How Much Are Turtles Really Costing?

If you are considering getting a turtle, be aware that they can be costly. They require a large tank with specific equipment as well as special food. As such, it would be prudent to set aside funds in advance.

All costs associated with caring for an aquarium, food, and veterinarian visits should be anticipated up front and regularly thereafter. Furthermore, you should plan for ongoing monthly expenses.

Pet stores

Turtles can be purchased at pet stores for a relatively low cost; however, the true costs associated with owning one often outstrip this initial purchase price. Turtles require large tanks with adequate lighting, special equipment for feeding them food and filtering water as well as proper heating to stay alive; all these expenses add up quickly over time and could reach into thousands.

Turtle ownership requires additional expenses beyond just initial purchase price; these costs include purchasing a large tank, decorations, food and filtration system as well as providing heat lamps and UVB lights for their tank. Furthermore, regular tank cleaning must take place as well as changing out gravel regularly – these expenses can quickly add up, so it is wise to carefully consider them all prior to making any decisions regarding purchasing from a pet store.

PetSmart offers aquatic turtles for captive breeding at a more reasonable cost than many stores, including red-eared sliders, painted turtles, and African sideneck turtles. While not commonly found in North America by nature, these species can be raised quite easily in captivity with prices ranging between $25-40 depending on species type.

Though many are drawn to owning turtles, not everyone is equipped to care for them properly. Turtles require controlled temperatures, UV lights, plenty of water for swimming, diets rich in vitamins and minerals as well as regular veterinary visits if their requirements aren’t met – failure to meet such needs could quickly result in their demise; for this reason it is recommended that people purchase from reputable breeders or online stores.

Avoid purchasing your turtle from pet stores that specialize in young animals as these small turtles are especially prone to parasites and respiratory infections, while being handled by children could add stress during transportation and handling. Furthermore, young turtles learn socialization from interacting with their mothers and other adult turtles so taking them away may prevent this process from taking place and even cause psychological issues for the animal.

Online stores

Turtles make an increasingly popular pet choice, yet can be expensive to care for. A suitable habitat is essential to their wellbeing, while food, water and supplies may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month. Before purchasing one online or from local retailers, it’s best to conduct extensive research before making your decision; some sellers provide healthful pets while others may not.

Before buying an online seller of turtles, it is wise to carefully research their reputation. Established turtle breeders tend to offer experienced customer service as well as healthy, well-cared for turtles that haven’t been caught from wild. Furthermore, such sellers would never ship wild-caught specimens which often carry parasites and diseases which can prove fatal for captive-raised species.

Some online turtle breeders specialize in rare and exotic species, making these turtles more expensive but healthier and easier to tame than their less exotic counterparts. Furthermore, they provide a seven-day guarantee for them when they arrive and ship them in padded boxes to ensure their comfort and safety during transit.

Or you can purchase one from your local pet store; however, this could be risky due to unknown condition of the turtle and inability to inspect in person before making your purchase. Therefore, only consider purchasing from pet stores with an excellent track record and reputation in your area.

Prices of turtles at PetSmart vary based on type and size. Red-eared sliders usually cost $20 at pet stores while African sideneck turtles can be purchased for around $40; these prices tend to be higher than others pet stores or specialty exotic pet shops; similar turtles may even be found for less on websites like Backwater Reptiles.


Turtles make wonderful, quiet pets; however, they should not be taken on without first consulting an expert as they can carry diseases and require specialist equipment to keep their enclosure clean and warm; also they have complex dietary requirements and long lifespans, which makes owning one an ongoing commitment. It is therefore best to purchase turtles from reputable breeders who engage in more ethical breeding practices.

Price ranges for turtles depend on their species and age; baby turtles will cost less than adult ones. But be mindful that buying one does not include all costs related to its care – meaning the total costs could exceed its purchase price significantly! Therefore it is crucial that research be conducted prior to making your decision on an aquatic friend.

Wood turtles (Chelone glabra) – Wood turtles grow to be moderate in size and are beloved pets known for their distinctive shell designs, featuring bold yellow with star-patterned shells. An excellent addition to any home, their average price range runs between $300 to $600.

Cooters (Pseudemys) – Cooters are friendly turtles that make great group pets. You’ll find various sizes and colors of these reptiles; some species even reach 20 inches! Their average cost ranges between $20 and $130.

Mud turtles (Kinosternon) – Like their counterpart, Kinosternon turtles make great pets that are both easy to keep and colorful, offering great options in terms of color palette and cost ranging between $20-60 depending on where you reside. They are often found throughout California, however.

When breeding reptiles, it is advisable to have more females than males as males can become aggressive and interfere with female health. Furthermore, waiting until sexual maturity for both the male and female turtle is reached is recommended before breeding; for freshwater turtles this usually means around age 3 for males and 5 for females (when breeding freshwater species).

If you’re interested in purchasing a turtle from a breeder, seek out local reptile stores. Such shops tend to employ knowledgeable staff members who follow more ethical breeding practices; plus they usually carry more animals than larger chain pet stores.

Adoption centers

An aquatic pet such as a turtle is an excellent way to teach children responsibility while making your home more vibrant. But owning one may become too much work, and sometimes giving it away may be best. There are plenty of places that offer adoption services for these reptiles, so if one needs to be given up it might be best to contact one and ensure it gets proper care in its new home. Often the turtle will find happiness there!

Turtles are long-living animals that require dedication from their owners. Turtles should ideally be housed in an aquarium that provides adequate ventilation, fitting all their limbs comfortably, is quiet enough, and has a regular feeding schedule. For anyone considering adopting one of these amazing reptiles, it’s best to contact an animal shelter or rescue center before adopting one – this way you can ensure you find one suitable to both your lifestyle and budget.

If you aren’t quite ready to adopt a turtle yet, consider fostering instead. By helping rescue turtles from wild or other homes and getting them ready to return back into the ocean when ready, fostering allows you to help conserve turtles without incurring all the expenses or stress of owning one yourself. Fostering is also a great way to become engaged with conservation without incurring additional stress or costs from owning a pet!

Adopting a turtle makes for a thoughtful present for friends or family members of any age. Perfect for birthdays, Christmases and any special event. Your loved ones will surely appreciate this one-of-a-kind present which also contributes to Loggerhead Marinelife Center turtle patients by paying symbolic adoption fee (starting from $40) as well as funding food, medical treatment and expenses such as vet bills for them! You can select hatchling or subadult turtle for adoption process.

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