Five ways to ensure your home screams stylish pet lover

Creating a stylish home can be a challenging endeavor. Firstly, working out what the definition of the word stylish is to you as an individual can be a lifelong struggle. However, for us, we believe that it simply means developing your home into a space you are content with, and that looks good to you. Finally, we throw in a curveball as you now need to incorporate your love for your pets into the décor. Continue reading for five ways in which you can do just that. 

1. Storage

Although you want people to realize that you love your pets, your home still needs to be organized. Storage for the pet food and accessories is imperative. One of our favorites on the market is a bone-shaped basket in which you can keep balls and other toys for your pets. Not only is it quirky in appearance, but it is also functional.

2. Artwork

Plain walls are easy to keep dust free but rather tedious to look at 24 hours a day. Try incorporating a bit of pet-themed artwork to add some interest to your home instead. You can create your own personalized artwork over at with over 150 breeds of cats and dogs available to choose from. Place the poster in a vibrant frame and we guarantee it would be a talking point for all your guests. Alternatively, you may prefer to choose a well-taken image of your pet or pets, displaying that somewhere prominent instead. Another possibility is a pen line drawing of your favorite pets on top of antique or faded pages from an old book, such as a dictionary. 

3. Hooks

We don’t know about you, but we can never find the leash when we need it most unless we hang it in the same place every single time. Unfortunately, many of the hooks you can buy in shops tend to be dull and uninspiring. We adore this DIY dog leash hanger, especially the upside-down heart to replicate the pad of the dog’s foot. You could choose whatever color you wanted to in order to get it to suit your unique style. What’s more, you can even add some extra hooks onto the bottom to hang up your keys, ensuring you don’t misplace them again either.

4. Bowl stand

Dinner time is always messy, whether you have pets or children. Investing in a food and drink bowl stand can limit the disruption. If rustic is the look you are going for, try a bespoke wooden one with your pet’s name on it. Alternatively, you could buy one straight off the shelf in a shade to coordinate with your color scheme. 

5. Lighting

The type of the lighting in your home can be the make-or-break feature when it comes to style. Bedside lamps with bases in the shape of animals can be cute or quirky. We have also come across some stunning paw print solar lights to brighten up your garden on a darker evening while entertaining guests.

Emma Thompson

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