Dog Friendly Activities: 7 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog

Sometimes you want to switch up the activities you do with your pooch. Whether it’s changing where you go for daily walkies to trying a new venture together, there are many fun things to do with your dog.

Feeling stumped? We’ve got you covered. Here are seven fun activities to do.

  1. Eat a Gourmet Meal 

One of the things dog love is good food. It’s possible to find a restaurant that caters to pups or you can even whip up your own. There are many dog-friendly recipes online to treat your pooch from peanut butter cookies to chicken jerky.

  1. Spend a Day at the Beach

It’s no surprise that dogs love splashing around in the water so the beach is one of the top places for dogs. But before you go, ensure the beach is dog-friendly and if your canine is wary about water, you can even bring a doggy life vest.

Also, bring plenty of clean water and find a rest area with a lot of shade.

  1. Get a Doggy Massage

Many owners believe doggy massages strengthen immunity, increase circulation and improve your pet’s digestion. It’s also a relaxing way to wind down after a long day at the beach.

  1. Go to the Dog Park

Socialization is essential for dogs especially when they’re young and one of the fun places to take your dog is the park. Before you go, make sure you have established a calm-assertive leadership over your pooch and let him or her meet new furry friends and humans alike.

  1. Teach Your Pup a New Trick 

Most dogs know the basics such as rollover and heel. But there is an entire world of tricks that your dog can learn. For example, try the army crawl, salute and even a handstand which will make you both the talk of the dog park.

  1. Play Frisbee 

One of the top activities for dogs is throwing around a Frisbee. Though it may be tricky, to begin with, your pup will love the exercise and the chance to bond with you. But ensure your pup is suited for this activity and that it’s not scorching outside.

  1. Book a “Doga” Session

Yes, this is yoga for dogs. You’re guaranteed dog fun when you stretch and spend time with your pooch. Doing a downward dog has never been better than with your best friend by your side.

And once you’re relaxed, you can try something new like heading to an escape room. But before you go, ensure that it’s dog-friendly before taking on the puzzles and unforgettable challenge.

Now, You Know the Fun Things to Do With Your Dog 

There are many fun things to do with your dog whether it’s going on a road trip to the nearby beach to throwing a frisbee about. You don’t have to stick to the same routine as there are plenty of ways to catch some downtime or play around with your pooch. Have fun!

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