Choosing the Right Harness for Your Adventure-Loving Dog

Whether you have a puppy to train or looking forward to making your dog-walks a better experience, finding the right dog harness for your pup can be a complicated task.

A recent survey shows that of the 16% dog owners who use dog gear regularly, 56% of them use a dog harness. It effectively ensures that your pet is comfortable during travel, walks, and even exercise. There is a myriad of harnesses available in the market.

Below listed are a few factors that will help you select the right dog harness for your furry friend.


A perfect-fitting harness will be one that affects your pet’s movement the least. The harness needs to be adaptable to the pet’s body. Ideally, it should fit your dog with adequate spacing between itself and the dog’s body.

For instance, the H-shaped structure of the harness is an excellent option for dogs without the typical sled shape. It offers a uniform distribution of pressure from the breast along the dog’s entire body. The adjustable chest and back sections make the harness adapt perfectly to the shape of your pup.

Material Quality

On an adventurous trip with your dog, the dog harness will inevitably get scraped in mud and endure wear and tear. The tenacity and the lifetime of a harness will depend on the high-quality material of the dog gear.

For instance, leather is a good option, since it is less likely to cause skin irritation. The other excellent alternative is nylon, as it is easy to maintain. However, you may give due consideration to your dog’s skin conditions and allergies before deciding the harness material.

Harness Should Cover Least Body Surface Area

The lesser contact of the harness with your dog body aids in its better and free movement.

For example, the carefully designed H-shaped no-pull harness will tighten slightly when your dog pulls. However, the dog feels the strain near the armpits, instead of the neck, avoiding rubbing and irritation. The harness touches the least body part, ideal for your dog to wear while running and hiking.

Sweat Control and Moisture Resistance

Like us, dogs also sweat. The dog harness you choose should be capable of absorbing the sweat, ensuring the hygiene of your pet, and avoiding severe infections. The dog harnesses come with effective padding underside, that takes the sweat, permitting adequate airflow towards the pup’s body.

In the case of a humid climate, the dog harness absorbs a lot of humidity, and it does not dry out quickly. A moisture-resistant harness will best suit such an environment, to keep your dog free from bacteria and fungal infections.

Additional Features

Check out for other features like reflective stripes that make your pet visible, even in the night. You can also go for a harness with a durable handle that can help you to restrain your dog.

A practical harness offers security on the trail, protects your dog from a potential neck injury, and has exceptional features to help you manage your pet in steep terrain. Assess all the factors that make an excellent dog harness, and choose the one that suits your dog for an exciting outdoor adventure.

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