Choosing The Best Natural Multivitamin For Dogs

Multi-vitamins are supplements composed of different nutrients and minerals. Similar to humans, dogs also need vitamin supplements to stay healthy and support normal growth. Vitamins aren’t naturally synthesised by the body and both animals and people have to get them from the foods that they eat to maintain optimal health.

When it comes to vitamins, both the human and animal bodies need vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K and choline. Dogs also need vitamins though the number of vitamins differs from that required by humans. Dogs’ specific nutritional needs include vitamin K, vitamin B1 (thiamine), riboflavin and niacin (also known as vitamins B2 and B3), vitamin B6 and folic acid. One daily multivitamin provides your dog with essential nutrients that may be missing from the diet and can help them live a healthier life. Here’s to choosing the best natural multivitamins for dogs.

Check the brand credibility

Brand credibility plays an important role when it comes to ensuring that you get the right product. Check to see if the brands are carrying out any clinical studies of their products. If yes, there should be information on how the products have performed.The brand also has to have confirmed practice to manufacture the products and confirmed expertise in the field. 

Check the labels

Carefully read the labels on the package or bottle to ensure that the multivitamin is of high quality and safe to take. Also, consider reading the formula and how much of an ingredient is actually in the food. It should contain a combination of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. These include magnesium, iron, vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B and more. All these will help to promote your dog’s long-term health. Antioxidants will help promote your pet’s immune system and natural vitality.

Look out for unrealistic claims

Advertisements and information on packaging is meant to increase consumer awareness of a product and give information that will ensure that you make an educated choice. But, in some cases, brands use marketing strategies that are focused more on making sales than providing accurate product information. Look out for unrealistic claims that sound too good to be true. 

Consider your dog’s health history

If your dog has ever been diagnosed with a vitamin/mineral deficiency, multivitamins might be the best option. Multivitamins should not be a substitute for a better diet. Check with your dog’s vet to ensure that multivitamins are right for your dog. But, the best is to give your dog specific vitamins and minerals instead of “multivitamins” which only serve as supplements. If possible, stick to a home-prepared balanced diet in addition to the vitamins and mineral supplements. 

Supplements are effective but they are not medication. Most have not been tested and proven to work the same way as medications. They can be purchased without a prescription and their use comes with a certain amount of risk. Consider your pet’s health and the ingredients in the vitamin supplements before purchasing and always monitor your dog during use. Check out this natural multivitamin for dogs to help fill in any nutritional gaps your dog may have.

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