Doberman Price Range – Breakdown of Cost & Factors Determining Cost

You can find out the price range of a Doberman by yourself after evaluating all the factors that determine it. Such as the cost of buying a Doberman from a reputable breeder or a rescue, and the yearly cost of care and medical bills.

Doberman is a fierce and large breed. They require strenuous training from an early age. They may not be super large, but they do weigh 40 to 45 kilos (male) and 32 to 35 kilos (female). So you can categorize them as a medium-large breed dog.

So what do you need to factor in when determining the Doberman price range cost? Here’s the information you need to know right away…

Doberman Price Range Cost

Based on previous purchases, Doberman puppies sell for around $500 to $3,500 per puppy. The price varies based on quality and health, which is quite unfortunate because all dogs should be treated equally. Nevertheless, that is the average price range for a Doberman puppy.

In case you’re buying a Doberman puppy whose price is exceptionally low, there is a possibility that the pup may have certain pre-existing health conditions. However, don’t let that dissuade you from buying or adopting the animal. That just means you need to be more loving and caring toward him/her.

On average though, purebred Doberman puppies cost more than $1,000. So anything under $1,000 means it may be a rescue Doberman, which can also be taken home to become a part of your family.

Doberman Types

There are two different variations of a purebred Doberman breed. American and European Doberman. American Dobermans are more affordable and widely available in animal shelters and pet shops. They cost somewhere around $500 to $1,500 for a single puppy. 

European Dobermans, on the other hand, have different traits in terms of temperament and physique. Since they are more “premium” you can purchase a European Doberman at the cost of $3,000 per puppy.

Factors Determining Cost of Doberman

There’s a lot more that goes into buying a Doberman puppy than you think. While having a full registration is important, it’s also necessary to contemplate how the various complications that may arise when you decide to pay for a Doberman puppy to bring home.

1.    Bloodline

When you buy a Doberman who comes from a family with a rich and competitive bloodline, it costs more. This is because many breeders breed dogs who are often enrolled in dog shows and competitions. Buying a purebred Doberman from such a breeder is the right thing to do because it shows that they really care for their beloved pets.

Raising pups in the right manner, be it a rescue or a purebred dog, is necessary. And with the proper AKC registration, expect to pay a little more, especially if the dog comes from a rich, champion bloodline.

2.    Breeder Quality

How much you pay for a Doberman also depends on the breeder’s reputation. Doberman puppies that have been taken care of well look and are healthier than neglectful breeders. These are breeders that take more than they can manage so their attention and care are unfairly distributed with fewer resources per puppy.

A high-quality breeder will produce healthy, strong, and happy puppies with medical background checks. And if there are any health complications, it is their responsibility to let you know and take the proper steps to ensure the safety of the pup.

3.   AKC registration

As mentioned above, certified purebred Doberman puppies cost more. No certification, the Doberman puppy will cost $500 (or more) less. If you ask me, what’s necessary is to provide the best possible care for a Doberman puppy. Not to discard ones that you think may not be as “superior” as an AKC-registered dog. Having said that, you can contact a reputable breeder or an animal shelter to get the right information on how to proceed.

4.   Vet Care

This includes providing the proper vaccinations, deworming, and other essential health services. Puppies are prone to infections, diseases, and other immune conditions. That is why it’s important to check for any possible health problems as soon as you buy a puppy.

Professional health care providers for dogs do disease testing for common Doberman health problems. Such as hypothyroidism, hip dysplasia, and Progressive Retinal Atrophy. These are the most common disorders that a vet may be able to detect in a puppy. That way you can avoid your dog falling seriously ill during adulthood and old age.

On average, a vet visit costs not more than $200 depending on where the clinic is located. Grooming, vaccinating, and ear and nail cleaning are also a part of that cost.

It’s good to have multiple options at your disposal that cover different costs. If you find that a specific vet in a fancy location costs too much for ear cleaning and nail clipping, you can go to a more local vet to get that done.

But for more serious health check-ups, you can set some money aside to get the best possible treatment for your dog. At least that’s how I manage my expenses with an expensive dog breed.

5.   Ear Cropping / Tail Docking / Dew Claw Removal

The price of a Doberman puppy increases after anesthetized ear cropping and tail docking. But if you want, you can specifically request your breeder to not do this which will reduce the cost of a Doberman puppy. And also guarantee the safety of the pup.

The thing is that there is no surgical need for ear cropping and tail docking anymore. It was performed before to avoid injuries in hunting dogs. For a domesticated dog, ear cropping and tail docking are a waste of resources and may lead to further complications.  

Breeders crop the ears and tail of a Doberman puppy at the age of 7 to 12 weeks. The reason why there’s a window of 7 to 12 weeks is that puppies are supposed to be with their mother till the age of 8.

Final Verdict

Dobermans are energetic dogs. They are loyal, affectionate, and have a disciplined temperament. Making it easier for you to obedience train them in different ways from a young age.

The better you rear and nurture a Doberman puppy into an adult dog, the stronger the bond between you and him/her.

Overall though, Dobermans are not high-maintenance dogs.

They have a short-cut coat. They are working-class guardian dogs which means they need high activity and a premium diet. Lastly, they do not drool excessively the way Bloodhounds or Mastiffs do. This is because Dobermans have firm and tight upper lips, causing them to drool less than others.

So there are plenty of reasons to buy a Doberman puppy right now. And this article provides you with all the right information with regards to their price range and other costs.

Lisa Thompson

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