German Shepherd Pitbull Mix: All You Need To Know About This Breed

American Pitbull and German Shepherds have always had a bad reputation due to their aggressiveness. However, both of them are really popular when it comes to having a loyal companion. But what do you think might happen if you combine these wonderful two breeds?

The German Shepherd Pitbull mix is a wonderful dog to have. However, if you are feeling unsure about it and want to know more then, you’re in luck. Today, I’ll be covering all about this wonderful mix and help you decide whether it’s suitable for you or not.

So, let’s begin!

Usual Characteristics of This German Shepherd Pitbull Mix

It goes without saying that cross breeds always have different types of characteristics. Not all the crossbreed puppy has the same nature. However, they have more or similarity with their parents. Let’s see what are the common temperament you should expect:

  • Full of Energy:

Every dog needs their fair share of exercises. When it comes to German Pit, you’ll have to make him exercise a whole lot. Both of the parents are really active dogs, so it’s obvious that the offspring will have the same trait.

If you have a backyard where the dog can play and release the energy, the one hour long walk outside should be enough. If you don’t then taking him to walk twice a day would be fine.

This breed tends to be outgoing, so always relaxing would not be their favorite task. If you can exercise them daily, then they’ll be more than happy to snuggle with you on your couch.

  • Loving and Loyal:

If you can raise them right, you’ll find them being quite affectionate towards you. Even though they are more than capable of keeping themselves entertained all by themselves, you can train them to be a loving family dog.

So, if you leave for a very long time, their coping mechanism could worsen. Another fact is that the parent dogs of this breed are protective in nature. They were bred as guard dogs so that you will see this personality trait too in German Pit.

They can be quite protective of you and would risk their lives to save yours. Nonetheless, strangers’ might tip them off. So, you need to improve their social skills from the very start, and it should be fine.

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  • Highly Intelligent:

Both the parent breed are awfully intelligent, so you should expect your German Pit to show the same level of intellect. This breed is awfully quick in learning new things and responds to every command once thought.

As you’ll be making it exercise, you need to help stimulate the mind as well. Introducing new toys that help to stimulate the mind would benefit you even more. The best part is that you can start training them from an early age.

  • Leadership Skills:

This breed is born to lead. They have a pack like tendency and would assume the leading position if you have multiple dogs at home. Another fact is that they could also show the desire to dominate other peoples dog’s outside your home for this nature.

However, if you socialize them well, they would quickly pick up what to do and what to avoid. Make sure to introduce your dog to other dogs gently and let them know to behave non-aggressively.

While this is their normal characteristics, I can’t say all of the puppies will show the same nature. Some could have more nurturing nature or active nature. But more or less, it would have these traits.

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Wight and Height of German Pit

It’s a large dog breed. Their weight depends on which parent the puppy will take on. If the puppy is more on the shepherd side, then expect it to be at least 80-90 pounds. If it’s more close to the Pitbull parent, then it could be between 30-60 pounds.

Or maybe he could be on both parents side; then the dog should range from 30-90 pounds.

As for the height, expect it to be at least 17-24 inches to the shoulder.

The Color of the Coat

As its mixed breed, I can’t fully say how it may turn out. But overviewing already existing ones I can say, it depends on the dominating gene of the parent. If it’s Pitbull, then you can expect it to be tan, brown, fawn, black, and white. However, you could also see brindle.

As for the Shepherd dominating one, you’ll see black and grey, red and black or tan color. The puppy could be a mixture of both parents color as well.

Do They Have Any Health Issues?

If you can care for this breed accordingly, you can expect him to live at least twelve years. Every single dog has their fair share of health issues, and so does German Pit. Maybe before taking one from the breeder, you could check their parent’s medical condition to assess better what to expect.

These are some of the common health issues of this breed:

  • Skin Issues

This breed comes with a sensitive skin problem. Their skin is quite sensitive to insect bites. Make sure your dog doesn’t get any ticks or fleas. Or even if he caught it, treat it using good medication. The best way would be to follow the vet’s suggestions to prevent any skin problems.

  • Hip Dysplasia

It’s a condition that may occur when they are older. In this one, your dog would experience lose hip joints. So, you would need to keep the weight in check. If your dog is overweight, he would be more prone to this problem. Just keeping him exercised and maintaining the weight would allow you to keep hip dysplasia at bay.

  • Ear Infections

They have a floppy kind of ear, which can induce ear waxes or other ear infections. You should check their ears at least one time every month to avoid any infections in the future.

Is This Breed Right For You?

This mix breed is the lovely combination of both GSD and Pitbull and looks absolutely gorgeous on a renaissance pet portrait! So if you have one, or know someone who does, it would make for a hilarious gift. It will take a lot of taking care of, and you would have to be active for that. If you are always at work or don’t have the time to devote to your dog then its best to avoid this breed.

Once you train them, they can be the perfect protecting dog from your family. So, you would have to make the final call here. If you can meet this breed’s needs regularly, then German Pit can be the best companion out there.

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