How to Dispose of Dog Poop Properly

Cleaning up after your pup is an absolute must. Whilst picking up dog mess might seem like something that doesn’t need much explaining, there are definitely a few extra measures, useful tips and nifty products that you can recruit to make the less than enthralling activity a little less painless and a little more environmentally friendly. Follow these pointers to pick up your dog’s poop properly…

Come Prepared

First things first, you need to ensure that you are heading out on your walks well prepared for the inevitable. Always come with plenty of poop bags and any other products that you need to make your walks smooth sailing and enjoyable for yourself and your dog.

Make Your Accessories, Accessible

Having poop bags on hand might not be enough when you’re out on an exciting and engaging outing with your friend. You need to prepare for everything, and a hands free waist bag is going to help you to do that. You’ll be able to reach for your bags in a matter of moments and you’ll have both hands free to deal with whatever it is that you need to deal with.

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Go Biodegradable

This is probably one of the most important aspects of disposing of your dog’s mess properly. Biodegradable poop bags are a small yet mighty measure that you can take to ensure that you are being as kind, responsible and environmentally conscious as you can be during your day to day life. Biodegradable poop bags clean up your dog’s poop perfectly and then slowly decompose back into the earth where they belong. This is such a nifty way of taking a step towards a more eco-friendly existence. What’s more, you can find so many amazingly eye-catching biodegradable poop bag sets out there, bringing a little fun to your dog walks.

Pick Up Immediately

Being proactive about picking up helps to ensure that you are always cleaning up after your dog, right when you need to. Cleaning up quickly will avoid forgetting, any messy accidents or difficulty during the pick up process. This is also a great habit to get into particularly for newer dog owners who aren’t so used to cleaning up dog poop as a part of their everyday routine.

Dispose In The Right Places

Be attentive and dispose of your dog poo in the right spot, wherever you’re talking your walks. If you don’t have an appropriate waste bin on hand, wait until you are back home to dispose of your biodegradable poop bags.

Sanitise or Wash Hands

You might want to wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser after picking up your dog poop. The right bags will ensure that none of your skin makes contact with your dog’s waste, but you might want that extra level of cleanliness just for peace of mind if nothing else, it’s all dependent on your personal preference.

Keep Treats Handy

Having treats on hand will help to reinforce the positive habit of your dog popping whilst you’re out and about on your walks. This is another great use for your waist attachable pouch!

Have a Kit At the Ready

Investing in a walking kit will ensure that you always have exactly what you need on hand, whenever you’re about to head out the door. A walking kit gives you everything you could possibly think of for blissful, clean and convenient everyday walks.

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