How Much do Dog Walkers Make?

You might love dogs of all shapes and sizes, but how do you know if dog walking is really the job that’s the best fit for you? There are a lot of tales of walkers making $200 in a single day, but how true are those stories? Is it easy to become a dog walker and what’s the best way to go about it? There are a lot of questions to answer when considering this as a job and we’ll answer all of these and more with this guide to all things dog walking.

The Facts and Figures

In the US, the average salary for a dog walker is nearly $30,000. Yet this can vary drastically from state to state and gives no indication on the number of hours that have been worked per month. One of the perceived benefits of being a dog walker is that it should be flexible, and that you can make your money by only walking for a few hours a day.

It is a worthwhile job to get involved in. If you love pets, love being outdoors, and want to get away from the traditional burdens of the nine to five working week, then dog walking just might be the vocation that you’ve been waiting for.

How to Become a Dog Walker

If you’ve decided that you want to walk dogs for a living, either part time or full-time, there are a few things that you’ll need to carefully consider before you get started. You’ll need to decide what it is that you’re looking for. Whether it’s full-time work or just a few hours a week. How flexible your working hours can be, as well as the salary that you’re hoping to earn each month from dog walking. You’ll also need to consider whether it’s better to work with an agency or one of the many dog walking apps.

Dog Walking Apps

Dog walking apps have become more and more popular in recent years. After all, who doesn’t like to order things from their mobile. With these apps, that even extents to organising a dog walker! Dog walkers and pet sitters sign up for these apps then go through a verification process before they are allowed to look for any clients. This can be a lengthy procedure but makes sense. After all, you are being asked to take care of someone’s pet!


Wag is a popular dog walking app that allows clients to book a 30-minute walk for $20-25, or $30 for an hour. Sounds good doesn’t it? Well, you have to remember that the app will take 20% of this from you, and you’ll also have to declare the income and get taxed on it. In the end, it adds up to very little as a final paycheck. Another issue with WAG is that you are only allowed to walk one dog at a time. While more than one is allowed if they are from the same house, this only adds an extra $5 per pet. This means that while WAG might be a good option for some part-time work, it’s not going to earn you very much as a full-time job.


With Rover, dog walker salaries are different. That’s because every individual sets their own rate for a 30-minute walk. Clients can also say whether they want their dog walked on its own, or if they are ok with their pooch being walked as part of a group. This means that theoretically dog walkers on Rover can earn more, but it all depends on your client base, and it can be difficult to build up a reputation when you’re first starting out. Just like WAG, Rover take their 20% cut of whatever you earn.

Working for an Agency

Agency work does have its benefits. You will be an employee of the agency, so you’ll be paid a salary and will pay your taxes as an employee. While you won’t have the same flexibility in hours, many will be understanding if there are certain days of the week you can’t work. You’ll also have no shortage of clients, as your schedule will be sorted by the agency and you won’t have to go out and find your own clients. Agency’s do sometimes offer clients benefits, such as house cleaning and giving dogs medication, but it is a much more stable form of employment, particularly if you are looking for full-time work.


Having a pet first aid and CPR certifications will give you a huge boost if you are using any of the dog walking apps, as clients will feel much happier about leaving their pet in your hands. Many agencies actually require you to get these now and will sometimes cover the cost of the training once you have been employed there. It’s certainly a good idea to invest in, as you never can tell what’s going to happen when out on a walk!

Dog walking is a booming business, and more and more people are looking to get involved with it. While an agency will mean more of a traditional working week, many are a lot more flexible than you might think at first. Working for one of the big dog walking apps sounds like fun, but it’s really only recommended for those looking for part-time work. An agency will provide you with a steady salary while you spend your time  with a range of adorable pooches.

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