Why Do Dogs Sleep So Much?

There are many reasons why your beloved four-legged friend sleeps a lot. This article will help you understand the causes and whether you should be concerned about your pet’s behavior.

Firstly, you have to keep in mind that a dog’s sleeping behavior is dependent on its breed, the environment as well as his age. These factors mentioned will determine the amount of sleep your dog required. On average, dogs are awake and active 20% of the time, awake but inactive 30% of the time and asleep 50% of the time. 

So Why My Dog Sleep So Much

Dogs don’t get as much deep sleep like human beings. We spend 25% of our time in deep sleep, but dogs just spend 10% of their time in an uninterrupted deep sleep. Hence, they would need more sleep to get enough rest. It is normal for domestic canines to sleep half their life

It will become a problem once the sleeping habits of your dog changes. There are explanations for these problems, which will be tackled later on. 

There are many reasons why your dog sleeps a lot. Let’s find out the most common reasons and what you have to know regarding the behavior of your beloved fur friend. 

Sleeping habits are dependent on the breed of your dog. St. Bernard, Mastiff, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundland as well as other large breeds, love to sleep. The amount of sleep a dog needs is contingent to its size. Bigger dog breeds generally need more sleep than smaller breeds. 

  • Environment 

A dog’s sleeping patterns and behaviors are dependent on their environment. Dogs that have a sedentary way of life will lay around all through the day out of complete boredom. Dogs feeling bored are likely to sleep and rest more; this behavior is pretty normal. Working dogs, however, have an active lifestyle and thus might feel sleepless at night due to stress. If your dog has a stressful lifestyle, then chances are it will sleep less. 

  • Age 

Both older dogs and puppies sleep a lot. This is also a normal behavior. When puppies are active, they’re really active, full of vitality and life. Puppies exert lots of energy running around hence they will need more sleep and rest at night to rejuvenate. 

There are other reasons why your dog sleeps a lot that every dog owner must be aware of. 

Always remember to check on your dog if there is a change in their sleeping habits or behavior, this might be a sign that your dog is not doing well. If the sleeping behavior of your canine has changed drastically, there might be some health issues that can be the major caused. 

  • Hypothyroidism

The thyroid gland doesn’t generate enough hormones, which cause a decrease in the metabolic function. Sometimes this is an autoimmune response which attacks the thyroid; however, it can also be due to other conditions like cancer. The decline in the metabolic function causes the entire body to hold back, leading to a lack of energy, excess sleepiness as well as lack of enthusiasm. Other signs might include anemia, weight gain, skin and coat disorders, hair loss, decreased heart rate, as well as intolerance to cold weather.

  • Diabetes

Small breeds, older female dogs, as well as fat dogs, are at risk of having diabetes. Signs include lack of energy, weight loss, increased thirst, frequent urination as well as occasional blindness. Too much sleep is also an indication that your dog has diabetes.

  • Infectious Disease

Infectious diseases such as parvovirus, distemper, rabies, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountains will cause fever and lead to a lack of energy. This will cause your dog to sleep a lot and are accompanied by an array of other signs. Make it a good habit to wash your dog regularly to keep them clean and free of bacteria so that they will not fall sick so easily.  

  • Depression

Some effects of dog depression are an increase amount of time spent on sleeping, reduced activity, decreased appetite, weight loss as well as lack of energy.

Once you suspect your dog might be experiencing any of the medical issues mentioned above, call your veterinary immediately to make an appointment. Other reasons why your dog sleeps so much might also be the outcome of a low quality or poor diet. A lot of pet foods don’t give dogs the essential nutrients their bodies require to live a healthy and active life, instead it might lead to a lack of energy, interest, and eagerness. 

  • Poisoning

When a dog owner decides to pamper their dog by giving them food consumed by humans, it can be very harmful to their body and may lead to poisoning. Some examples are spices, coffee and alcohol. The effects of these can be serious if not treated promptly. Hence, there is a need to provide good quality dog food to ensure that your dog’s health is not being compromised. So do feel free to click here to find out more about the various types of dog food suitable for various breeds.

Now, Let’s Recap.

Do no undermine the underlying medical problems, which can be the cause of why your dog sleeps a lot than usual. A dramatic change in the habit of sleeping is a matter of serious concern. If there is no change in the sleeping habit of your four-legged friends, you don’t need to worry. A dog sleeps more than human beings, and there is nothing wrong about it. Dogs sleep half of its life, and this behavior is normal for domestic dogs.

In general, the sleeping habit of your dog depends on many factors such as the breed, the environment as well as, the age. These three vital factors settle on the number of hours your canine friend requires enough rest. If your canine friend is feeling bored or stressed, give him something to play so he doesn’t sleep a lot. You also need to make sure that your dog gets lots of exercise. Mental stimulation is also good for your dog’s health too. Dogs are smart and love challenges and they love being entertained and kept busy.

Make sure your pet is fed nutritional and digestible food. Always read the food packaging to ensure that there are no detrimental ingredients that will affect their health. Especially for older dogs, do remember to take extra attention on them as they are more prone to illnesses.

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