How Dogs are Trained to Become Service Dogs

Service dogs are one of the best support systems that anyone can give to a person with a disability. If your family already owns a dog and someone needs a service dog, then it might be better to have your pet trained. 

Are you googling service dog trainers near me? Then you are in the first step to having an assistant dog right at your own home. So, how do trainers develop regular pets into service dogs? Here are the necessary steps they take.


Trainers evaluate dogs and see whether they are fit to be a service dog. Of course, they must be free from any medical condition and disability themselves so that they can serve their owners at their full potential.


In assessing dogs, their age and health condition must always be  taken into consideration. Also, most dogs are neutered so that they can provide their full services when they are on duty.


Not all dogs have the right personality to be an assistant dog. Some may be too aggressive, while some can also be lethargic. Dogs need to have the right temperament to be a good service dog.

Service Training

Finding a good service trainer is essential to make your dog a capable service dog. They know the nuances and behaviors of a dog that can lead them to become more obedient and responsive. There are three phases that service dog trainers undergo.

1.     Heeling

The first stage of training a service dog is enabling them to move in a particular position at a cue. Some owners suffer from mobility, which is why they must adjust accordingly.

2.     Proofing

Service dogs are also trained to be on alert whenever they are on duty. Most of the time, service trainers do it by teaching the dog to be on command whenever they wear their duty clothing. It is also the very reason why security dogs tend to be nonchalant when they are wearing their duty vests but playful when it is off.

3.     Tasking

Certain persons with disabilities require that service dogs know specific tasks. Activities such as opening the door, switching the lights, and alerting families, are part of their training. Tasking is one of the most crucial areas of instruction because this is where the needs of the person with disabilities meet.


Before a dog can become a certified service dog, they undergo several tests after their training. It includes public access tests and etiquette tests.

1.     Public Access Test

Service dog trainers will evaluate how a dog responds to the bustling of people around them when they are on duty. Passing the evaluation requires that the dog must stay calm and composed even when they draw attention from strangers. They must also not be distracted from certain stimuli such as food and toys.

2.     Etiquette Test

The dog must undergo evaluation when the person other than the trainer gives out commands. It helps to know whether the dog can help the disabled person on control.

So, if you are still on the web searching for “service dog trainers near me,” then you are on the right track.

A family member or friend can use a service dog because they are one of the best pets to assist a differently-abled person.

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