How Clean Are Dogs Mouths?

Many dogs explore their environment using their mouths, so their snouts can come into contact with many types of bacteria. While this exposure may increase exposure for human beings, dog saliva generally doesn’t carry germs that could make people ill.

Spray your dog’s mouth with oral spray to eliminate plaque-producing bacteria and freshen their breath, taking care to avoid over-touching their tongue or gums to avoid gag reflex.


There are various pet toothbrushes on the market to choose from; select one that will best suit your dog and be comfortable for them in their mouth. Begin brushing gradually, building up to daily cleanings. Allow them to taste the toothpaste and associate it with positive attention or treats; brush in small circles while covering top and bottom side teeth and gums as well. If they seem uncomfortable during brushing sessions, stop and try again in a few days; dogs don’t generally like having their mouth touched like humans do, so give it time.

Brush your pup’s teeth every day as their saliva builds up plaque quickly, leading to gum disease and other health issues if left alone. Many vets advise incorporating this routine into your pup’s everyday activities early so their dental health remains in top shape as they get older. This way, their dental hygiene remains sound.

Human toothpaste contains ingredients which can be harmful to dogs, so make sure that the flavor you select appeals to them. In addition, purchasing pet-safe chews and treats which help prevent plaque build-up as well as scheduling regular professional teeth cleaning appointments can all help keep their smile in tiptop condition.

Although dogs’ mouths tend to be cleaner than humans’, this difference is mostly attributable to people practicing better oral hygiene than most dogs do. That doesn’t necessarily make dogs’ more hygienic; both species share hundreds of microorganisms within their oral cavities.

Though it is best to avoid sharing food or drinks with your dog, they tend to be less likely than other people to give you a cold. Still, kissing them could contain bacteria and germs that could make you sick; some germs, like Pasteurella, can even cross between animals and people and spread illness through saliva exchange.

Dental Chews

As you likely know, your dog’s mouth contains many bacteria that could potentially cause infections in humans if they come in direct contact with eyes or skin. That is why it is vital that your pup gets his/her teeth brushed regularly and receives professional cleaning every six months.

Make sure that your dog chews on toys, bones, or dental chews that will assist with cleaning their gnashers regularly – these products will help remove plaque build-up while simultaneously reducing tartar. While toothbrushing remains an invaluable daily habit for maintaining good oral hygiene for dogs, chewing products like these are an excellent addition to their regimen.

While some dogs may resist having their teeth brushed, you can train them to tolerate the process by first letting them smell and taste toothpaste before you use it on their gums. Next, start by gently massaging some of their teeth with your finger until they become used to it; once they accept you touching their mouth you can try gently lifting their lip to expose their gums before brushing a couple at a time using a soft-bristled dog toothbrush.

If your dog has difficulty sitting still during brushing sessions, try offering them a dental chew. These chews typically consist of rawhide or cow hooves and contain ingredients designed to prevent plaque and tartar build-up as well as release enzymes that destroy bacteria.

Before purchasing any dental chews for your dog, be sure to consult with a Ruckersville vet for recommendations based on his needs and diet. Every dental chew has its own level of effectiveness – some carry the VOHC seal of approval while others may contain materials which might not suit every pet’s requirements. Be sure to ask your veterinarian which option would provide maximum benefit to your pup’s dental health! They’re happy to assist!

Dental Treats

Dogs love chewing on things we would consider dirty, from old shoes in the closet to trash in the kitchen. Their mouths often contain bacteria which cause bad breath and other dental issues like plaque and tartar build-up; in turn this bacteria may lead to gum disease and tooth loss, making it essential to keep their mouth as sanitary as possible.

There are many simple and straightforward ways to promote the oral hygiene of your dog. Offering them dental treats every day, brushing their teeth on a regular basis or using special toys with ridges and nubs designed to reduce plaque and tartar build-up are all good strategies. Furthermore, you could try giving your pup special kibble designed specifically with their dental health in mind; such products feature textures designed to scrub their teeth to reduce plaque build-up while other may contain ingredients scientifically designed to combat bacteria buildup in order to promote healthier teeth!

Establishing a healthy diet for your dog is the first step toward protecting their dental health. Choose a high-quality kibble that’s low in sugar and acid content, made up of different protein sources that is consistent in its quality, as well as being regularly fed on schedule while offering plenty of fresh clean water to drink.

If your dog has persistent bad breath, it should be evaluated by a veterinarian immediately. They could have a dental issue which requires treatment before worsening; additionally they may require antibiotics to combat infections.

Though you might be tempted to kiss your pup due to his or her fresh, clean breath, it is best to refrain from doing so if you have open wounds or broken skin. The bacteria found in their mouths could spread onto your skin and trigger an allergic reaction ranging from itching and rashes all the way up to full-blown anaphylactic shock.

The old saying that dogs have cleaner mouths than humans is certainly untrue. Both species possess an array of bacteria in their mouths; though some species share similarities, most do not. Brushing teeth regularly, using dental chews, and visiting your vet regularly for teeth cleaning will all help ensure your pup’s mouth stays as clean as possible.


Many pet parents squirt mouthwash or give flavored toothpaste to their dog as a means to reduce bacteria levels in his or her water bowl or mouth. Although this method can help, this should never replace brushing or chewing to ensure complete bacteria removal. Also note that human-grade mouthwash contains xylitol that could prove deadly for your pup!

When brushing your dog’s teeth, be sure to wear gloves and always clean and rinse your hands afterwards. Brush in short bursts as your dog may try to bite or lick you when brushing; remain positive while doing this as this could take time until your pup adjusts.

Your dog should have his or her teeth professionally brushed at least twice weekly to reduce bacteria build-up in his/her mouth, which could otherwise lead to gum disease, bad breath and other dental issues.

Soft bristled toothbrush and dog toothpaste is the best way to keep your pup’s teeth in top condition. Beginning early brushing sessions will help them develop great dental habits that will last their whole lives!

Have you heard the old adage that dogs’ mouths are cleaner than human ones? Quite the contrary! Comparing dog and human mouths would be like comparing apples and oranges; both species carry hundreds of different strains of bacteria in their mouths that could potentially cause diseases in one species but would most likely have no bearing on another’s wellbeing.

Brushing and dental chews are an effective way to keep your dog’s mouth in top condition and help reduce bad breath and other dental issues. If they won’t let you brush their teeth, consult with your vet about safe chews that will scrape plaque off their teeth; these may even have additional advantages like soothing sore gums and decreasing bad breath!

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