How To Get Affordable Custom Art of Your Pet

Most pet owners take regular photos of their pets, capturing their funny and cute moments. Our pet photos give us something to show our friends and remember them by when they’re gone. You can also preserve your pet’s image and provide some unique decoration to your home by ordering custom pet art. These days, with so many people owning pets, lots of Americans are choosing to purchase pet portraits. These are specially designed artworks based on a photo of your pet, and while it may seem expensive, you can order them online for a good price.

Choosing a pet portrait comes down to many factors, but affordability is one of the biggest issues. Here, you’ll find details of how to choose the perfect pet portrait and the best way to purchase affordable custom pet art online. 

Finding Affordable Pet Art

There are many different options for ordering custom pet art, and prices can vary a lot. You’ll first need to work out what kind of art you’re looking for, as some will be costlier than others. For starters, some sites will offer hand-painted art, while others will focus on digital artwork. Digital tends to be cheaper, but traditional art often has more character. It’s up to you which you choose, but if you want affordability, digital art is usually the best option, and it’s a lot quicker too. Digital art can look just as good as traditional paint, and special effects can give the painting a more traditional painting style.

You should also consider the size of the artwork if you’re conscious about saving costs. Obviously, the bigger the portrait, the more expensive it will be. If you choose a traditional painting, the costs will increase even more as bigger canvases and more paint are required. Digital portraits will still be more expensive as they get bigger, but the increase isn’t as dramatic.

Finally, look at whether buying multiple copies of the picture can save you costs. While buying more than one picture will be more expensive, it will be a lot cheaper than buying them individually and can save you money on buying gifts. You can even print the image onto gift items like pillows and bags to give the perfect gift to your family members. 

How to Choose the Best Pet Art Site

With so many different pet art sites out there, you’ll need to know how to choose the best site. The choice will come down to what kind of style you’re looking for and which tools the artist uses. Of course, personalized options and price are also important points to consider.

Look through some of the top pet portrait sites and try to find a style that suits you and your pet best. Any good pet portrait site will show examples of previous work, and you can use this to evaluate the style. Imagine each of the examples in your home and decide whether the style is right for you.

Consider the waiting time and how long it will be before your art arrives. If you’re planning on giving the portrait as a gift for someone, you wouldn’t want to miss the special occasion. Different sites have different waiting times, and these can be between a few days to a few weeks depending on the artist. Always check before you order to see how long it will take and bear in mind that if you request revisions, it may take longer.

Personalization options are also important, particularly if you want a unique portrait that’s going to stand out. Choose a site with the kind of options you like that gives you more freedom over how the finished portrait is going to look. Most sites will let you pick from a range of styles and colors, while some will also allow you to print your portrait on different items. If you’re buying the portrait as a gift, a site that lets you print it onto mugs, t-shirts, and bags is a great choice.

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