Great Summertime Dog Care Tips

Most people are eagerly waiting for the arrival of summer. Everyone, pets included, enjoys the appealing warm weather conditions. It’s however important to note that the heat does bring with it some hazards. To maintain your pet pooch’s health, it is important that you keep the following dangers in mind.   

Dangerously High Temperatures

Your pooch is susceptible to heatstroke, just like you. Poor ventilation, high humidity and temperatures can cause the rapid development of heat stroke in dogs. You can help your dog keep his cool with dog cooling mats, take a look at Dog Product Picker for inspiration.

Dogs suffering from heat stroke may display the following signs:

  • Breathlessness
  • An anxious/staring look
  • Your dog does not respond to the commands you make
  • Their skin becomes hot and dry
  • Their temperature rises
  • They become dehydrated
  • Their heartbeat speeds up significantly
  • Tumbling to the ground

Adult dogs that have been relocated from cooler areas tend to be more susceptible in addition to puppies and elderly ones. Pet dogs that suffer from heart issues as well as those with a thick and heavy coat are also highly susceptible. There are so many issues that can be solved with the help of CBD oil. More information about it is available on the internet.

Also prone to heat stress are those breeds that have constricted air passages, like bulldogs. To steer clear of any possible complications, it is always a good idea to seek veterinary attention immediately if you are worried that your pet is suffering from any sort of heat stress.

Seasonal Hazards

You, and your, dog should be aware of some of the main hazards you face during the summer season. In summer, parasite numbers increase exponentially. Your pet may suffer a lot as a result of being exposed to increasing mosquito, tick and flea numbers usually experienced during the warm summer months.

Consult your local veterinary officer when it comes to identifying the most effective sprays, shampoos and treatments you can use to protect your dog from all these parasites.

Although fleas can cause your pet a lot of discomfort, they are not the only parasites you should be concerned about. When your pet is walking through patches of long grass, it may also encounter Adders.

You pooch might start experiencing trouble breathing since they are likely to be bitten on the neck and face instead of the back as they walk through grassy areas head first. This is mainly because adders are poisonous, and their bite leads to swelling; you should head over to your vet, who probably stocks antivenin, immediately, if this occurs.

Your pet might be exposed to various hazards during barbecues and campfires, which are quite popular during the summer season. You can keep your pet from eating or licking any surfaces used in the preparation of food during a barbecue by keeping it away from the grill.

If you intend to free your pet from its leash, make sure that there are no recently lit or active campfires. The smell of any remaining bits of food, or food being prepared, may attract the dog, which might be tempted to take a bite. Both you and your pet should be vigilant considering the fact that the area might also be littered with items that the dog should not ingest.

Attending Outdoor Events With Your Pet

It is worthwhile for you to attend agricultural and county shows with your pets because they feature great facilities for dogs. However, you should always check before you head out as some events don’t. When temperatures skyrocket, your pooch will need somewhere to rest under a shade, and lots of drinking water.

Since each dog is unique, take some time to consider how suitable the environment at the event in question is for your pet. Read our article to find out more about heat stroke and dogs and why travelling with your dog in the car is not recommended, if you are planning on going on vacation with your pet.

Your Dog And Sunburn

You should also be aware of sunburn related issues in dogs. It is popularly believed that dogs are not affected by sunburn since they have fur. However, dogs that have a thin and light coat can get sun burn. Areas such as the nose, which have no hair cover in most dog breeds, are highly susceptible to sunburn.

When walking your pet dog, the pads of their paws may get burned by a hot walking surface. If you are walking on asphalt or sand, or any other surface that is known to heat up fast, on a hot day, your dog may experience some discomfort.

Press your and on the walking surface to find out whether it is too hot for your pet to walk on. It is definitely too hot if you are unable to hold your hand there for an extended period. It might be safer and more comfortable for the dog to walk on grass.

Exercising Your Dog In Summer

During humid nights or hot days, when temperatures skyrocket, it is best for you to avoid exercising your pet to keep it from getting too tired during this hot season. Late evenings and early mornings are the best time for you to take your pet out for an exercise run or session.

This is essential if you are dealing with a dog that has a long or heavy coat. Avoid taking such dogs out in the hot sun, and avoid high humidity and soaring temperatures when it comes to exercising all dog breeds.

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