How to Clean Pet Urine on Tile and Sealed floors

Many people are fond of pets. Some folks love dogs, whereas others prefer to have a kitty. No matter the choice, pet ownership comes with a series of benefits and responsibilities. Although a pet can be a lovely companion, they pose certain issues. As well as biting someone, pets litter here and there. When that happens, the whole area can be odorous and messy. In such situations, you need some sort of help on cleaning tile floors.

Tips to remove pet urine from tile and sealed floors

When it comes to cleaning pet litter, many folks are careless. No, they don’t leave the mess as it is. Rather, they use a simple floor cleaning solution to do away with the spills. In some cases, those solutions work. However, you can’t expect thorough cleaning using regular solutions. Here’s how to get rid of pet spills and urine from sealed and tile floors.

Locate the mess

As Emily from would say identifying the mess early is the key to effective pet urine cleaning. The sooner you detect pet litter, the better the outcome of cleaning will be. So, note this point and look out for pet spills. As a general rule, check your floors once in a couple of days. So, how do you spot pet spills? Any pale stain is an indication of the mess. You may also find it out through odor.

Any unusual odor signifies pet spills. Dog/cat urine contains proteins and natural salts that become concentrated after drying. As the salts become solid, the stains emit more odor. A little bit of alertness works here. That doesn’t mean you keep on smelling your floors every now and then. A quick look at the flooring should serve the purpose.

Urine detectors or back-light flashes could also help to spot urine. These devices flash UV lighting that illuminates proteins and salt stains. It’s best to turn off home lighting and scan the house with a urine detector once in two days. Early detection lets you clean your place and keep it from undesirable odors.

Cleaning tile floors

Many pet lovers have tile floors due to their ability to withstand dirty claws, paws drool, and other messes. Also, tile flooring is easy to clean.

To begin with, wipe out the remaining wet urine from the surface. Now you’ve only dry mess.

Buy a top-class pet spill cleaner. Don’t buy a common floor cleaning chemical. It won’t deliver the best results. Spray the cleaner on the problem area. The cleaner will stick to the solid mess. Now wipe out the mess using a paper towel or cloth.

If the mess has settled in the grout pour or spray the solution into the grout. Scrub the grout using a wire brush. Wipe out the mess with a cloth or paper towel. Once the floor has dried completely, use a flashlight or urine detector to assure that all types of mess have been removed successfully.

Cleaning sealed floors

Pet spills are among the toughest acidic stains to remove from sealed floors. They can cause substantial damage to the flooring during the removal process as the spills could turn into alkaline and salty.

First of all, use a urine detector to spot the mess. Next, wipe out the remaining wet urine from the floor. Buy a pet spill cleaner that works well on sealed floors. Don’t buy alkaline-based solutions as they’ll make the flooring dull. Rather, go for professional cleaners meant to clean sealed floors.

Also, see to it that the cleaner can efficiently remove pet mess. Pour the pet spill cleaner on the problem area and allow it to stick to the mess. Once stuck, wipe out the stain using a paper towel. After cleaning, check the surface with the detector to ensure that there are no left-over spills.


You can also use a vacuuming device to clean pet urine. After wiping out wet urine, pour the pet mess cleaner on solid urine on the tile or sealed floor (as the case may be). Use a vacuuming device (meant for pet cleaning) to suck the mess. Within no time the area should get cleaned. Check the place using a urine detector to ensure thorough cleaning.

Bottom line

Cleaning tile floors or sealed flooring is a task you face when owning a dog or cat. No matter how skillfully you train your pets, they’ll litter on surfaces. In such scenarios, it’s best to stay informed about floor cleaning and carry out the job regularly. As well as ensuring a neat and tidy place, proper cleaning averts health issues stemming from pet litter. Just follow the above guide on removing pet urine. With handy tips, you can easily get rid of any spills and mess created by your kitty or doggy.

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