How to Give Your Puppy the Best Bath Ever

Naturally, puppies, like any dog get dirty all the time. This means you have to learn how to bathe your puppy in the best way possible to make it enjoyable for both you and your “bundle of joy.”

While some breeds demand more baths compared to others. Bathing your puppy often can strip natural oils from the coat, drying the skin. Unless your puppy is a show dog or has fleas, they shouldn’t need a bath more than four times in one year. 

Puppies must not be bathed until they are around four to eight weeks old. The little fellows have trouble regulating their body temperature at that tender age, so it can get chilly for them. Puppies that have diarrhea may need a dip, but that alone is enough to stress the puppy, making the condition worse. They could even end up with pneumonia if you don’t exercise caution. 

In this article, we will share the best tips and tricks to give your puppy the best bath ever. Take note. 

Determine Bath Time by Coat Type

If your puppy has a poodle-like coat more bath time is needed. To save you time, rather plan to bathe your pup around the time they get their coat trimmed. Get them a trim at least every two months. 

Wiry and silky coats on the other hand are good to go with four baths a year. Breeds that are double-coated like German Shepherds need more than 4 baths a year. To get the best out of your bath time with your puppy aim for fall and spring after their normal shed. 

Rottweilers for example may only need a bath only once per year because they are smooth coated. But of course, if duty calls you must perform “the bath.” If they get smelly for whatever reason, like Dachshunds can get a bit pungent and can call for quick intervention when needed. 

Follow These Steps to Bath Your Puppy and You Won’t Go Wrong

  • Collect your supplies before you start. Puppies are not bathing fans and object to it especially when scared. So it’s a good idea to prepare the setting away from the sight of your puppy.
  • Before you splash your puppy with water make sure there are no mats by brushing and combing your puppy. Moisture can cement mats into solid masses which then become hard to remove using electric clippers. 
  • Only use shampoos designed for puppies, to prevent your puppy from possibly catching an allergic reaction. 
  • Medium to large pups should be bathed in a bathtub. If it’s a hot day a garden hose pipe will do the job. 
  • Truth be told is easier to bathe your puppy using both your hands. That said, both hands need to be free. 
  • Also, another good tip is to place the cotton on the ears of the pet before you begin. You can also drop some mineral oil or fake (artificial) tears in each eyeball to protect them against errant suds. 
  •  Make use of a plastic cup to dip water on top of the puppy, or you can buy a hand-half sprayer to use. Most pups become frightened by sprayed water, so make sure you use low force and keep next to the coat to soak the fur in water. 
  • When the fur is lathered with water, you can then apply a small stream of pet shampoo on the back, or put it on your hands and rub it into your pup properly. 
  • The rinsing cycle is the most crucial part of bathing your puppy. If you leave the soap in the coat, your puppy will most likely have an allergic reaction because the leftover soap can attract dirt, making the fur dingy and dull. 


As mentioned before, dogs with smooth coats dry very quickly. So in as much as they hate baths they usually love the towering phase, simply because this is the opportunity to steal the towel and play much-loved puppy games like tiger war. Giving your dog the best bath ever doesn’t have to be so hard. The more you present the best possible experience, the less your dog will dread bathing. So take note!

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