Why You Need To Know Everything About Corgi Husky Mix?

Are you in love with Huskies and Corgis? I can’t blame you, they are both cute and adorable at the same time! Huskies are one of the best companions you can get and Corgis are a joy to be around.

But if you are in a dilemma between these two awesome dog breeds then take their mix! What? Can’t believe me?

Corgi Husky mix does exist and they are the cutest and fun dogs you can ever get. These dogs are also called “Siborgi” and “Horgi”. And that’s why I’ll be sharing all you need to know about the Corgi Husky mix.

After knowing all about this wonderful mix breed, I’m sure you’ll want one as a companion.

So, let’s take a look at them, shall we?

Corgi Husky Mix: What Exactly Are They?

To make it simpler if a purebred Siberian Husky and Welsh Corgi are bred, we get Corgi Husky mix. We will get the same results breeding a Siborgi and Welsh Corgi too!

To understand the concept even better, let’s take a look at their parent!

Siberian Huskies are a type of worker breed. They were brought up to pull sledges, making their legs longer. A mature Husky will weigh about 35-60 pounds. Being a little mischievous, these beautiful looking dogs have large ears and highly expressive persona.

On the other hand, Welsh Corgis are short and cute herding dog breeds. They are highly known for their short legs and squirmy eyes, melting everyone’s hearts. These will grow up to 30 pounds or less.

The Corgi Husky mix will get the short legs of Corgis and the wolf look of Huskies, being a great looker, to begin with.

Temperament of This Wonderful Breed

As they aren’t a pure breed, they tend to have qualities from both worlds. Although you have to remember that, the results will vary from Siborgi to Siborgi. They are not a pure breed, so the characters will depend more on one parent.

But they can have more or less of these characters, making them a wonderful companion for anyone:

Really Friendly

These cute little muffins will be friendly to any new people but they won’t trust you right away. Even so, don’t expect them to be over-friendly with anyone.


This amazing mix breed is known for their love and caring traits. They’re a joyful companion to fulfill an emotional need.

Highly Sociable

Corgi Husky mix dogs will defiantly have sociable traits from their parents. These dogs love entertaining. They will even bond with other animals pretty quickly and play with them.


They have an adventurous persona, being eager for any change. Love them, cuddle them, they’ll get so pleased just with that.


Siborgis will always be on alert, making them one of the best guard dogs for you. If you can train them well enough, they’ll even stop excessive barking.


These dogs are known for their intelligence. They’ll catch onto stuffs easily, making them a great trainee.

Most Loyal One

If you want a loyal pet that puts you before anyone else then Corgi Husky mix dogs should be your first call. They will never betray you and will stay by your side throughout their whole life.

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How Much Do They Weigh?

The weight varies from 20-50 pounds. Usually, they take up Corgis shape and size, so typically they’ll be 20-30 pounds. So, if you want a husky but can’t actually manage the enormous size, get a Siborgi.

Although if you see a more husky train in him, he’ll probably grow up to be 50 pounds.

A Breed Full Of Colors

Mixing one breed with another will always result in unpredictability. That’s why you can’t know for sure what color mix your dog will have. Corgi Husky mix breed can have a different color mix when they’re just puppies and later develop into one of the parent’s colors.

They usually have:

  • Red
  • Agouti
  • Gray
  • Sable
  • Brindle
  • Black
  • Dark Brown

Other than these, they’re likely to have white markings from both parents.

Check Out the Mix Coat

Your Corgi Husky mix will surely have a medium length, straight and thick coat. The thick layer will make them waterproof. He can inherit the coat from any parent or from both of them.

If it takes after the Husky, the coat will be longer and if it takes after the Corgi, it’ll be of medium length.

Maintaining Your Mix Breed


The Corgi Husky Mix is a moderately active dog and needs to be taken on at least one walk per day to keep him happy and healthy.

They can get cranky when you’re not being active enough. They’ll be on their best behavior if you let them off the leash. That’s why you’ll need to train them properly for a total recall.

If you are really busy and don’t have time then you can try out play dates. Play dates with other dogs will calm him down and give him the exercise he needs. Clearly a better solution to all your problems.


Taking after their parents, a Siborgi will definitely be a shedder. That’s why you’ll need to get a hold of a good brush and a vacuum cleaner. You have to brush him once or twice a day to keep all the shedding at bay.

It’s super easy, no need to panic. They’ll also need regular showering with dog shampoo. After shampooing, use conditioner for their long coat. It’ll make them more silky and shiny.

Try to wipe the ears too regularly with a moist cotton cloth or ball. Try to be as gentle as possible, you don’t want to hurt your buddy now, do you?

Do They Have Any Health Issues?

With shorter legs and longer bodies, these mix breed dogs tend to have back problems. It can become worse if they gain too much weight or become obese. That’s why you need to make sure they’re in perfect health, having a perfect weight.

Other issues may include skin problems, eye diseases, dysplasia, etc. If they are well taken care of, you’ll probably won’t face these health issues.

How Long Will He Live?

Any mix breed dogs will live just as long as their parents. So, for a Corgi Husky mix, it’ll be from 12 to 15 years.

Are These Furry Mix Breed the Right One For You?

Corgi Husky mix breeds can be the perfect companion for you if you want an active, fun-loving dog. They are one most friendly, caring and adventurous dog breeds. You’ll certainly be full of life once you get yourself a Siborgi.

But before the final call, you should make sure a few things.

  • Meet the parents beforehand. If they are not well behaved, your puppy can also have this trait.
  • You won’t have to warm them in cold weather for their long length coat, but you have to groom them regularly to deal with the shedding.
  • They are active, so if you are a couch potato, they’ll get bored easily. Take them out on walks regularly to prevent that.
  • Their shorter legs prone to develop back problems. Make sure they stay healthy and doesn’t jump on and off high platforms too much.

Get a Corgi Husky mix, I’m sure you’ll love them!

Already own one? Let us know in the comments! We’ll love to hear about your furry friend.

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