Easy-to-Learn Dog Tips and Advice for New Owners

Dogs have been our companions for a long time. Their domestication might have taken a long time, but now they are the most popular pet in the world. Before, they were just used as part of a hunting crew or guarding the house. However, as humans developed, the relationship between us and these animals also became far more complex. Most people in developed countries now view them as part of their families rather than just a house pet. There have been many studies that show the positive effects of having a pet at home.

Nowadays, the younger generation is also more interested in getting a pet than raising a family. There are a lot of reasons for this, but one of the main ones is the difficulty of building one. In our present economic and environmental state, citizens in most countries are not into child-rearing anymore. Some of them are losing hope that they cannot give the best future for their possible children. This is why according to this article, it is either casual sex or having a pet are some of the trends for the new generation of humans.

If you want to adopt a pet dog, chances are you might be thinking that it is easier to take care of than a baby. You might be right since a human child has a lot of needs that you need to satisfy. However, dogs do have them as well. Sometimes, it is even far more complicated since we are not the same species. We can only infer their feelings and thoughts but never know them at all. It can create a lot of confusion. For first-time parents or owners, this list of tips is for you.

Having a Canine for the First Time in Your Life

Research is Your Friend

Before you even decide to get a canine friend, you should have prior knowledge for a lot of things. For example, you need to know the breed of the dog if you are not adopting it. On the other hand, you can always check the adoption process online. Some of them also post pictures of the animals so that you can choose. It is not just charitable to the community but the pet as well. Most of them would be happy if they get out of their cages.

Dog-Proof Your Home

Once you have already decided to get a dog, this should be your second priority. Even though they are friendly, sometimes they can also end up destroying stuff. You need to remove some of the delicate items in your household that your new pet might catch or reach. If there is a designated part of the house where he or she is allowed, introduce it as early as possible. Once you start training and educating the animal, the rest is easy.

Exercise Daily

You may not know this, but man’s best friend needs a lot of exercises as well. A simple walk is usually enough for most of these critters. However, the time needed varies per breed. Some athletic ones like German shepherds need more time for running to develop their muscles. On the other hand, smaller and heavier ones like pugs and bulldogs need a lot less. This doesn’t change the fact that you need to walk them every morning, no matter their size. It contributes to their overall health and it keeps them in shape.

Food Intake Control

Another important aspect that you need to know and control is the food that they take every day. This still depends on the size and breed of your dog. Generally, you would want to feed them twice a day, preferably in the mornings and evenings. If they are younger, most would recommend three or even four times. There should also be water nearby to replenish their systems, especially in hotter days. It is important to know the best meal size though as it can be quite easy to overfeed your pet. Don’t forget to check out vitamins and supplements to boost their eating habits too. You can check some pet care products in websites like Pet Dog Pals.

Have a Vet nearby or On-call

If you truly care for your pet dog, then you should have a veterinarian nearby that you can trust. Most dogs, if treated right, will have minimal chance of having issues. However, you still need to have the best care for your canine friend. If anything happens, you can trust that you can bring him or her to the nearest animal hospital. You also need to know your vet and see if they are qualified in doing such work. This ensures their worth ethic and quality are top-notch.

Prepare for Behavioral or Health Problems

With that being said, there is always going to be some sort of issue with your pet. This can either be healthy or behavioral. For both of these, you need to have a vet’s advice. The vet can give you medicine, perform surgery and even help you train the pet. Also, as an owner, you need to prepare yourself for these kinds of problems as they can arise anytime. You can be the best pet dog pal, but you still need the advice of professionals.

Enjoy your Life with the Dog

Lastly, these friends are a blessing in your life. You would never find anyone that is going to be as loyal and faithful as long you treat them right as well. Dogs do not judge, and yet they can feel if their master is in distress. As said by a popular comment across the internet: “We do not deserve dogs”. They are going to be there for you as long as you are as well. Also, once they sense happiness, research suggests that they feel it as well. It can be a good therapy to have these four-legged furry creatures around.


Not all dogs may deserve a home, but most of them do. Whether you buy or adopt, you must take care and love them as part of your family. As mentioned before, they would always repay that kindness in their ways. As one of the most loyal animals in the world, they would be with you until the end of their lives. Even if you are a cat person, you must understand why people would choose dogs most of the time.

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