How to Help A Dog with Stress

The well-known saying that a dog is man’s best friend. We want to see our beloved dogs happy and healthy. Although, dogs, like us humans, are susceptible to stress and the undesirable effects that come with it. Stress is something we want to eliminate, or at least alleviate, for our precious friends to have healthy and happy lives. This article will discuss various ways to help your dog with stress

Looking After Their Health: The Importance of Controlling Stress

A major contributing factor to specific health problems in dogs is due to stress. An example of this is colitis in dogs. Colitis is an inflammation of the colon. Stress is one of the causes of triggering acute colitis in dogs as it causes digestive upset.

Colitis may result in symptoms such as stomach problems like diarrhea, swollen and painful abdomen, weight loss, and your dog sporting a dull coat. One of the ways to prevent acute colitis is by avoiding stressful situations for your dog and ensuring that they have a healthy and balanced diet.

There are several other disorders that stress may induce in your dog, such as eating disorders, problems with immune systems, cardiovascular issues, and gastrointestinal distress. It is, therefore, imperative that if one’s dog suffers from stress, we understand what causes it so that we may help our dogs overcome it.

Play and Exercise with Your Dog Regularly

One of the most common causes of stress in dogs is a lack of company. Dogs are social creatures and require company. If they are left alone for long periods, many dogs become stressed and develop separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety leads to many other problems as your dog will find ways to cope with this. These undesirable coping mechanisms that your dog might employ include excessive barking, digging holes in the yard, destructive chewing of your possessions, excessive barking, or howling and trying to escape the yard.

As is the case with humans, exercise is a fantastic way to reduce stress. It engages your dog both mentally and physically as well as helps to forge that unbreakable bond between dog and owner. Remember, the biggest hero in your dog’s eyes is you! So please make time to take your furry friend on walks, play a game of fetch with them and teach them tricks such as to sit, roll over and give paw, don’t forget to provide them with a treat for their excellent work!

The most important thing you can do for your dog is to give them plenty of attention and unconditional love. A dog that feels wanted and loved will be happier, feeling at ease, and minimizing stress.

Create a Safe Zone

Certain things like fireworks and thunderstorms scare and stress our dogs much and make them anxious. It’s a good idea to provide your dog with a safe place in your home when these situations arise. Try to comfort your dog as much as possible, let them know you are there for them, give them warm bedding and shelter, encourage them, and reassuring pats.

Another great way to allow your dog to feel comforted is to wrap a bandage or material around their abdomen so as to provide the sensation of constantly being “held”.

Calming Tablets and Liquids

Most dogs are extremely susceptible to stress when they must travel by motor car or plane or have a change in their surroundings, such as moving to a new house. A great way to calm your dog, prepare them for their trip, and ease their stress is by using calming tablets and liquids. Pills can easily be concealed or crushed into their food, and fluids can be pumped directly into your dog’s mouth.

Use calming tablets and liquids can also be used to help your dog during thunderstorms and fireworks. Please consult with your veterinarian for their recommended choice of products and dosage for your dog’s breed and age.

Provide Toys and Activities

Many times, we must leave our dogs alone at home. This stresses a significant number of dogs and results in the symptoms induced by separation anxiety. Provide a way to keep your dog entertained, both mentally and physically, when you are not home. Pet stores and Vets have a large selection of a high number of dog toys to keep them busy.

You can also give them edible chews and raw, uncooked bones that keep them busy, but provide natural health benefits like cleaning their teeth and keeping their jaws strong. Just remember to check with a professional as to the recommended and safe edible chew for your dog when you are not there to supervise them.

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