How Do I Make My Dog Smell Nice?

A good-smelling dog guarantees your house won’t stink and that you can hug and cuddle them all you want. It can also help prevent dog and human illnesses, as the main causes of foul smell are dirt, germs, poop, and urine.

How do you make your dog smell nice? Definitely, proper hygiene is the only secret if you want your pup to smell great. You, as the fur-parent, are responsible for making that happen. To help you out, let’s talk about some of the best ways to ensure you have a good-smelling pup all day long, seven times a week.

How Do I Make My Dog Smell Nice?

Understandably, you can’t spend all day tending to your dog, keeping them clean and smelling fresh. Thus, below are some of the easy, safe, and expert-recommended ways to make your dog smell nice.

Bathe Them Regularly

First on our list is the most obvious: giving your dog a regular bath. This doesn’t mean you should bathe them daily, though, as it can cause more harm than good. Bathing your dog more than the recommended frequency can dry out their skin. It can then lead to dryness, allergies, and other skin conditions. It’s mostly due to the products that come in contact with their fur and skin.

Most veterinarians recommend bathing your dog every three months. Still, there are other factors to consider, such as your dog’s lifestyle, coat type, and underlying health issues. This is also where the right bathing products come in. Non-chemical-based and aromatherapy shampoos are the top recommendations.

Give Them a Quick, Dry Bath

Since you can’t bathe your dog daily, a quick, dry bath can suffice. The best thing about it is you won’t need expensive, fancy products, just baking soda or cornstarch. These items can neutralize odors, even the strongest ones.

All you have to do is put a good amount on your palm, pat it on your dog’s fur, and brush. Do note, however, that you would need to consult your veterinarian before doing so to ensure your dog isn’t allergic to baking soda or cornstarch.

Rinse Them After a Walk

Walking your dog and other forms of exercise are essential for his overall well-being and health. Sure, you can play with them indoors to prevent them from getting dirty. However, like humans, they need to go out, experience nature, and socialize.

Definitely, you can’t keep them from sweating and getting dirty. Since bathing your dog more often than recommended can be harmful, you’ll want to rinse them with water afterward instead. Doing this will rinse off dirt, mud, and other elements that can otherwise cause a foul odor. It will also help them feel refreshed after a good walk.

Use Deodorizing Spray

Rinsing your dog with water isn’t 100% foolproof, so pair it with a safe, natural deodorizing spray. You can also use these products after bathing your dog or whenever they start to smell bad. Some of the highly recommended ones that will not only help make your dog smell nice but also prevent fleas and ticks are:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: One part water + one part vinegar
  • Citrus and Eucalyptus: One cup distilled water + 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil + six drops bergamot essential oil + two drops lemongrass essential oil
  • Geranium and Lemon: 1/8 cup distilled water + 10 drops geranium essential oil + six drops lemon essential oil; if preferred, you can add two drops of lavender oil
  • Lavender: One cup distilled water + 10 drops lavender essential oil

Mix the solution well and spray your chosen deodorizer on your dog’s body, completely avoiding their head. Also, consult your veterinarian before using any of the products listed above, even if they’re all-natural.

Brush Their Coat Regularly

Yes, brushing your canine friend’s coat regularly, as simple as it may sound, can prevent them from stinking. It can help get rid of unhealthy, dead, and tangled fur where dirt, fleas, and ticks can cling to. Brushing also limits shedding and distributes the natural oils that will not only make your dog’s coat shine but also protect his fur and skin.

Professionals recommend that you brush your furry friend’s coat two to five times a week. The longer and thicker the coat, the more frequent it should be.

Clean Their Ears

Your dog’s ears will produce a foul odor, especially when left uncleaned. That said, it would help if you regularly wipe the insides of their ears with a wet cloth. You can also purchase and use ear cleaning solutions.

Clean Their Teeth

One of the reasons your dog gets stinky is unclean teeth, so you should allow them to get used to being brushed. Giving them bones, chews, and toys that they can bite and munch on also helps clean their teeth naturally. If you notice that their breath still smells, have them checked by a veterinarian. They may have halitosis, dental issues, or other medical conditions.

Don’t Forget Their Bed and Food!

These are just some of the few things you can do. You must also not forget to provide them with clean beddings at all times. What’s more, what they eat can cause a bad smell that you can’t resolve with bathing, brushing, rinsing, and ear cleaning. Give them high-quality food for better digestion, gas prevention, and oral cavity health.

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