Dog Grooming Tips to Keep Your Dog Looking Great

When you groom your dog, you keep him clean, healthy, happy and make a good relationship with him. Other than keeping his skin, coat, teeth, ears, and feet healthy, you also become familiar with his body thus noticing earlier if there is anything unusual which needs attention.

In order to efficiently groom your dog, you need to have a piece of knowledge on essential pieces of equipment as well as the whole process.

So, here is a guide which will give you an insight and take you to the route to apprehend how to become a dog groomer.


When you regularly brush your pet’s coat, it will always remain clean. Grooming weekly will get rid of dirt, grass and the lint hiding undercoat. Also, prevents tangles, keeps the skin clean as well as spreading natural oils.

The schedule of brushing your pet will primarily depend on its coat as well as the shedding rates. When you are aware of the coat and shedding rates, it’s easier for you to know how frequent you should brush your pet.

Fur Trimming

Your pet will look amazing with a fresh cut. For you to trim your pet at home amazingly, first learn your pet breed common cuts. It’s advisable to stay away from high noise nail clippers since they would starlt your pet. Shop the best dog clippers to give your pet professional services.

When trimming your dog’s fur, be aware of the following: you should not pull the fur, use the best dog clipper, follow the right direction, use right blade, don’t let the clipper become too hot, ensure your dog is clean and dry among others. They will help you trim professionally.


Though dogs require bathing, not as regular as human beings. However, you’re supposed to bathe your dog minimum once per three months. Don’t wash your dog daily as its natural oil will be stripped and the skin gets damaged.

When choosing the products to wash your dog, ensure they are made up of quality ingredients. Avoid cheaper shampoos as they contain some harsher chemicals which can lead to your dog’s skin irritation.

Shampoos purposely formulated for people use should not be used for pets. Their skin has sensitivity than ours and would be affected leaving them vulnerable to viruses, parasites, and illness. It can also result in damaged and dry skin. Gentler brands are ideal and have tea tree oil.
Before you bathe your dog, brush its coat to remove matted fur, debris and shed hair.

Cutting Nails

Don’t leave your dog’s claws unchecked when you’re grooming him. if you let them grow too long, they will end up causing twisting and splaying of the toes as they walk. This makes them uncomfortable and can lead to toes breakage.

When you regularly clip your dog’s nails, you will prevent the above mentioned problem and reduce torn nails risk. Also, it will definitely save the on the wear and tear of your carpets and floors.

In every two weeks, you should check and clip your dog’s nails. If at all you are hearing clicks as the dog walk across the floor, it’s the high time to trim them. Never use human nail clippers but designated ones from your vet or pet shops.

If at all you lack the confidence to clip your dog’s nails, get in touch with the officer to help you do it. However, it’s also good to consult the vet if there is a torn, ripped or missing claw. May be this would require some medical attention.

Teeth Cleaning

You should regularly clean your dog’s teeth to avoid vet expenses as well as eliminate the stress of your dog getting anesthetized for cleaning procedure. Like human beings, dogs can also suffer from dental diseases such as cavities, gum disease as well as tartar build up.

If bacterias from the gum infections enter your dog’s bloodstream, they can lead to life-threatening health problems. Your dog’s teeth should be cleaned two to three times weekly.

Avoid human toothpaste, it could lead to your dog’s stomach upsetting. Use the designated dog tooth brush and paste which has different flavors among them mint, liver, chicken as well as peanut butter.

Ear Care

Keep your dog’s ear inside part clean. This will make him feel good and prevent from him from infections. At the same time, regularly check the outer surface for fleas, ticks and anything unusual. Cleaning your dog’s once weekly is much advisable to keep them always clean.

Use a ball of soft cotton wool using the ear washing solution. Water use is not advisable since it takes time to evaporate. Be very cautious as you clean the ears to avoid causing injuries. In case there is you notice a smell which is unusual or a discharge from the ears, inform the veterinarian.

Eye Care

Give your dog proper eye care. Examining your pets eyes at home is a good way to keep you alerted on any inflammation, tearing as well as cloudiness which may be sounding there is a health problem.

Ensure your dog’s eyes are bright and clear. The section around the eyeball is supposed to be white.

Pupils are supposed to be the same size and no tearing or discharge should be on the eyes. Use your thumb to gently roll the dog’s lower eyelid and check whether the lining is pink else, inform the veterinarian.

Skin Issues

The skin and the coat of your pet reflects health. If your dog is smelling bad, scratching as well as nibbling at its body even after grooming, it’s indications it needs attention from the veterinarian. Bad smell can be as a result of health issues.


Grooming your dog is worth it as it makes it remain clean and healthy. With the help of the tips discussed above, you will give your dog the ultimate professional grooming thus giving it a clean and healthy body.

When your dog has a healthy body, it will be jovial, happy, looking amazing and more friendly. Follow the tips above accordingly and you will have a clean and healthy dog as well as free from expenses you would incur for the treatment of your dog.

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