Healthy Benefits of Holistic Dog Food

Your dog’s diet is an essential part of their well-being, just like your diet is for you. Your pet is a beloved part of your family and as an owner, you always want to ensure that you are giving them the best life. Exercise, playtime, and a holistic diet can keep your pet living a healthy life for many happy years.

Holistic dog food is different from regular kibble in that it is specifically formulated for the perfect balance of health and nutrition. What your dog eats can have a more profound effect on their overall health than just keeping their bellies full.

With only high-quality ingredients and a variety of formulations to suit your pooch, natural dog food is a choice that many dog owners are turning to. From improving their coats, promoting healthy digestion, and increasing energy, there are many health benefits of holistic dog food.

Coat Health

Dogs that aren’t getting the right nutrition from their dog food often have dull looking and easily matted fur. Holistic dog foods are formulated with fish oils that help promote a healthy coat. Your dog will have a shinier looking coat and experience much less shedding with the right holistic blend.

Sharp Eyes

As your dog ages, a natural decline in eye function can be expected. In some breeds that are prone to eye issues, this problem can become chronic. Holistic dog food blends are filled with powerful antioxidant ingredients that help maintain healthy eyes. With the proper holistic diet, you can expect fewer sight issues with your precious pup.

Intestinal Health

If your dog has digestive issues that often result in loose stools or constipation, switching to a holistic food blend may be helpful. Holistic dog food often contains probiotics which can help keep your dog’s digestive tract healthy and working efficiently. Probiotics promote active bacteria inside the intestinal tract to help break down nutrients and regulate digestion.

Heart Health

Kibble-style dog foods are full of fillers and fatty meat products. Holistic dog food blends concentrate on providing protein-rich nutrition using leaner meats and heart-healthy vegetables. With a lower-fat diet your dog is less likely to develop weight issues that can put a strain on their cardiovascular system.

Healthier Skin

Vitamin E and fish oil are important ingredients in holistic dog food. Both natural additives help to improve the health of your dog’s skin. Hot spots, itchiness, and flaking can be eliminated with a proper holistic diet.


When you feed your dog low-quality food, it takes more energy to break it down and process the limited nutrients. This expense of energy can result in your dog having less energy in reserve for enjoyable things like play and exercise. Holistic food blends are formulated to be easily digested and packed full of balanced nutrients requiring less energy in the digestive process. This means that your pup will have lots of energy to have some fun.

A healthy diet for your dog means a longer and happier life that you can share together. Holistic dog foods are created with optimal nutrition for your dog that will help maintain their health and happiness. Talk to your vet today about what blend is right for your dog.

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