Does Your Dog Drink Enough Water?

How much is enough?

Your dog may drink less water than he/she needs. It often happens in summer that your cutie can drink more water than it’s necessary, but the dehydration is much more common. So, how to define the appropriate amount of water your dog needs to drink during a day? At first, make sure you know the exact weight of your dog, then multiply every pound of the weight to the ounce of water. This is a simple, but very useful formula. Then compare the number you’ve got to the amount of water your dog usually drinks. And if your 3-year old Anita drinks less than your Chihuahua puppy, you need to take it more seriously and help your pet normalize the water balance.

Proper water balance is something that makes all the chemical reactions in your dog’s body possible. So it’s as crucial for your dog as it is crucial for you. People have invented millions of mobile applications that help them track the amount of water they drink and adjust them if needed. But it’s the duty of a responsible dog keeper to provide them access to water for their dog and check whether he/she drinks enough. You might forget to drink water while you work, so your pet can easily get too thirsty when you have some outdoor activities he’s interested in.

Drinking water is not the only source of moisture for your dog. So, think about your pet’s diet. If it mainly consists of dry food, try to make it more diverse, giving your dog more vegetables, the ones rich in fiber, especially in summer. It is necessary to remember that dogs that drink little water tend to get obese. By changing their diet into a more vegetarian one, you can easily help your doggy lose weight and feel fitter.

How to keep the water balance during the outdoor activities

When your dog gets annoyed by playing at home or inside of your yard, and it’s time to take him on a walk, make sure you have some bottles of fresh water with you. Your dog needs refreshing during walking time and outdoor games. Dehydration is a very cruel enemy that can begin without any symptom, but then cause a lot of troubles for your dog. When you see that your dog has drunk enough water but still looks dehydrated, pour some water all over his body. It will help him maintain proper body temperature. The normal body temperature of dogs is a bit higher than those of humans. So, responsible dog keepers must be very attentive to prevent their dogs from sunstroke. You won’t get a needed effect by just showering your dog by the water from a bottle. B creative, turn it into a funny game.

Some pavement surfaces may have been made out of the materials that are not heat resistant. That’s why, if the surface of the pavement is too hot, take your dog to walk somewhere else. It may be a park where your dog can walk on the grass. The skin on the paws of your dog is quite sensitive to the outdoor temperature. That’s why walking on the hot bitumen might be very uncomfortable for your dog. If to compare different parts of the dog body, the legs are the points your dog gets hot through. Also, check the breath rhythm of your dog and his tongue’s color after a long walk or other activities. They can also help you notice the start of dehydration at its very beginning. Make some stops during a walk, move to the shady places to get your dog some rest. Combine harder activities with the lighter ones.

Make the process of drinking water more comfortable and joyful

If you’ve noticed that your dog doesn’t like drinking water, it might be due to the quality of the water in his bowl. Too warm or too cold water is as healthiest for a dog, as it is for a human. Check the temperature of your floor where you put your dog’s water bowl. Floor heating in winters will probably change the temperature of the water, so it’s preferable to use a bowl on a higher stand. On the other hand, tile in the winter may be too cold, so you won’t urge your dog to drink the water if the bowl has stayed on the cold tile for a while.

The quality and quantity of drinking water might depend on the design of the bowl. If your cutie likes the bowl, he’ll drink the water out of it with more joy and pleasure. Pay attention to your dog’s temper and his preferences while buying any kind of dog accessories, especially a water bowl, or simply take him to the shop with you to raise the objectivity of your choice. It happens that smaller dogs like to drink water from large bowls. So if you see that yours prefers his bowl half-empty, take it into account. Short-legged dogs may find it hard to drink from the bowls with high sides. So, while buying the dog steps for the bed to make the like of your baby pug more comfortable, choose the appropriate shape and size of the bowl.

If you notice your dog doesn’t drink enough water, it’s time to get creative and make the process more attractive and engaging for him.  During the summer days, it’s good to design a place for water drinking in the yard. The outdoor dog water fountain will be the best choice. You can make it yourself using the DIY ideas, or get the ready-made one from the pet shop. But if you spend the majority of the time out of home, dog self-serve water fountains will be a better option, so you’ll be always sure your dog gets the fresh water any time he needs. So, each time your dog is thirsty, he’ll not only quench the thirst but also have a good time playing with the refreshing water stream. Besides, the dog water fountains always look modern and stylish, so they are suitable for any type of decoration.

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