How Many Guppies In A 10 Gallon Tank – Caring for the Fish the Right Way!

A 10-gallon tank is the most basic tank size for most homes. If you’re looking to put guppies in a 10-gallon tank, I’m sure you’re wondering how many can go in. And since guppies are beginner-friendly fish, you can buy a few of them to put in a single tank.

Guppies are easy to care for in terms of food and cleanliness. Moreover, they’re also easier to take care of during breeding. In fact, they hardly need any care at all!

If you’re planning to bring home some guppies to take care of, this is what you ought to know.

How Many Guppies Can You Put In A 10-Gallon Tank

Based on the size considerations, a 10-gallon tank does not necessarily hold 10 gallons of water. Because of the extra things such as the gravel, filter, heater, sponge, etc. some space will reduce.

This shouldn’t be more than a few gallons of water worth of space. So in a 10-gallon tank, once it is set up, you can put up to 7-8 guppies.

A single guppy occupies 1 gallon of water as a general rule of thumb. Based on this calculation, a 10-gallon water tank can 7 to 8 adult guppies.

But before you add the guppies to the tank, always make sure you set up the aquarium first. Start with gravel, water filter, sponge filter, and heater if required. Then decorate the tank a bit with live plants, tunnels, and other decorative toys.

These things take up 3-4 gallons of water volume which means your 10-gallon tank has a 6-7 gallon water capacity for the fish to live in. That is why it’s essential to stick to the “1 guppy per gallon” rule!

Male or Female Guppies

There are multiple ways to go about this. While the best companions for guppies are more guppies. Deciding between male and female guppies, male guppies are more popular as they have a more vivid and beautiful appearance.

The vibrant colors of the male guppies will brighten up any fish tank – no matter the size. If you’re buying all male guppies, it’s best to reduce the number of guppies per fish tank.

So in a 10-gallon tank, do not keep more than 5 male guppies together.

If you plan on keeping male and female guppies together, maintain a 2:1 ratio. So for every 2 female guppies, keep 1 male guppy. Most likely, you’re setting up a breeding tank so you have to get ready for fry. This begs the next question:

Can I Breed Guppies In A 10-Gallon Tank?

It’s true that guppies breed uncontrollably. And an adult female guppy can experience multiple pregnancies over a period of time. This can happen at any time so you must be very careful.

You will need a separate fish tank to put the fry in after. Because the mother guppy will eat them if you do not remove either the female fish from the tank after birthing or separate the guppies. The baby guppies reach sexual maturity by the age of 3-5 months.

Female guppies tend to get stressed when you keep them in a small breeding trap during birthing. So make sure you invest in a spacious breeding trap and keep live plants on the bottom for the fry to hide during the initial stages.

It’s perfectly okay to allow a male guppy to fertilize the female guppy for breeding in a 10-gallon tank. But guppies are prone to eat the live young (fry) soon after birthing. So invest in a comfortable and large fish tank for breeding is necessary.

How to Care for Guppies In A 10-Gallon Tank

Like I said earlier, guppies are really simple and easy to take care of. However, if you buy a lot of guppies at once, they can become quite a handful.

But make sure you maintain the following things to keep your guppies well-fed and disease-free.

The ideal habitat for guppies is a freshwater environment. They need heated water up to 75 to 82-degrees Fahrenheit. Since guppies are low-maintenance fish, it’s easier to maintain a calm and comforting environment for your guppy. 

The more guppies you have, the faster the fish tank’s water quality will deteriorate. That is why it’s necessary to buy a water filter to keep the water quality normal. Invest in a sponge filter as well to accelerate the water-filtering process.

Regardless of how many water filters you install in the fish tank, water changes are necessary. Rinse the tank, the decorative items, and add fresh water to the tank.

For good, guppy food is available in most pet stores. You can also give them fish flakes, frozen shrimp, and live foods from time to time. Some guppies also enjoy eating fresh veggies like cucumbers, lettuce, and peas.

The ideal feeding time for guppies is 2 times per day. Never overfeed your guppies during each meal. If you notice that the water tank gets dirtier quicker with food particles, this means you’re feeding them more than they need. So try reducing their food intake.


There are two types of fish tanks to keep guppies in. One is for breeding guppies and the other as a show tank. A show tank is where you keep decorative plants. If you want guppies to care for, a show tank is an ideal choice for you. But if you’re looking forward to taking care of adult guppies and their live young, a breeding tank is also essential.

Guppies are colorful, vibrant, and attractive fish. And the major advantage of having them in your tank is that they’re easy to take care of. So if you’re purchasing a 10-gallon tank to keep guppies in, add no more than 7 adult guppies.

Lisa Thompson

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