-free, raw-diet products is one crucial step to be made.


Best Dog Food For Dobermans- What To Feed Doberman Pinschers?

Doberman is a fearless and obedient medium-large breed domestic dog. They are very intelligent, energetic and loyal in nature. Lean and elegant appearance make this dog breed look very attractive. People love to pet them because of their loyalty and alert nature. In case there is any chance of theft or burglary, these dogs get alerted very fast. To maintain this great lifestyle they need the best dog food for Dobermans.

If you are an owner of this loyal breed of dogs then you must find the best food for them in order to keep their energy level intact. With so many products available in the market, you may get confused. So, read on to know what you must consider while buying food for Doberman, advantages and disadvantages and also reviews of the top 5 best foods for Dobermans.

How To Choose The Best Food?

Doberman are very sensitive breed of dog and they need the right care as well as food to perform perfectly. They are highly energetic and intelligent in nature which means their food formula must enhance these qualities in them.

It is not an easy task to finalize the best food for your Doberman. So, you need to make sure that you spend some time researching about a product before you finally decide to buy it. Here are some of the essential tips to look for while choosing the best food:

Select the brand carefully

There are several brands available in the market. Some are new and some are there for a long time. Make sure to choose the brand with great reputation. As a dog owner, I will always tell you to choose the brand that genuinely provides all-natural ingredients. That is the best and healthiest option for your dog.

Ask for recommendations

When you are going to buy some foods for your Doberman, you must ask for recommendations from experts and vets. Being an owner of 2 Dobermans for several years, I have reviewed top 5 best products. Read them to get a clear idea about their features, pros and cons.

Consult with Vets

If you want, you can also go to a reliable and experience vet for consulting about the dog food that you must choose. Of course they will know exactly which type of food and brand is good for your Doberman.

Avoid fillers and artificial contents

Nowadays, many dog food brands use fillers to increase the volume or quantity of the food. Even some brands add a lot of grains in the food as a filler. So, it is better to choose a grain-free product.

Of course, without knowing dogs swallow those and it can potentially harm their health and body. Also avoid the foods that add artificial colors and flavors in the food to increase the taste. The dogs may like the taste but will not get essential nutrients at all.

No preservatives

While looking for the best foods for your Doberman, try to choose products that don’t contain any kind of preservatives. These preservatives can be really bad for the health of your dog. In the long run, it can cause some major diseases.

Things To Consider For Doberman Foods

After all the tips that you need to keep in mind while choosing the product, here are some of the things that you must consider. There are certain things that you cannot avoid or ignore when it comes to Doberman’s food. Here are some of those things that must be included in the best dog food for Dobermans

Real Meat Protein

Whether it is for puppies, adults or senior Dobermans, real meat is very much essential. The protein that they get from the meats help them to grow and develop faster, strengthen and tone their muscles and also helps to get healthy hips and joints. So, the real meat is a must-have for any foods for your Doberman.

​Calories Content

As mentioned above, Dobermans are quite energetic in nature. But if they doesn’t get the right food they may feel tired and exhausted. So, you must consider the calorie content in the food that you are buying for your dog. Without that it is impossible for them to get the essential required energy. A good 300 to 360 kcal of calorie per cup is essential for their daily needs.

​Perfect Balance of Nutrition

For both mental and physical health, a proper balance of nutrition is essential. Otherwise they will not be able to function properly like they should. A healthy working Doberman will need a perfect balance of carbs, protein and fats. Make sure to choose the food product which provides a great balance and perfect ration of nutrition all the time.

​Advantages & Disadvantages Of Doberman Foods

There are some vital advantages as well as disadvantage of the Doberman foods available in the market. Before you take a decision to buy one, here are the essential benefits and cons that you must know about the foods. This will definitely help you to choose the best dog food for Dobermans


  • Balanced nutrition supplied by dog foods are great for the Dobermans. They can function properly due to this correct balance.
  • It will provide essential protein which is excellent for strengthening the muscles and get a toned body.
  • These foods can also supply essential amino acids and omega acids to improve the digestive and immunity system
  • With the help of right product the skin and coat of Doberman can get better and beautiful
  • It can be a great source of energy that is required sufficiently for the Dobermans.
  • With real meats present in the foods, it tastes amazing and your Doberman will love to treat on it.
  • Some of the best foods of Doberman help you to get the proper balance of nutrition to improve the overall health of the Doberman.


  • Some products may contain artificial coloring and flavor which are really very unhealthy for the dogs.
  • Artificial substances and fillers can cause allergies and diarrhea too
  • Even Doberman has a tendency to get kidney diseases so high-protein can make it worse. (Make sure to choose the product with the right protein content essential for Dobermans)
  • Wheat by-products and preservatives in the dog foods are also quite harmful for the health of the dog. In the beginning you may not notice any visible changes. But in the long run it can affect their overall health.
  • If the food doesn’t provide adequate nutrients to the Doberman then it can be quite bad for their performance.

Reviews Of The Top 5 Doberman Foods

With so many options online, you are ought to get confused. So, to make it easier for you here are some of the best dog food for Dobermans reviewed. I have shortlisted these 5 products based on the things you must consider and avoid while buying a food product for your dog. This will help you to filter the one you want to buy for your Doberman:

CANIDAE Life Stages Dry Food For Puppies, Adults & Seniors

This is my personal favorite of all because with this one product I can feed the puppies as well as the adults and seniors. I do not have to buy separate food for everyone. Since the Dobermans are very energetic and strong, it is important to provide them with enough meat protein.

Best Dog Food For Dobermans

This food contains adequate protein from turkey, chicken, fish and lamb. It has a very nutritionally dense formula with some high-quality premium ingredients. There is no soy, wheat or corn in this food. I guess this food tastes amazing as my pets love to feast on this. The formula is approved by VET for all ages and sizes of Dobermans.


  • Balanced diet for Dobermans of all ages and sizes.
  • Recommended by Vets and approved by dogs.
  • A great source of meat protein to provide energy.
  • High quality ingredients are used
  • A natural grain free option.


  • Puppies may take a longer time to adjust with this.

Taste of The Wild, Canine Formula Dog Food

This is another grain free option that you can opt for your Doberman. It contains high-quality fish protein along with other essential nutrients for your dog. It contain sweet potato which provides a good digestive energy to your dog. This food is completely free from artificial flavors and is made up of real smoked salmon.

Best Dog Food For Dobermans

Thus, this formula has a great taste and is also very tasty. It is supplemented with fruits and vegetables. It contains some antioxidants which are really good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your dogs. The calorie content is also great. It is approximately 360 kcal for per cup.


  • Real smoked salmon for great taste and high protein
  • Provides sufficient energy to the Doberman
  • Great for improving digestive and immunity system
  • All natural ingredients used in this


  • Some dogs may not like the taste of wild salmon.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

This is another best dog food for Dobermans according to my personal experience. I was very surprised to see how my pet Dobermans started loving this food in few days. I love this brand because of the high protein content which is really essential for the Dobermans. It also provide a balanced-nutrition diet that is completely free from grains.

Best Dog Food For Dobermans

It uses some of the best-quality ingredients with Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids. This will help to improve the skin and coats of your Dobermans. It is also essential to have healthy joints and hips for the Doberman. An optimum level of chondroitin and glucosamine present in this dog food helps to keep their joint and hips strong.


  • All natural grain free formula
  • High-quality buffalo meat for high protein
  • Improves the skin and coat
  • Healthy option for the hips and joints
  • A healthy formula recommended by Vets


  • This product is only for the adult Dobermans.

Holistic Select Natural Dry Puppy Food

​This is another good option for your Doberman puppies. This dry dog food formula contains lamb meat and oatmeal for a perfect nutritional balance. Besides being very healthy, my Doberman puppies loved this food because of its amazing taste. The best feature that I liked the most is its unique digestive health support system which is helpful for the puppies.

Best Dog Food For Dobermans

Natural fibers and digestive enzymes help the puppies to digest their food easily. This product contain all natural and premium graded ingredients. There are no wheat by products or wheat-gluten. This food is ideal for the puppies as it doesn’t contain any fillers and artificial colors or flavors.


  • All natural balanced nutrition formula
  • Helps in better digestion
  • Essential nutrients for proper growth and development
  • Free from artificial colors and flavors
  • There are no by-products of wheat and soy


  • This food is only for the puppies and not for the adults

Newman’s Own Adult Dog Food Formula

​This is another great adult dog food formula which is made in the USA. The perfect blend of this recipe is equally nutritious and tasty for the dogs. The healthy recipe of this dry foods for the Doberman contains organic brown rice and high-grade chicken.

Best Dog Food For Dobermans

Chicken being the first ingredients it provides a lot of protein to the adults to form lean and strong muscles. There is no artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Also, it doesn’t contain any wheat and corn or any of their by-products. The perfect ratio of protein and fat in this dry food is great for the nutritional needs of the adult dogs.


  • High quality natural ingredients
  • No preservatives and artificial colors are used
  • Provides great energy to the Doberman
  • Contains perfect balance of all essential nutrition
  • Dogs love this food because of the great taste


  • Best for adults and not for the puppies


So, based on my personal experiences and researches about the foods that Doberman should have, these are the 5 best options. You need to choose the best dog food for Dobermans according to the age and size of your Doberman. All the above 5 options are really healthy and contain all-natural ingredients rich in nutrition. You will be able to provide a perfect blend of protein and energy to the Doberman through this food.


Orijen vs Royal Canin: Dog Food Comparison

Discovering the right food for your dog is an essential process. There are a lot of brands out there in the market. It can be a difficult task to choose which one is the best one for you. There are many factors to examine while picking the best food brand for your pet.

Elements, for example, product safety, guaranteed analysis, ingredient quality, brand history, and cost are the most critical variables to consider. Royal Canin and Orijen are two of the most well-known and prominent dog food brands in the market. You may fail to know and have a lot of trouble when choosing the one that you can stick with when you are standing there in a dog food aisle.

Orijen Dog Food: Analysis

These dog food prides itself on offering ”biologically best dog food” because they take care of the dog and have an organic and well-balanced diet for canine consumers. Due to that, Orijen work stable to enhance that their food has a lot of concentration of whole meat such as eggs, chicken wild caught fish and red meat.

Because of diversity, this dog food gives a lot of minerals and proteins than other conventional food that is found in the market. Orijen dog foods are incredible for your dog.

With all kind of dogs, it’s essential to look at the ingredients lists that have been used to make the dog food. If you get anything that could bring trouble to your dog, you can ignore that food. But with Orijen dry dog food, there is a lot of advantages to having it. Most of the ingredients that are used to produce it include whole meat like salmon, walleye, whole eggs, turkey, herring, as well as liver, chicken meal and meat and more.

Also, Orijen has a lot of healthy vegetable and fruits such as green and red lentils, peas, chickens, kelp, fennel, blueberries, butternuts and more. When measuring this item by its ingredients, these Orijen dog food are incredibly packed with all natural ingredients; this product contains 5.6 fiber content you will know that your dog will be getting the digestive that assists its needs. Also, the food is basically grain free, which is best to dog owners that have dogs that are sensitive to grains

Like protein, fats are a basic piece of a dog's body. Fats are required for the best possible advancement and capacity of the canine body. Orijen (Canada) does not have grain and is meat-based dry puppy food utilizing an abundance of named meats and organs as its fundamental sources of creature protein, in this way winning the brand five stars.

The other ingredient is chicken liver. this kind of food is best one for your dog. This is meat that is sourced from a named creature and in this way considered a useful segment. Although it is a quality thing, raw organ meat contains around 80% water.

After cooking, the vast majority of that water is lost, decreasing the meat substance to only a small amount of its unique weight. Ingredient incorporates chicken necks. Crude chicken neck comprises of muscle meat and bone and contains ideal levels of both protein and normal calcium.

When you concentrate on numbers, these brazen items are there with the decent dog foods available in the market. Dog Food Advisor research has shown that Orijen product has 30% carbohydrates 20% fat and 42% dry content protein content.

Orijen's food contains more protein and fat compared to another type of food in the market today. However, carbs are on average. Additionally, you cannot beat that level since it contains a lot of vegetable in the dog food items. What I mean on - kelp and fennel? Lentils? Your dog will be eating well compared to many people!

The process that is employed to make the food is also highly laudable. This is one of the considerations you should think when investigating about this product. Also in cultivating flesh local fruits, meats and vegetables from their Canada operations, the organization also infuses the food with best probiotics which helps in boosting the dog digestive and immune system.

Orijen is incredibly healthy and robust solution to your dog’s nutritional requirements. All of the minerals, vitamins, and proteins that your dog will get from this all natural sources that are enough in this world of processed dog foods.

Royal Canin Dog Food: Quick Reviews

This food is another best brand that you can find in the market of doggy health food; they contain touting optimized formulas which given more excellent nutrition to your pets. They have pure breed-specific answers to the dog owners. Royal Canin has existed for a longer time.

They give a lot of products. Mostly they produce dog foods for most popular dogs, from miniature scauzers to pugs and beyond. But with this kind of diversity and specificity, there are some few problems that we will get to it later. After processing, this thing would presumably represent a smaller piece of the total content of the finished item.

Different from Orijen dog food, these royal Canin offers higher promotions of artificial and grain products to give protein and carb to your dog. For Yorkshire Terrier brand of Royal Canin for instance. Ingredients that are mostly found are a chicken by-product meal and brewers rice. Corn gluten and wheat gluten meal can additionally be found in that food. Also vegetable oil, dried beet pulp, cellulose powder, corns and more.

When you get to see ingredients list, you will see some host of other perplexing and confusing ingredients like magnesium oxide and choline chloride, which further speaks to the processed nature and artificiality of the Royal Canin Dog Food. Similar to Orijen, royal Canin contains 5.6% of fiber content that is still good.


Both Orijen and royal Canin are excellent choices for your dog nutrition, however, there some differences that you might consider when making a decision on the type of food for your dog. Orijen is probably the best option compared to another type of dog food.

The Top 5 Best Cheap Dog Food

Finding the best dog food formula can be quite intimidating. Not only are there literally hundreds of different dog foods in the market, but some of them can also be crazy expensive. With the many options on what to feed our dogs, it is understandable that dog owners seem to be on a constant hunt for the best cheap dog food.

Choosing The Best For Your Dog And Your Budget

In theory, all dog food formula is supposed to be the same, but because of the many options available with thousands of different claims, it 's hard to narrow down which one is best for your dog. There are several significant considerations a dog owner must take into account when choosing the best dog food

  • Does it offer complete nutrition?
  • Does your dog like it?
  • Does it give you the value for your money?

These questions are crucial, thus, the perfect dog food for your pet should be positive on all three.

Complete Dog Nutrition

Each dog is unique and so are his or her nutritional needs. Breed, age, physical activity, and general health all contribute to your dog's dietary requirements. As dog owners, it is our responsibility to provide a balanced and complete nutrition to our beloved pets. In choosing the best dog food, consider the following contents:


Dogs typically require a good amount of protein in their daily diet. While there is no absolute recommendation on how much protein a dog should have every day, you and your veterinarian can decide on what you think is the best protein diet for your dog.

Protein is the most important component of a high-quality dog food, and it can be derived from the meat of beef, chicken, lamb, or turkey. Their by-products, such as heart, liver, lungs, or kidneys, can also be a great source of protein. Protein from these sources is ideal because once digested, they are easily broken down into simpler substances called amino acids.

Dogs are unable to make their own essential amino acids. Hence, the protein in their diet is important. The amino acids from the protein content are needed for various metabolic activities, including energy production and maintenance of muscle function and integrity.

Best Cheap Dog Food


Fats, just like proteins, are necessary for many biologic activities, such as keeping the cells healthy and functional. They also aid in vitamin transportation and absorption. They also improve the texture and palatability of the dog food. They keep the dog’s skin pliable and their coat shiny and healthy.

Fats in a dog's diet are normally from animal fats and plant-based oils. Thus, it is necessary for a good dog food formula to contain a variety of these sources. Dogs who have insufficient fat in their diet typically present with a dry coat, and skin that is susceptible to lesions and infections.

If the essential fatty acid called the omega-3 oil is deficient, it can lead to visual problems and reduced learning skill. Fats also act as a secondary energy source when carbohydrate sources become depleted.


Sugars and fibers in the diet are great sources of carbohydrates for dogs; this includes food items such as cereals and legumes. Carbohydrates are the initial energy source as they are easily broken down into glucose, which is the primary requirement for energy production.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals in a dog's diet are usually present in daily food sources like meat, vegetables, and grains. They work together for the dog’s general health and biologic processes, such as neural transmission, energy production, bone and teeth formation, and immune system regulation.

Essential vitamins that dogs require in the diet include vitamins A, D, E, K, C, and B complex, while macrominerals include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and chlorine. Microminerals include iron, copper, zinc, and iodine, among others.

Choosing What’s Best

While most dog foods contain the essential nutrients that your dog needs, not all of them are created equal. That’s why it is important that as pet parents, we form the habit of reading the label before buying the food. But how do you read and analyze a dog food label?

What’s in the package?

It is important to understand that even the most ordinary word on a dog food package means something. For example, when the package says "Beef Dog Food," it means that 95% of the content should be beef protein, apart from water. With the water content included, the beef content can be diluted down to only around 70%.

The protein content of a "Chicken Dinner for Dogs" is different from just "Chicken Dog Food," because the word dinner' on the label actually means that the protein content is only 25%. This is also the case for labels with the words "entrée," "nugget," or "formula."

If a package label says "Beef for Dogs with Cheese," it means that it contains 70% beef and only 3% cheese because anything that says "with" something is required to have only 3% of that ingredient. Additionally, if a label says "beef flavor," it means that there is a minimal amount of that ingredient just to identify the taste.

Best Cheap Dog Food

Understanding the ingredients

The ingredients at the back of the dog food packaging are listed based on weight, thus, if a package lists "chicken" as its primary content, it means that chicken and its water content comprises the majority of the product. Because of the dog's need for essential proteins, it is essential to choose a dog food that lists meat as its dominant ingredient. This ensures that it contains enough protein for your dog's dietary requirement.

The Best Inexpensive Dog Food

Knowing what our dogs need for a balanced and healthy nutrition is the crucial step. Now that we know what to look for in a food package to ensure that our canines only get the best, it is just wise to consider their price point so you can get a good value for your money. Below is a list of the five best cheap dog foods in the market that you can consider to narrow down your options:

Taste of the Wild, Canine Formula

The Taste of Wild Canine Formula is grain-free. Thus, it contains more protein and fats that are easily digestible by the body. It is composed of roasted meats of bison, venison, lamb meal, and chicken meal, which constitute about 32% protein. Dogs love the blend of these protein sources, as well as its fruits and vegetable contents, because they are delectable and flavorful, satisfying their omnivorous nature.

It also contains significant amounts of sweet potatoes, peas, and eggs, which are excellent sources of various nutrients. It also has folic acid content, which is beneficial for canines with intestinal and digestive issues. Folic acid is also necessary for gestating bitches to keep a healthy neural development for the fetus.

best cheap dog food


  • The fusion of flavors from its meat and plant sources gives it an enticing taste that dogs love.
  • It contains at least 32% protein.
  • It is grain-free. Thus, its nutritional content is quickly absorbed and used by the body.
  • It does contain significant amounts of essential vitamins and minerals.


  • Depending on the breed, some dogs may find the flavor too intense.

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Advanced Fitness Dry Dog Food

The phrase “advanced fitness” is what this dog food is. It is ideal for adult dogs to maintain their muscle function at peak, as well as improve their skin and boost their immune system from its Vitamins C and E contents. It is made predominantly of chicken, whole grain wheat, barley, and corn, among others.

Because of its vitamin content, it is highly recommended for dogs with issues in digestion, as well as skin problems. It contains a good amount of Omega-6 fatty acid which addresses various types of skin conditions and improves dry and coarse coat. It is flavorful, easy to digest and absorb, and highly nutritious.

best cheap dog food


  • It contains high levels of vitamins and minerals which help improve your dog's overall health.
  • It has a high protein content that keeps and maintains health and muscle activity.
  • It is manufactured in the US, with high-quality ingredients from New Zealand and Europe.
  • It is all-natural, containing no artificial flavors and preservatives.


  • Some dogs may have an untoward reaction to its high grain content.
  • It is not suitable for dogs with sensitivity to grains or starch.

Hill’s Ideal Balance Grain Free Adult Dog Dry Food

Relative to the Hill’s Advanced Fitness variant, the Ideal Balance is grain free yet complete with necessary nutrients for your dog. It is also gluten-free, which helps in maintaining a healthy weight while still providing enough stamina. Its source of protein is chicken, which most dogs find delicious and easy to chew and digest.

Potatoes are also a predominant ingredient that helps in better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Thus, the Ideal Balance Grain Free is usually recommended for dogs that require gluten-free diets or are allergic to grains or starch.

It contains at least 24.9% protein from chicken. Additionally, it is also enriched with essential fatty acids such as Omega-3 and 6 that help enhance the dog’s skin, coat, and even bladder health. It is a significant source of vitamin C that improves your pet’s energy and immune system. It also contains natural fibers in the form of brown rice for better digestion, as well as cranberries that act as antioxidants.

best cheap dog food


  • Dogs love chicken because it is easy to eat and chew.
  • The blend of flavors from chicken, fruits, and vegetables makes it flavorful.
  • It contains a good amount of protein and fatty acids.
  • It has no wheat, corn, or soy.
  • It does not have any artificial flavors or colors.


  • While it is recommended for adult dogs, it is not typically given to senior ones.
  • It is also not ideal for dogs who are gestating or lactating.

Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Made from Deboned Buffalo, the Merrick Grain Free dog food is absolutely high in protein content with at least 38%. It is recommended for dogs who have grain allergies, or who are prone to develop sensitivity to any type of grain. Being grain-free also ensures easier digestion and nutrient absorption. It also contains about 4% of Omega-6 fatty acid and 0.4% of Omega-3, which aids in maintaining a healthy skin and coat condition. These fatty acids also keep their joints well-lubricated.

Apart from Buffalo, it also contains essential amounts of chicken meal, sweet potatoes, turkey meal, and salmon meal. It contains a variety of fruits such as apples and cranberries, making it high in important vitamins and minerals. It has no soy, corn, wheat, and gluten. The unification of these ingredients results in a savory taste that is appetizing for most dogs.

best cheap dog food


  • It has high protein content.
  • It is composed of 70% protein, and 30% fresh produce.
  • It has a mix of flavor and scent that dogs love.
  • It is ideal for dogs of all ages.


  • Dogs may present with pungent gas with this formula.
  • Some dogs and dog owners may find the smell too strong.

Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition Dry Dog Food

For the price point, Pedigree Adult Complete Nutrition is definitely worth the buck. It provides complete and balanced nutrition with 21% protein, 10% fat, and significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. Its primary ingredient is whole grain corn, meat, and bone meal, as well as animal fat. Flavor variations of chicken, steak, or lamb, are available, depending on what is appealing to your dog.

High grain content ensures better digestion. It is also recommended for overweight dogs, as it will keep them full for a longer time while still getting the nutrients their bodies need. Additionally, it contains Omega-6 to improve skin conditions, especially for older dogs. Enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, this dog food nourishes the immune system, maintains the heart function at peak, and promotes overall health.

best cheap dog food


  • It is available in different flavors, so you can choose which one is most delectable to your dog.
  • It is packed with vitamins and minerals.
  • It is high in protein.
  • It is one of the most inexpensive high-quality dog food in the market.


  • Its grain and gluten content may not be suitable for those with sensitivity to those ingredients.


We treat our dogs like family, and like that, we only want what is best for them especially in terms of nutrition. Choosing among the available dog foods in the market can be a little confusing, but with enough knowledge on your dog's needs, you surely can find the one that will work best for him or her.

As for the above list of the best inexpensive dog food in the market, it can be concluded that the Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food takes the cake. It may be the priciest among the cheap ones, but with its high protein and fresh produce content, you sure will get the best and complete nutrition for your dog. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, enriched with protein and fats, appealing and savory, it sure can be the best choice for a dog food.

Top 5 Best Dog Food For Chihuahua [2018 Buyer’s Guide]

It is no doubt that dogs are one of the most loved pets by people. This is because of how amazing they are and that they make to be good companions to people. Owing to that dog owners for dog breed like chihuahuas simply want the best when it comes to the best dog food for Chihuahua breeds.

What To Look For In Chihuahua Dog Food

There are certain things that dogs need in their food so that they remain strong and healthy. No matter what breed the dog is one thing is common, dogs are very active animals. They will need all the energy they have in order to remain healthy and stay fit every day.

You can help them with this by providing them with the right kind and amount of food in their diet. Chihuahuas are not picky eaters which mean it will be easy to plan out the diet that you want them to have. You can find various types of dog foods at different prices, depending on your preference and budget the dog food you buy should have the following:

  • Wheat gluten
  • Corn gluten
  • Preservatives
  • Food dye
  • Animal fat
  • Corn syrup
  • Sugar
  • Low-quality grain and corn as fillers

See how an owner feeds his chihuahuas with dog food and vitamins

Consider your dog’s health when buying dog food

Even though a lot of owners sometimes skimp on quality when buying dog food, there are some important factors that you should always consider so that you can still buy healthy dog food for your pet chihuahua.Chihuahuas really like tasty foods and you can get them with added meat and vegetables to help with the dog’s nutrition.

The variety of meat that you can feed your dog can be from chicken, fish, beef, lamb, and so on. It can help when the owner is aware that dog food should have at least 40% of meat in it since it is a good source of protein and helps develop the dog’s body.

Be aware of things that your dog should not be eating

As much as you’re aware of what your dog should it,you should also be mindful about what they should not consume. You should avoid dog food that is of low nutrient content. Chihuahuas are dogs that fall under the small sized breeds, this means that you should be able to give them recipes that are high in protein and fat.

Foods that are not meant for a Chihuahua's stomach can easily make them sick and unhealthy. Be a smart dog owner and consult a veterinarian if you’re not sure what are the foods available that you should feed to your dog.

Buying the right kind of dog food for the Chihuahua

Healthy dog food brands can be found in many shops nowadays. If you want a more specific dog food then you can always go to pet stores to check their item selection. There are even online stores that  provide dog food that you may not locally find in your area, thus you can order them off online easily.

Some owners even opt to make their own dog food, but Chihuahuas have this tendency to really like delicious foods and would rather eat them. A few fun flavors and preservatives are available for you to buy if you would like to help satisfy the cravings of your dog.

Buy snacks for your Chihuahua

A lot of dog snacks can be found in stores and it can help when you choose ones that are also healthy for your dog. Always check what the package labels say so that you are sure that your dog will get the right kind and amount of nutrients from the dog food. Check the ingredient list, nutritional facts, and the recommended serving.

However, you should also be wary because a little too much of everything can also be dangerous. Try to avoid dog treats that have too much fat, salt, or sugar since this may possibly destroy your dog’s diet. The crunchy treats have the lesser amount of sugar and they also help strengthen your dog’s teeth.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

How many times should you feed your Chihuahua?

If your dog has uneaten wet food then don’t keep it around and throw it away. Chihuahuas do not store much fat in their bodies and they have a very active appetite as well. You should feed them on a regular basis with the right kind of dog food. Decide how many times you can feed your dog and keep that schedule every day. This helps in adjusting your dog’s digestive tract as well as metabolism.

Chihuahua meals can also depend on how old the dog is and those that are younger than three months would usually eat four times, while dogs in between three to six months usually have three meals per day. When the chihuahua is older you can start feeding them two meals per day.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua


Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Foods For Chihuahua

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free DryDog Food

The Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food is grain free and has a good balance of nutrition that is good for smaller dogs. It is made out of premium turkey and chicken giving the smaller dogs a high-calorie level that can support their need for high energy.

best dog food for chihuahua

It also contains all natural ingredients with no wheat, artificial colors, meat by product, flavors, and preservatives, soy, and corn. It’s a good choice for smaller breeds of dogs because of it the essential vitamins that it offers as well as minerals and also fatty acids such as Omega 3 and 6.

best dog food for chihuahua

The live probiotics, fiber, and prebiotics also help in giving the dog a healthier intestinal tract. The nutrient content of the dog food also helps promote healthier teeth, eyes, and gums for the canines. The high protein levels that the product offers also helps in increasing the lean muscle mass of the smaller dogs and also aids in burning excess fat.


  • Very popular and well reviewed by users
  • Only uses premium ingredients to give the dogs the best nutrients
  • Has an optimal fat and calorie content for healthy dogs
  • Provides a lower carbohydrate diet
  • Promotes healthier weight for the dog
  • Can reduce risk of the dog having diabetes
  • No artificial colors, flavors, orpreservatives
  • Is 100% grain free and also gluten free
  • Includes glucosamine and antioxidants
  • Makes the dog's coat look and feel healthy
  • Good for allergic dogs
  • Cheaper than its rivals and is not fattening the longer the dog eats it


  • Is a bit pricey.
  • Not free from poultry ingredients.

Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The Castor & Pollux Organix Grain Free Dry Dog Food is free from grain and offers four dry dog food products. They all have different recipes that are related to the AAFCO nutrient profile. It promotes growth, maintenance, all life stages, supplemental or unspecified, which you can see on their web page.

best dog food for chihuahua

It contains organic chicken and chicken meal which is also considered as meat concentrate. This has more protein when compared to fresh chicken. This dog food also has organic sweet potato which is naturally rich when it comes to dietary fiber and beta carotene.

best dog food for chihuahua

It also includes organic chickpeas which are also known to some as garbanzo beans. They are fiber rich and very nutritious.The dog food also offers a good amount of carbohydrate through organic peas.One can also find organic tapioca in its ingredients, as it is a gluten free and starchy kind of carbohydrate from the root of a cassava plant.


  • Their ingredients are certified organic and are very healthy for smaller dogs
  • The dog food has met USDA’s National Organic Program guidelines
  • It also contains both grain inclusive as well as grain free kibble as well as canned varieties


  • Some dogs have trouble digesting organic peas in the mix
  • Too much pea or pea fiber in the formula can cause some dogs to have diarrhea issues
  • Dogs’ stool begins to loosen when eating the formula
  • The food doesn’t come in large bags, it is only available in 4-pound bags

Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety

The Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety has twelve dog food flavors that customers can expect. It is an above average dry dog food that has a protein content of 41%, fat level of 23% and also 29%of carbohydrates. 

best dog food for chihuahua

The meat content in the product is not yet exactly determined, however, it is expected to be abundant. Overall the product has average protein content and a mean level of the fat content. This would also mean that the carbohydrate content of the dog food is around 32%.

best dog food for chihuahua

The fat and protein ratio of the dog food is around 50% which means that it has above average protein content and fat, however, it has below average carbohydrate content.This product is meat based and has a number of named meats as the main sources of animal protein.


  • Grain free
  • Dogs instantly like it
  • Gives relief for pets that have weight issues as well as skin and coat problems
  • It is also good for dogs that have grain allergies and even intolerance
  • It has freeze and dried raw pieces that give natural enzymes promoting digestive health
  • The ingredients are pure to enable optimal absorption of nutrients
  • The dogs’ coats and skins are generally healthier owing to the essential fatty acids that it has
  • It is complete and also balanced for all breeds in all ages


  • Can be very pricey

Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

The Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food is an above average product for dry dog food. It has a dry matter protein of 38&, fat levels of 13% and carbohydrate rating of 41% estimated. Its average protein content is around 38% and has a man fat of 17% and the fat to protein ratio is around 44%.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

It is one of the well-known dog food brands that people love to buy for their pets. It is popular because of its holistic contents and because they assure that the dog food they offer is 100% natural and also grain free. The product also has smaller size intended for puppies and includes antioxidants, probiotics,minerals, and vitamins.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

It also has flax as well as fish omega that gives the dog a healthy skin and coat. The product also offers DHA for brain and eye development.


  • Only has premium quality ingredients that can give dogs pure benefits
  • Dog’s coat improves because of high nutritional value
  • Great for dogs that have allergies
  • Is gluten free, grain free and rich in protein
  • Does not have wheat, soy, corn and other meat-by products
  • It does not have any preservatives, artificial flavors or colors
  • Helps increase dog’s appetites
  • Is a protein powerhouse product 


  • Can be quite pricey compared to similar products
  • It is not poultry free and can be incompatible for dogs that are allergic to poultry

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food

The Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food is a holistic dog food product that has been created for holistic purposes. It is targeted for adult dogs to promote holistic and healthy diet. All their formulas begin with real meat garden veggies, whole grain, fruit and added Life Source Bits.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

Its flavor is an amazing blend of nutrients and they have been mixed with a Super 7 package of ingredients which are anti oxidant rich. The recipe that this product offers is protein rich, delicious, and most of all healthy. It offers high-quality protein intended to improve healthy muscle development for dogs.

Best Dog Food For Chihuahua

It also promotes calcium and phosphorus that keeps the teeth and the bones of the dog strong. Not only that but the product also has glucosamine which helps with the joint health and supports its mobility. Owners can also expect no wheat, corn,soy, chicken, or poultry in this product.


  • It is easy to digest for dogs
  • Improves dogs’ coats and skin
  • Tasty and nutritional
  • Dogs naturally like the taste
  • It is a good value product
  • Great for dogs that have allergies
  • Has a non-allergenic formula
  • Promotes better digestion for dogs


  • Can be quite pricey
  • High-calorie count may result in dogobesity
  • Even with a low-fat formula owner shave to reduce each portion so that dogs don’t gain unnecessary weight

Deciding Which Is The Best Chihuahua Dog Food

Overall, the Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety has come out as one of the best options for chihuahua dog food because of how its quality towered over the rest. It’s one of those products that give time and effort into putting all the needed nutrients and proteins that dogs need in their formula.

A lot of customers have felt gratitude about how the product has kept itself on top of the game and always providing the best for the dogs with its healthy ingredients.

Its stands above the rest because it did not give any bad effects on the dogs consuming it except for the time it changed formulas. This means that the formula  before has been well accepted by the dogs and that they had no problem in adapting to the ingredients as well as the taste which this product has to offer.

It is definitely one of the products that dog owners want to stay and keep on buying in the market because of the positive reviews. Quality always beats out quantity and Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Recipe Natural Dry Dog Food by Nature's Variety is right here to do just that.


Top 5 Best Dog Food For Beagles

Beagle is one of the most popular dog breeds with a gentle and amiable nature. They are very friendly and many people love to keep them as their pets. If you too are an owner of beagles, then you must know it is very important to feed them right. With the right and proper food, they grow and develop faster.

Even it will help them to stay healthy and good. You have to make sure that you choose the best dog food for beagles. There are many such foods available in the market which can confuse you to select one. To make it easier for you, here are some of the tips, guides and best product reviews that will help you to choose the best food for your pet dog.

How To Choose The Best Food?

Choosing the right food for beagle is very much important as this will provide them the essential nutrition to grow and develop. Just like you can never compromise with the food you eat, you should never do the same with your dog. They also need the right nutrition, balanced food and healthy ingredients to stay healthy and grow in the right way. So, here are some of the important tips for choosing the right food for beagle:

​Reputed brand

Make sure that the brand you are opting is a well-reputed brand. It is always preferable to choose a USA based brand that doesn’t use any ingredients from China. A good brand will ensure that you get the best product. But before you choose one, it is always recommended to do your own research about the brand.

​Check reviews

When you are choosing a particular food for your dog, always check the reviews. See what other dog owners have to say about the particular product. Is it helpful and healthy? I have reviewed top 5 best foods for pet beagles. You can check those products to buy one.

​Premium ingredients

While buying a food for your beagle make sure that you are choosing a product that provide with the best and most premium ingredients. If the ingredients are natural then it will be really helpful for your dog.

Best Dog Food For Beagles


No fillers

Often some products use a lot of fillers in the food to increase the wait. These fillers are not good for the health of your dog. Naturally, dogs don’t understand this and they swallow the fillers along with other foods. This can be a potential threat to the overall health of your beagles. So, be aware!

No artificial colors and flavors

There are some brands that add artificial colors and flavors in name of meats and whole foods. Do not fall into these traps. Artificial colors and flavors can be really harmful for your pet dogs. So, it is always better to stay away from those brands that contains a lot of preservatives, artificial color and flavors. This may enhance the taste of the food which your dogs will love but they are not good for their health in long run.

​Things To Consider

There are certain things that you must consider while buying the best dog food for beagles. Certain things are very much important and should always look for these things while buying. Some of the most important things to consider in the product you are buying:

Real Meats

Some brands promise to provide real meats but in real they don’t. So, it is very much essential for you to make sure that the product you are buying has to have real meats. Meat protein is extremely important as well as beneficial for the health and growth of your pet beagles.

Thus, real meats in the dog food provide them with the optimum amount of protein. Real meats can be of any animals like lamb, chicken or turkey. You can choose one based on your beagle’s personal favorite.

Proper Balance

Proper balance of all the important nutrition and minerals is very much important. A right dog food will contain all the vital nutritional values like protein, calcium and phosphorus. They will also have right amount of calorie in order to provide good level of energy and stamina to the dog. A balanced diet is quite essential for your dog to grow and develop faster and stronger.

Natural Ingredients with No Grains

It is very much important to consider that the food you are buying has all natural ingredients. A natural food will eliminate all types of artificial color and flavors. Even majority of the dog foods contain 30% of grains approximately. Try to consider the product that has no grains. There are many all-natural grain free foods available for your beagles.

Best Dog Food For Beagles


​Advantages & Disadvantages Of Dog Foods

Finding the best dog food for beagles is very much essential in order to give your pet right amount of energy and strength. These foods have a lot of advantages which can be really beneficial for your pet beagles. But on the other hand, there are some disadvantages too. Before you buy a product, it is important for you to know both the advantages and possible disadvantages. Here are these:


  • Nutrition plays a vital role when it comes to dog’s growth and development. With the right dog food, they get all the balanced nutritional values essential for having strong bones and muscles
  • It helps to enhance the immunity system and the digestive power of the dog. Thus, the beagle foods help to maintain a healthy and good lifestyle
  • They will also have longer life because of the vital nutrition they are getting every day from the dog’s food.The skin and hair of the pets will also get better and denser due to the right dog food.
  • These foods taste really good and your dogs will love eating them. So, you will not face any kind of difficulty in feeding your beagle puppies.
  • It also helps to increase the energy level of your dogs. So, they can lead a very active lifestyle and perform a lot of tasks without getting tired


  • Some of the foods contain artificial coloring which can be harmful for the dogs’ health. This can promote a lot of diseases in them
  • Artificial flavors may add taste to the food which your dog will love but in the long run they are not getting the nutrition
  • If you fail to choose the right dog food product then it can be really bad for overall health and lifestyle of your pets

Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Beagle Foods

I have selected the top 5 best dog food for beagles based on my researches and personal experiences. I have two of them at my house and they love to have these foods:

#1: Royal Canin Puppy Dry Dog Food, Medium

If you have a beagle puppy at your home, then this is one of the options to choose. I found this to be the best based on my personal experiences. When I first bought this, my beagle puppies loved it a lot. Besides that it has a good combination of nutrients which is quite supportive for their health as well as digestion. Puppies are quite active and they need a lot of energy sources.

This food is indeed the best to meet their high energy level. Another benefit of this food is that it helps a lot in skeletal development for the beagles. It supplies the essential phosphorous and calcium contents to make sure your puppy grows quite well. The best thing that I liked about this product is the perfect mineral balance to support the skeletal and mental development of puppies.


  • Balanced food with good nutritional value
  • Beagle puppies love this food
  • Extremely helpful to provide protein and energy to puppies


  • Product is only for the puppies weaning to 12 months.

#2: Eukanuba Senior Dry Dog Food

This is another option that you can opt for when your puppies become adults. It is for the senior dogs because of the senior lamb and rice formula. This product contains lamb as the first ingredients which help the senior dogs to maintain quite strong muscles.

I love this product a lot because of its balanced nutritional values and some great ingredients in it. Thus, it helps your dog to stay healthy and fit. It contains no fillers at all and is extremely beneficial to enhance the metabolism in them and keep them active and lean throughout.

This food also helps to enhance their immunity system providing ample amount of antioxidants.


  • Real lamb protein for lean and strong muscles
  • Contains exact amount of antioxidants
  • Perfect balance of nutrition to enhance health
  • Senior dogs love this food


  • It is only for the dogs who are 7+ years old

#3: Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

Majority of the dog foods have about 20 to 30 percent of grains in them. If you do not want grains in your dog’s food and want grain free, you can definitely try this product. It has a proper balance of nutrition that the dogs need every day. It is quite rich in protein as it is made up of premium quality chicken and turkey.

The optimum calorie content in this dog food is also great for supplying sufficient energy to the beagles. If you ask about my personal favorite, I will say this is the best dog food for beagles with all natural ingredients.

There is no by-products or artificial colors and flavors that can be harmful for your dogs. It also doesn’t contain any preservatives. I love this dog food because of all the good ingredients in it.


  • All natural product and premium ingredients
  • Completely grain free
  • Doesn’t contain any artificial products or preservative
  • Contains balanced everyday nutrition
  • Rich in protein to provide adequate energy


  • Your dog may take a while to get adjusted to this new food without grains.

#4: Merrick Classic Small Breed Dry Dog Food

Just like us, dogs also love to have foods that taste really good. So, if you want to give your dogs a really tasty as well as healthy treat, then this can be a good option. It is made up of real chicken, green peas and brown rice. Undoubtedly, it is quite healthy providing all types of essential nutrition to your dog.

It provides required protein as well as carbohydrate so that your dog gets sufficient energy as well as strength. This food is very rich in Omega 3 glucosamine, Omega 6 as well as Chondroitin.

All the balanced nutrition present in this dry dog food helps the dog to get the best result. This product contain 60% of meat protein, 20% of whole grains and 20% of fresh produce.


  • Safe and natural ingredients
  • Balanced nutritional value for dogs
  • Dogs will love the taste of this
  • Contains high protein for strengthening the muscles


  • You may find small quality of grains it it.

#5: Whole Earth Farms

Another personal favorite dog food that I will recommend is this one. It is a naturally nutritious recipe with some premium ingredients in it. This has high-quality protein as its first ingredient with lots of goodness. This is a perfect balance of nutrition that a dog may require on daily basis.

If you are really interested in buying your pet some natural and health pet food, this is it. It comes at a very affordable price and tastes really good. My beagles love to feast on this food.

This product is complete made in USA and all the ingredients used are natural and are of premium quality. There is no ingredients from China and it is absolutely safe for your beagles. They will love to have it.


  • High quality and natural ingredients
  • Good for your pet’s health and fitness
  • It increase the fitness level and strength
  • Contains all the essential nutrition
  • Very tasty for the dogs to love it


  • Best for the puppies and not for the adults.


These are some of the best dog food for beagles that you can buy. Make sure to keep each and every factors in mind while buying the food for your dog. It is natural that they will take some time to adjust with the new food, but do not every force them.

These top 5 foods have great taste which will naturally lure your pets. Besides that they are really nutritious and perfect for providing strength and energy to your dog. So, if you are looking for a product to buy, make sure to choose one from the above.