Your General Guide to Training Pads for Your Dog

It’s estimated that around 900 million families around the world have a dog as their pet. Having pets can be such a blessing to your health. Not only does having a pet enhance your mood, but it decreases blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels in blood, decreases feelings of loneliness, and allows you to become more social by increasing your opportunities to go outside and become more active.

Not only that but when you buy a dog, you now have the honor to provide it with an identity; who wouldn’t like to be the one to name a dog? It’s no wonder why so many of us are crazy about owning a pet of our own. If you are planning to purchase a brand new puppy then this article is for you. We are going to present you with some pros and cons of buying puppy training pads for your little bundle of joy.

What are puppy training pads?

Puppy training pads are sometimes called pee pads because their main purpose is to get your puppy to be potty trained, so you don’t have to live with the stress of constantly taking your dog to the toilet. Please keep in mind that training pads alone are not the only thing that will help you to train your dog, you’re diligent and consistent effort is required here just as much. When purchasing a training pad, please consider the following properties of the pads: absorbency, size, and ease of disposal. Try and make your way to a decent pet store and search for the best option you can find when it comes to training pads.


Here are some benefits of buying training pads for dogs:

It’s a Basic Necessity

Similar to other tools you would need when you purchase a puppy such as grooming tools, eating and drinking bowls, toys, a leash, a collar or harness, Puppy Training Pads are just as important. Imagine having a puppy, and training it on your carpet? You would not be so happy to see your pet use your favorite carpet as a toilet. So just like other items, it’s a basic thing to have whether you plan to use them or not.

They Make Life Easier

No one wants to deal with trouble, especially if you had a long day at work. Imagine coming home and having to clean up after your pet? Cleaning your carpet will prove to be more arduous then cleaning up a training pad because they are made of a material that is easier to clean. Training pads are normally made of super-absorbent polymer and fluff pulp to absorb the urine and turn it into a gel, and the Waterproof Polyethylene (PE) film prevents leaking.

Keep Your Puppy Clean and Healthy

Puppy training pads are a sure way to keep your new puppy clean and healthy. If your puppy has not already been vaccinated then make sure you have one place, the training pad, where your pet can potty and make sure you renew the pad as required to avoid your puppy from getting into contact with bacteria. These pads also help to lock away foul odor keeping the air in your home clean and fresh.

Alternative to Bad Weather

Do you constantly experience bad weather where you live? If that’s the case, then training pads are just the thing for you. No one wants to train their pet out in the snow or in the rain. Unfavourable weather conditions have the tendency to halt some fun activities and we, therefore, have to stay at home. Weather should not be a reason to stop you.  Use training pads and be free to train your puppy indoors. This will also keep both you and your dog safe and sound from the bad weather.

Reduced Stress

With the busy and hectic lifestyle that we all have nowadays, we all wish to decrease some of our responsivities. With puppy training pads, you won’t need to keep an eye to when your dog needs to go and to take him outside when needed; simply use the training pads. Once your puppy is fully trained, he can do his business on his own without you having to tend to it.


Everything comes with its share of disadvantages. Below are some disadvantages of using puppy training pads:

Break the Habit

A package of puppy training pads are cheap and last a long time, but you don’t want to have to use the training pads forever. No one wants a dog on these training pads for a lifetime. The whole purpose for having such pads is to ensure your dog is potty trained. So stick to your goal and make sure you wean your pup of these pads as soon as you can.

Confused Puppy

Your puppy is likely to mistake other mats at home, such as bathroom mats or entrance mats or even small rugs as the training pads and use them for relieving itself. This is something you want to avoid. We would recommend that you have mats at home that do not resemble the training pads in color or size if possible.

Don’t End Up Being Lazy

Sometimes dog owners tend to get lazy when they wholly rely on training pads. Don’t let this happen to you. Sure it’s nice to take a break sometimes, but not always. Make sure to ensure that you always clean or throw away the puppy training pads when necessary and never lose touch with your goal: to potty train your puppy and get him off the training pads as fast as you can.

Chewing on the Pad

We all know how much dogs love to chew and destroy things from furniture to their toys. The same outcome can be of the training pads as well. Training pads are not good for your dog to chew on, so make sure this is something your dog stays away from. Your dog could allow itself to have a lot of bacteria to come into contact with it.

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