CBD Oil and Pets: What to Know About?

Whether you have been growing up with your pet or you have recently taken it, it’s very hard to see them sick. Having in mind that many people see them as their kids, not just a furry addition to their family, seeing your pet suffering makes you feel helpless. And, although there are many conventional medications for most health conditions, they usually harm your pet’s liver or other organs of their body.

 That’s why a lot of pet owners turned to alternative medicine. As it’s known, a lot of people started giving CBD oil to their pets. They usually give CBD for anxiety, pain relief, and digestive issues (nausea and lack of appetite). According to their claims, it helps their pets feel better and reduces their symptoms.

 Although the research in this field is still in its early stage there is enough proof that CBD oil is safe for pets. However, you need to be careful when choosing the CBD product. It’s because not all CBD products on the market are equally efficient and safe. So, here’s a short guide on what to consider when choosing a CBD oil product for your pet.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Your Pet?

 Of course, the first thing you would like to know is the safety of the product and its effect on your furry buddy. According to the World Health Organization report from 2017, CBD oil is safe for animals. This is because there’s no or a bit less than 0.3% THC in it, which means there isn’t enough of it to affect your pet’s health. However, you still need to be careful when choosing the CBD product because not all products on the market are good, safe, and of the highest quality. Click here to know how CBD can be given to pets and other animals and relieves them of pain.

How to Choose a Quality CBD Oil for Your Pet?

In order to ensure your pet is safe, you have to choose a high-quality CBD oil. That means to find a product that complies with the safety rules. To do that, you need to look at the following things:

  • The brand – the CBD oil should come from a well-known brand that offers full transparency of their products. They should have good customer support, provide all necessary documents and reports (Certificate of Analysis), and offer a money-back guarantee.
  • The country of origin – the product should come from a plant (either cannabis or hemp) that has been grown in a country where growing it is legal. That will ensure that the soil and water where it has been grown are clean and the growing conditions comply with the safety regulations.
  • The extraction method – the oil can be extracted in a couple of different ways, including CO2 extraction, dry ice extraction, olive oil extraction, and solvent extraction. But since not all of them are equal in terms of quality and production, you should choose a CBD product that has been produced using the CO2 extraction method whenever possible. And, you should never choose the one produced with a solvent extraction method because it uses harmful substances, including propane, butane, ethanol, alcohol, or isopropyl.
  • The contents – when choosing a product, you should always have a look at its label. In this way, you will make sure it doesn’t contain THC (or contains it in the allowed amount) or any other harmful substance.
  • The Certificate of Analysis – although you should always check the label, some companies don’t show all contents or their correct amount. In order to ensure the product contains only the things listed on the label and in the right amount, you should always look for a Certificate of Analysis. This is an analysis report that is provided by a third-party lab that shows the exact contents and their amount in the product and its potency.
  • Other factors – when choosing a CBD oil product for your pet, you should also consider whether it is organic or not. If you find an organic product, choose that one over the others. It will ensure that the plant the oil is derived from has been organically grown, which means that it hasn’t been treated with toxic substances, such as pesticides and herbicides. Another thing to have in mind is whether or not your pet is taking medications. It’s because some medications may interact with CBD oil negatively and/or CBD can impact the efficiency of those medications.

CBD oil products for pets come in different types. Therefore, you can find treats, tinctures, capsules, and topical creams. And, although they are all efficient, they are not equally potent since each of them has different absorption rate and It’s differently effective for each pet’s health condition. Regardless of which type of CBD oil product you choose, you should always make sure it’s of the best quality.

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