How Many Toys Should A Puppy Have?

Buying toys for a puppy is common but you can’t do it unless you know what to buy. There are plenty of options when it comes to buying toys for puppies. Yet you can still make a mistake when shopping for puppy toys.

Even though the aftermath of such a mistake is not as alarming. This article will help you make better decisions starting today. You can make better toy purchases too for your new puppy. And choose the right toy that won’t harm or cause discomfort to your dog.

One of the major reasons why you buy a toy for a puppy is teething. Allow me to explain.

Puppy Teething Toys

You buy puppy teething toys when you want your puppy to have fun. But at the same time, you want him to have healthy gums and teeth. This is very important because puppies start to teeth at around 4 months.

As a result, they’ll start to chew on anything and everything. It’s your responsibility to decide what your puppy can chew on. And yes, there is a right and wrong answer here.

If your puppy chews something too big for his size or something too hard. It can cause soreness, bleeding gum, and other problems. If you want your dog to feel no pain or discomfort – decide based on size and softness.

Size of the Breed

Different dog breeds need different sized toys. You can’t expect a Beagle puppy to play with the same toy as a Golden Retriever puppy. Beagles are smaller than Golden Retrievers primarily by the size of their mouth when they’re puppies.

A Golden Retriever would instantly swallow a toy that’s small. Meanwhile, for a Beagle puppy, that very same toy is fun and engaging to play with.

So you must consider the size of the toy before buying one for your puppy.

A common toy that a puppy should have is a bouncy ball. If the ball is too small for the puppy, he can swallow it accidentally which could lead to a choking hazard. If the ball is too big, he will get discouraged or afraid and not play with the ball at all.

You can have different colors and shapes of balls for your puppy to play with. He can chase the ball around the house, you could teach him how to play catch, etc.

Softness of the Toys

Most toys for puppies come with different shapes and textures. They not only satisfy your puppy’s need to chew down on something. But they keep him occupied as he’s trying to lick or bite every gap or crevice on the toy.

But this is only possible when the toy is slightly hard. Extremely soft toys can be dangerous for puppies. They may figure out a way to chew and swallow them without you noticing that it’s gone.

Hard toys are perfect for puppies because they’re more stimulating. Perhaps not as hard as a tennis ball but slightly spongy. Chew toys, rope toys, and stuffed toys are perfect choices.

How Many Toys Should A Puppy Have?

It makes sense to say that you can never have enough toys for a puppy. One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a new puppy parent is to not have plenty of toys. Toys are very stimulating in that they keep your dog entertained and happy.

Here are the different kinds of toys you can buy for a puppy. You can consider buying one of each or a few more if your puppy isn’t satisfied with these.


These are the most favorite picks for puppies. And it’s an instant hit with adult dogs too. You can buy a slightly plush ball for a teething puppy. Such balls are not made of plastic so they’re safe and effective to use.

These chew toys with dental cleaning grooves which are perfect for puppies. It keeps them busy, doesn’t make any harsh noise, and is ideal for teething.

Rope Toys

There are plenty of different-sized rope toys for puppies. Made up of natural cotton fibers, they stay clean and durable. You can buy them in vibrant colors to attract your dog.

Ropy toys are better for teething than plastic ones. If your dog has sensitive gums, even rubber balls may not be the best option. Rope toys are effective because no matter how many times your puppy bites into the fabric. The rope material stays put and makes for an exciting tug of war!

Stuffed Toys

Do not buy toys for children for your puppy. Such toys usually come with a soft filling that your dog can easily swallow. Puppy toys are made of soft faux fur and seams. Your puppy won’t be able to tear through the fabric. And so chewing on the cuddly and soft toy is not a bad thing.

You can buy stuffed animals that make noise that encourage your puppy to hunt. Squeaker toys, as they are called, are better and more fun to play with.

Treat Toys

Treat dispensing toys are more interactive. They will keep your dog’s attention stimulated. And your dog gets automatically awarded by the toy itself for a good well done!

You can buy an adjustable, puppy-friendly treat-dispensing toy. It consists of a large chamber that holds the treats. And as your puppy sniffs and pushes the toy around, small portions of the treat fall out of the toy.

It allows you to store treats and chewy kibbles inside. Your puppy can spend hours trying to get small treats out of this toy.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are stimulating and challenging, at the same time. They keep your puppy engaged and far away from boredom. They’re as interactive as you want them to be. You can purchase board games or even electronic puzzles toys for your puppy.

Such toys enhance your puppy’s natural instincts. Such as smell, sight, and even taste. They’re reward-based puzzle toys that make your dog smarter and sharper.

Final Thoughts

Toy obsession with puppies is not such a bad thing. It’s a great mental and physical activity for a dog. Keeps him engaged, stimulated, and active. And toys make great tools for puppy training as well.

If you give your puppy a toy for good behavior. He is more likely to respond to your commands in a gentle and loving manner. Toys can have many benefits. They’re not just fun and games for your puppy.

If you’re still unsure about what toys are best for your specific dog breed, you can also check out our friends over at, they have an array of great articles on toys of all shapes, sizes, and toughness!

You can keep your puppy distracted and happy rather than leashed when guests come over. If you work from home, toys are a blessing! And they’re ideal for your dog’s mental and physical development.

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