All You Need To Know About Corgi Beagle Mix

Do you know how a Corgi Beagle mix would look? Or how good a pet they would be for you and your family? Well, one thing for sure, this breed would surely be one of the cutest one of all.

Corgis are one of the popular ones with their tiny feet, upright ears, and small and fluffy structure. Sometimes they are also called dwarf dogs. Their adorable walks and hopping just melt away everyone’s heart. However, their appearance isn’t all that is to show. They also have a pleasant personality.

They are playful, full of fun, friendly and what not!

If you think about any other breed that would be as much as friendly as Corgi’s, then look at Beagles! They are another fantastic house dog edition. Although beagles come from a long history of hound family, they are actually really friendly and cute.

They have a compelling sense of smell and is perfect for a hunting session.

So, what do you think? Don’t you think that the pair would just rock? Definitely would be great to welcome to your family someday. But are they really your type of your breed?

I’ve put together all you need to know about Corgi Beagle Mix just to make sure that you know every detail before welcoming one in your family. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Corgi Beagle Mix

Corgi Beagle Mix: What Exactly Are They?

A Corgi Beagle mix is the beautiful brood of a corgi and beagle. People also call them Beagi, for a unique, charming personality and a cute appearance.

They will get characteristics from both of their parents. However, you will see their crossbreed characteristics too! There will be a more dominant nature when they start to grow up!

You may already know that both the parent breed shows a different type of personality towards humans and other species. Beagles have a more hunting type instinct and are one of the best sniffers. On the other hand, Corgis have a slightly playful behavior.

However, in both cases, they are incredibly enthusiastic, amiable, intelligent and gentle.

That’s why before welcoming one into your family, you need to know how to take care of them entirely.

Corgi Beagle Mix: Their Physical Characteristic

If you have any previous experience about Corgi or Beagle, you can get a slight idea how their breed would look like. The physical features are somewhat a mystery. They could take up the Beagle side or the Corgi side.

It will always be a surprise when it comes to Beagi. But there are more or fewer similarities. Let’s check out what they are!

Coat Type

Just like their parents, Beagi would have a soft, silky coat. Beagles and Corgis have thick and short lengthen jacket, so it’s no surprise when their offspring get that too! They could shed from time to time depending on the weather as the season.

If they take up after Corgis, then Corgi Beagle mix would shed their coat during spring and fall. However, their coats are thick enough to keep them warm throughout the season.

The Color Of The Coat

The color also varies from breed to breed. Corgi beagle mix might have tri color like beagle’s; it could also be a white and lemon combined. Other than that, their coat colors can be brown and white, black and white, chocolate tri shade, white and orange, sable, fawn, different shades of black, red and white, tan and white and many more.

Beagi will be simply stunning to look at!

Eye Color

They usually have a mix of brown and hazel color eye. But the eye color solely depends on the parents. If any of the parents have a different eyeshade, it’s likely to have a combination of that shade.

The shape of the Ears: The shape of the ear varies the most. They can either take up Corgis uptight, pointy ears or they could take long, floppy beagle ears.

What About Their Weight?

This particular crossbreed will be medium weighed. So, they will consider somewhere in between 10 to 20 pounds. The weight also depends on the diet you give to your dog.

The Height

Not tall in any way. They could take up the form of the Corgis and have short legs. This makes them a somewhat unique crossbreed compared to others. Also, there are some rare cases where they could take up the height of beagles and go about 33-41 centimeter.

However, it could depend on the gender of the dog.

Physique Nature

It doesn’t matter if they are tall or shot, they will always display a stocky and robust physique. Not muscular in any way, but they do have a slightly fuller physical appearance. This makes them fit for any exercises or outdoor activities.

Corgi Beagle Mix

How Well Does Corgi Beagle Mix Behave?

Friendly Nature

They are just as warm and gentle as they look. These breeds are loving dogs that are loyal to their owners in every way. They are a great family dog, as they show a good deal of companionship and affection towards the members.

If you are worried about interaction with other pets or other neighbor dogs, then don’t worry. These are so friendly that they will befriend other pets or dogs really fast. They are not the aggressive type like other dogs.

However, the behavior will depend on the breeding parents and training they received.

They could also show a protective attitude towards their owner if they sense any strangers or other unknown dogs that could harm them. They have a beagle background so, being a little feisty might be in their nature after crossbreed.

Intelligent Level

They are not only a looker breed. Behind those charming face, stocky physic and fluffy coat, they are actually quite brilliant. Their impressive level of intelligent is straightly inherited from their parents.

They show a high level of responsiveness to basic command, tricks and training. However, they are usually trained as a guard dog or working dog. But if you teach them, they will surely come in handy when in need.

Playful and Active Nature

Corgi beagle mix is always open to play around with you, just all other dogs in the world. Play fetch or run across the field or backyard, play with their chew toys, they’ll be more than eager to join you.

Their parents are full of energy, so it’s likely that beagi will get the same level of power too! They won’t be happy being locked up or left along for a long time. So, make sure to consider this before going for one because you have to be active in order to maintain them.


Well, they have beagle blood in them, so it’s not weird for them to be stubborn sometimes. It’s also a typical situation for any dog; they are stubborn one time or another. So, you need to patient with them. They can get to chasing something rather than obeying your order because of their hunter instincts.

They could also show resistance to your command or tricks and might not respond to it for the first time. However, they will eventually warm up to you. It somewhat depends on the time you spend with them and the amount of training.

Good Hunters

You can bring up you beagi like the Beagles. As they already have hunter blood running through them, you can train them to be hunter dogs. Sometimes they could be on the run after a rat or some other prey.

Corgi Beagle Mix

How Do You Train Your Corgi Beagle Mix Pup?

Patience is the key here! You’ll have to have a tremendous amount of patient while dealing with this one. As they have a stubborn side, it could hold them back from obeying your orders at first.

Well, if you work hard, they will surely obey your command and respond to doing tricks. Just be a little firm with your Beagi, and it will all be a bit easier than you think.

Without training, they would still go along with other pets or dogs or even humans, but the exercise would affect the process greatly. It’s a massive step towards their development. You can also let your dog participate in other sociable and outdoor activities to make them more obedient in the long run.

Beagi will be outgoing, and you’ll have to take him walking or playing outside. If you don’t train them well enough, they could run off! Also, putting them on a leash would require you to get them comfortable with it first.

As you know that they’re quite stubborn, taking them outside without any training isn’t a good idea here.

You can use playpens if you want to play with him indoors and don’t want to mess up your sofa and stuff. Playing with them on a daily basis will keep them happy, fit and healthy.

What Type of Foods Do They Eat?

Caring for a dog can be tough. You have to take care of their nutritious need and maintain their diet so that they don’t get too fat or too skinny. If you want your Corgi beagle mix to be healthy and robust, feed him a proper diet with nutrients. This will help them to develop faster.

You can go to a vet and take u their suggestion and plan a diet according to that. But whatever you do, don’t let them eat too much out of love. This will make them obese and develop other health issues along with it.

You can give them dog food specially made for beagles or weight management foods. You can also provide them with food appropriate for corgis. But make sure to see which ones they like best. As they come from a mixed breed, they could develop a unique taste.

However, always make sure that your dog gets the best treatment and feed him high-quality food. Your dog will need protein along with Vitamins as well, don’t forget that.

 Corgi Beagle Mix Grooming Session

If you are worried about shedding, then you’re in luck. Beagi isn’t one of the heavy shedders; they are somewhat moderate. That’s why grooming wouldn’t be a huge problem for this cute pups.

You’ll just have to brush them frequently and give them a nice bath regularly. It would be a plus point if you can trim your dog’s nail regularly with a clipper. Also, always pick the perfect shampoo for your dog.

You can try out natural shampoos rather than chemical ones. Not only beagi’s but every dog is sensitive to chemicals. Make sure to avoid them at all cost.

Choosing the perfect shampoo and maintaining the coat will leave your Corgi beagle mix dog’s coat shinier than ever.

Some Health Issues You Should Look Out For

Mix breeds are a little more likely to fall sick than pure breeds. So, look out for potential health issues. They could inherit a few problems over the time such as back and joint problem, ear infection, epilepsy, and seasonal allergies.

If you see anything unusual, then contact your vet right away. Leaving things as is will only make it worse for your beloved pet.

How Long Do They Live?

I know you want your precious pet to live as long as you can, but unfortunately, that’s not the case with dogs. The corgi beagle mix or Beagi will have a maximum lifespan of 12-15 years. I know it’s not enough, but make every single day count.

Make sure to provide excellent care to help them live a fuller life.

So, Are Corgi Beagle Mix The Right One For You?

Want an excellent family dog? Then the corgi beagle would be perfect for the occasion. Not only they are exceptional, but their physical features also make them a great looker.

So, if you want to get yourself a loving and caring Beagi, then always remember this fact. They will help you decide whether they’re the right one for you.

  • They are incredibly loving, outgoing, friendly, gentle and active. But they are also stubborn sometimes. So, you’ll need a lot of patients.
  • They come with a higher energy level.
  • Beagi needs the constant taking care of and a great diet to maintain their health.
  • They could develop back and joint problem, seasonal allergies, epilepsy and ear infections.
  • Beagi has a lifespan of 12-15 years.

Are you still confused about Beagi’s? Then ask us any question in the comments, don’t hesitate, we always answer back!

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